19 Main Pros and Cons of Left-Wing Politics

A country is governed by a group of people who look after the welfare of their countrymen. Their activities that are associated with the administration of the country are essentially political. Every political party has a set of ideologies adhering to which it chooses to run a country. These ideological parameters are often theoretical which they intend to realise practically.

A country may have different political parties with different ideologies and often these ideologies have separate goals to accomplish. Left-wing politics certainly has different theories and ideals which differ sharply from right-wing politics. A dominant political ideal controls a country. 

Advantages and disadvantages of left-wing politics

Advantages of Left-Wing Politics:Disadvantages of Left-Wing Politics:
Economic Equality 1.State Control
Substantive Equality      2. Religious Issues
Pro Feminism      3. Authoritarian Tendencies
Pro LGBTQ+ Rights      4. Lower GDP 
Social Justice      5. Corruption
Rights of the Workers

Advantages of Left-Wing Politics:

  • Economic Equality:

Left-Wing politics ensures economic equality in a country. Left-Wing political parties believe in a classless society where equal distribution of wealth is desirable. The government takes a supreme hold in allocating wealth to its people and the countrymen do not suffer from any sort of economic discrimination or injustice. 

  • Substantive Equality:

The marginalised groups and disadvantaged people are given certain privileges and are often looked after with utmost care. Left-Wing politics ensures that the marginalised ethnic groups and people collectively enjoy certain rights and benefits of which they are often deprived.

Women, in many countries, have separate seats in public transports so that they can avoid public harassment or frequent molestation cases. These extra privileges are extended by the left-wing political parties to those people who are often the victims of injustice and inequality. 

  • Pro Feminism:

As already discussed in the previous point, left-wing politics believes in the positive aspects of feminism. Left-Wing political parties believe in gender equality and they find themselves obligated to secure the rights of women.

As a result, women in a country which is dominated by a left-wing ideology, can move about freely, gain economic independence, can become self-reliant and can avoid all the societal evils that can forcefully impose certain restrictions on them. 

  • Pro LGBTQ+ Rights:

LGBTQ+ communities in several countries undergo severe discriminations and public humiliations. Often a member of a LGBTQ+ community is publicly shamed and deprived of the basic rights that he or she deserves. Several activists have fought for their rights and only a few have achieved their goals.

Left-Wing politics ensures their rights and their economic stability. Left-Wing political parties make sure that these people enjoy equal legal and social privileges. 

  • Social Justice:

Society plays a huge role in moderating its components and institutions. Since left-wing politics believes in equality, it inevitably promotes social justice as well. Theoretically, they intend to eliminate corruption, social imbalance, public harassment, humiliation and capital punishment.

They believe in a classless society where people from different castes, creeds and tribes enjoy equal justice and privileges. They do not look down upon a small ethnic group and do not empower a more influential group with extra privileges. Everybody in a classless society enjoys what he or she rightfully deserves. 

  • Secularism:

Left-Wing politics does not promote discrimination against anybody in the name of religion. They believe in cultural cohesion and ensure equal privileges to all the ethnic groups. Neither do they intend to harm any religious sentiment, nor do they encourage the formation of a monolithic religious institution that discards the beliefs and sentiments of other minor religious groups. 

  • Rights of the Workers:

Workers and labourers in a country often encounter severe economic discrimination and partiality. Since the primary ideal of left-wing politics is ensuring equality, they make sure that the rights of a country’s workers and daily-wage labourers are protected. 

Disadvantages of left-wing politics: 

  • State Control:

What left-wing politics ignores to correct is its unethical rise of dictatorship. There have been multiple instances where an extreme left-wing political party has exploited its power and has exercised tremendous control.

This extreme state control has a negative impact on its people and can damage the prospects of individual liberty. Private sectors and individual business startups cannot flourish in the face of intolerable state intervention. Individual liberties cannot be realised. 

  • Religious Issues:

As left-wing politics primarily promotes secularism, it often ignores to look after the religious issues prevalent in the society. Hence, religious sentiments of many ethnic and religious groups may be harmed. 

  • Authoritarian Tendencies:

Politics involves power and secures supreme authority over other hierarchical divisions. Rise of authoritarian dictatorship is not uncommon in a country that is dominantly ruled by a left-wing political party. This harms the democratic and individual rights of people. Hence, to ensure collective equality and collective economic development, often individual rights are forcefully taken away.

A country that develops authoritarian tendencies, can impose extreme restrictions on people’s freedom, liberty and expressions. People cannot speak a word against authority and they are obliged to obey the government. 

  • Lower GDP:

Securing equal distribution of wealth is the fundamental objective of left-wing politics. They believe in a collective upliftment of the society and hence all overall economic development is often neglected.

Also, the rise of private sectors and individual business propositions are discouraged. This hinders the economic growth of a country and decreases its GDP. Even if theoretically the nation’s wealth is distributed equally, the country, as a whole, encounters an acute economic crisis. 

  • Corruption:

Although the theoretical ideals of left-wing politics are effective and politically justified, it is extremely difficult to implement them practically. This practical implementation of the ideas gives rise to economic corruptions. Every political ideal has a set of loopholes that affect the conditions of an economy to a huge extent.

Despite these political loopholes, left-wing politics has successfully ideated various theories that promote collective welfare of a society. Several countries have implemented these theories in their governing actions and have either failed considerably, or have benefited their societies at large. A country’s government has to bring these ideals into effect. 

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