19 Main Pros and Cons of LGBT Rights

Across the world, LGBT persons are harassed, exploited and persecuted. They are denied opportunities and are subjected to abuse at all levels. Consensual, same sex relationships are considered to be criminal offences and same sex couples have to constantly battle prejudice and harassment.

LGBT rights seek to recognise the community as non-criminal and provide inclusivity to all gender identities and sexualities. The rights are basic human rights that cannot be denied to a certain section of the society just because their sexuality and gender identity is different.

With the LGBT rights, the community will be able to seek justice and fight against discrimination. 

Pros of LGBT Rights

  • Allows one to break out of fixed gender roles:

Many find it difficult to function within the rigid structure which has the gender binary in its centre. The existence of LGBT rights allows people to avoid these predetermined gender roles. The distinction between what men should do and what tasks are reserved for women ceases to exist. People can choose what they wish to do rather than trying to conform to archaic social norms. 

  • Scope of employment and proper working conditions:

People belonging to the LGBT community do not have equal rights in the workplace. There are hardly any jobs available for them. People from the community are usually harassed and ostracized in the workplace. LGBT rights will assure jobs and safer working conditions for all, with equal pay. 

  • Necessary healthcare:

LGBT persons do not have access to proper healthcare facilities. They are harassed every step of the way and only limited organisations actually provide proper care without discriminating or exploiting. With LGBT rights, the basic healthcare needs will not be denied and the process of getting medical help will become far easier. 

  • Prevents forced gender reassignment surgeries:

Transgender persons are often forced to undergo gender reassignment surgeries or are sterilized, especially by their families. These surgeries are often physically and psychologically damaging. LGBT rights will prevent this from happening. The community will be recognised legally without its members having to go through any medical treatment or sterilization. 

  • Allows scope for adoption:

LGBT persons or couples find it very difficult to adopt children and acquire proper parental rights. While a straight couple can easily adopt a child, a same sex couple is denied that right. The LGBT rights will allow them to adopt children and have the same parental rights as a straight couple. The adoption procedure involved will not be as difficult and all discriminatory practices will be prevented. 

  • Proper asylum for transgender people:

Transgender persons are ostracized, exploited and subjected to abuse and violence most of the time. A major part of the society refuses to accommodate them and make their living conditions rather unsafe. LGBT rights provide inclusivity and guarantee asylum. This will stop the harassment that transgender people have to face. 

  • Proper legal help:

People belonging to the LGBT community are often not able to get sound legal help. Moreover, across several countries a same sex relationship is considered to be a criminal offence. Therefore the existence of LGBT rights allow people to get justice and move the court, without having to face any harassment. 

  • Prevention of discrimination in banking services:

The banking services or insurance policies that a heterosexual person can get are not available for a person belonging to the LGBT community. LGBT rights make sure that the community has access to proper banking services and all related policies which will help them secure their financials. 

Cons of LGBT Rights

  • Unequal domestic partnership rights:

With the existence of LGBT rights, there might be inequalities in domestic partnerships.

Those couples who are married might have certain benefits within the social structure which the unmarried couples will be denied even if they are living together. This will lead to a divide within the community itself. 

  • Exploitation within the community:

Most laws and rights are exploited by certain sections. The LGBT rights might not be any different. There will be people in the community who will look for loopholes and exploit those with selfish intent. This will harm the entire community and make it a target for further discrimination and violence. 

  • Enforces the rigidity of marriage:

The rights will allow LGBT persons to be recognised for their sexualities. But, they also bring the concept of marriage and same sex couples will be forced to adapt. Marriage can be inflexible and social pressure will drive these couples to actually entertain the concept when all it brings is a false sense of acceptance. 

  • Rights mimic heterosexual freedom:

The LGBT rights are molded keeping in mind the rights of heterosexual people. Therefore it is difficult to expect that these rights will be inclusive. The rights will demand LGBT persons to behave in a way that comes easily to heterosexual persons and might not address all problems faced by the community. 

  • Relationships become an easy target for abuse:

Same sex relationships will become much more visible when the rights come into existence. Those who are hateful towards the community will target same sex couples even more. Emotional and physical abuse might escalate once these same sex relationships come into the spotlight. 

  • Economic inequality within the community:

As in every community, the LGBT community also has certain economic disparities. Therefore, there will be sections of the community who will be able to exercise the rights better. They will have the means to do so and more economic agency than those belonging to the middle and lower classes. Those within the community who do not have proper financial security will inevitably fail to take advantage of opportunities. This is bound to cause conflict. 

The LGBT rights offer the community a secure existence and raise awareness about the need for equal opportunities. However, these rights can be exploited. They increase the visibility of the community and attract unwanted attention. The situation in certain parts of the world can turn violent, which will obviously do more harm than any good. 

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