25+ Pros and Cons of Live Chat software (Explained)

 The implementation of live customer chats in ones’ business website, brings about a whole new transformation, having a great impact on the experience of the customer.

Determining if the website really needs a live customer chat, is very important, as, the installation cost of these is high. By going through the pros and cons of these live chats, in details, one can decide whether their business needs it or not.

Pros of using Live Chat software

Easier customer- staff relation:

The live customer chat benefits, lead to a faster and easier connection between the staff and the customer or the potential customer. Thus, by making it easy for the customers to reach the staff, brings about a lot of positive transformations to the business in concern.

Less time consuming:

Rather than being on one call for an indefinite time, the employees in charge of these live chat system can go on using a numerous chats on the go, at the same time. This saves a lot of time, as well, creates a better relationship between the customer and a staff.

Comparatively affordable:

\It is very costly for an in-person or over the call customer service. Compared to that, the installation of these live chat software, are much affordable. Thus, this provides a lot of benefits to the business as well as the employers.

Improved brand image:

Due to the increased relationship between the customer and the staff, the brand image is improved, as the customers feel a need of want and dependency of the staff on the customer. 

Feedback at the very instance:

Through these live chat services, the customer as well the staff gets an instant feedback, thus, giving a better platform for the business to build up. 

Easy to communicate:

It is easier for the communication between the staff and the customers, as the links of various products/ services can be sent through links in no time. It is also easier for the customer, as they can get hold of the correct spelling and pronunciation, through the texts by the staff.

No accent problem:

Since there is a contact over the chat, the issue with accent differentiation of the staff and the customers stands to no problem. 

Turn off chat:

If you are a single person handling this section, you can turn off the chat when you are away. This cannot be done with phone call assistance.

Increases purchase:

By almost 38%, the purchase of your products or services, may increase and thus, bringing about a good profit to your business.

Spreading a word:

If satisfied, the customer might go around and through a word of mouth, can spread a talk about your company, bringing about a larger turnover for your company.

Spends more time:

A good customer service may lead to one, spending a lot of time on the site, thus, maybe, they can purchase a service or product, that is more beneficial for the business that you are running. 

CONS of using Live Chat Software

Few customers may feel impersonal:

Moreover, live customer chat might give out a feel of impersonal or robotic to few users. Though, by choosing the correct tone, one can a long way in helping the customers to feel that they get personalized attention through the software.

Using it may be a task:

Not all customers know how to operate these services. Thus, it might be a really tough task for the individuals to affirm to these services.

Quick response needed:

If immediate response is not provided, it might leave the customers feeling agitated or frustrated. This might create a huge negative effect on your business. 

False chats:

False chats may take place, while, the customer support service staff is away. These can be blocked or simply avoided, but sometimes, may prove to be frustrating and irritating to the customer, bringing about a bad name to your business.

Does not support working on mobile platforms:

Few of the live chat functions are not supported on the mobile platforms. Since there is an increase in the number of customers and potential customers who completely relies on smartphones, rather than on their PCs or laptops, this process, often leads to a great problem. 

Issues regarding time zones:

The internet, irrespective of the time zone, operates for 24 hours and thus, the users on ones’ website could lead to the need of the customer services, day-in, and day-out. Thus, the outcome is that one may need to address to time zones around- the- clock.

If not attended to, few customers may get disappointed, thus, giving a bad impression about your business, to the customer or the potential customer. 

Considering all the pros and cons of this system, one should make a wise decision of whether or not the implementation of this system is necessary. 

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