25+ Pros and Cons of Living In Essex (Explained)

Essex is a small piece of land located in the southeast of the United Kingdom. The region is famous for its ancient museums and zoos. The county is well known for its vibrant cities and culture.

The warm nature of citizens makes the county more unique, and it feels like home for newcomers. However, every county has its pros and cons, so read the full article and decide whether it is suitable for living. 

Benefits of living in Essex Drawbacks of living in Essex
Very near to London Compact houses in the region
World’s longest wharf located in the EssexNon-reliable transportation facilities
Gorgeous beaches in the regionUnsatisfactory wage rates
Full of history Disappointment on educational grounds 
Exciting vacation locationsThe county needs a lot of improvement in the medical sector 
Adventurous for foodiesTechnologically ill-equipped 
Neat and clean areas
A great mix of culture and arts

Advantages of living in Essex

Very near to London-

Amazing and beautiful capital is just a few kilometers away from Essex. So if a person wishes to visit the great city, then only 35 minutes car or train journey can reach them to London.

One can plan an outing or just go shopping in the capital and return to Essex by the evening. Many people see this factor as a significant advantage, as leaving near the capital can be an asset. 

World’s largest wharf located in Essex-

The southern pier is the biggest in the entire world. Nature admirers would love to spend their evenings in the spot. You can either go to the café near the wharf or just have an evening walk down the lane, breathing the crisp air.

The southern pier is also famous for many famous film shootings like the Jimmie and Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast.   

Gorgeous beaches in the region-

Another fantastic benefit of living in Essex is the beautiful beaches.  Essex is home to Walton,  Seabury east beach, and many more eccentric beaches. How can one not love to live in the region after it has beaches! During the summer days, it gets more crowded as those beaches located in the region are considered to be the hottest ones. 

Full of history-

The glorious history of the region attracts lots of tourists every year. The Mountfitchet Castle, Audley end houses, and gardens are some of the famous historical monuments. One who loves to read history or the one interested in the historical significance of the county must visit the places. These places are great for outings as well. 

Exciting vacation locations-

Want a happening life? If yes, then Essex is just the place you are looking for. The region has exciting places to spend a vacation with family and friends.

From clubbing to tracking beaches to theatres, the county has everything that today’s generation needs. The county is also rich in botanical gardens and wildlife sanctuaries. Living in the place sounds fun and exciting. 

Adventurous for foodies-

The place offers a wide variety of delicacies. From Thai to Italian, Chinese to Mexican, and many more, the place has amazing food selling in every hotel and restaurant. The pick is that the local vendors’ food tastes heavenly at a relatively lower price.

Fold bloggers have a variety of food to post and eat. People who live far away from their homes don’t face any food-related issues, especially the students living in the area face no troubles.

Neat and clean areas-

The people of the county take extra care of the cleanliness if the surrounding. You will not find a single plastic or used tins on the streets or roads. They strictly use dustbins to dump their garbage. Every day the dustbins are cleaned by the assigned staff.

A great mix of culture and arts-

The is well known for its vibrant cultural heritage. They have immense faith and pride in their cultural diversity. The picture of the region helps to make a bond with one another. The culture of the region kind of brings all the citizens together. Similarly, the art of the county is countrywide famous.

Amazing pieces of art and sculptures are to be seen in the region. People for centuries have been building a bounty where people are connected with one another. 

Disadvantages of living in Essex

Non-reliable transportation system-

Nothing is worst than living in a place with a poor transportation system. Essex is not well connected with the metropolitan cities. The bus service of the region is the worst, they are never on time causing problems for them who commute daily.

Trains run only four days a week further making daily traveling difficult for the public. In order to attract more people to the county, the government needs to improve the transport facilities in the region.

Unsatisfactory wage rates-

Another setback of living in the region of Essex is that the wages paid by the companies and factories to workers are relatively very low against the huge Labour. The last two years have marked a huge number of workers migrating to different counties in search of good pay work. 

Disappointment on educational grounds-

If a person is looking for a place where the education system is at its best, then Essex can be a little disappointing. The number of good schools in the region is very limited making the competition among the students very high. Often the students get distressed if they cannot get admitted to a good school.

The educational system along with the institutions needs to be updated so that they are able to keep pace with the day-to-day educational systems. 

The county needs a lot to improve in the medical sector-

The medical sector of the county lags behind in providing good medical aid to the public. Often it is seen that the hospitals are overcrowded with patients.

The number of hospital staff is less and unapproachable. They lack a humble attitude towards the patient. 

Technologically ill-equipped-

The reality that it is a non-metropolitan city can be a disadvantage. The rural areas are less advanced than the urban areas. Essex people still use outdated machines in factories and industries, which has caused a very small production of goods in the region. Improper output means less amount left for the export of the goods.

The county needs to install some modern machines to raise the GDP of the region.

There is no doubt that the county has some cons, but the pros certainly outweigh it. The public of the region is peace-loving and very humble. One would love the county for the variety of recreation means available in the area.

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