19+ Pros and Cons Living in Auckland (Explained)

Auckland is New Zealand’s largest city and main transportation hub. The region is home to some 1.5 million people and is also the major Polynesian city in the world. Imagine a metropolitan environment where everybody lives within half an hour of beautiful beaches, hiking trails and a dozen enchanting holiday island. Auckland, New Zealand, is largest and most diverse city. More than just a metropolitan, Auckland is a whole region full of things to see and do.

One must ponder upon the pros and cons before living in the city, Auckland.

BENEFITS of Living in AucklandDRAWBACKS of Living in Auckland
Abundant outdoor activities.Housing is very expensive.
Less crowded.The weather is unpredictable.
A very clean and quiet city.Less career prospects.
Very safe cityLocation of the city.
Slow pace of life.People are hard to socialise with.
Food here is amazing.To find churches and English speaking services is tough.
Beautiful landscapes.
Rich in culture.
High quality education.
Plenty of public transport available.

Advantages of Living in Auckland:

  • Abundant outdoor activities.

Auckland is home to a number of beaches and parklands which means getting active outdoors is easy. The city is also linked via ferry to a number of islands in the harbour, each offering another side of New Zealand culture.

  • Less crowded city.

Compare to other major cities around the world, Auckland is not very crowded or busy. During peak hours, traffic on the roads will increase, as well the number of pedestrians on the footpaths, but it’s significantly less busy than peak hour in cities such as London and New York. It is a vibrant city with loads of varieties. There is less pressure in the city.

  • Auckland has a very slow pace of life.

Despite being the biggest city in the country, Auckland maintains a pretty laidback lifestyle. It’s less crowded than a lot of other major cities around the world, and the locals have a friendly feel about them. You can expect a relaxed lifestyle and work-life.

  • A very safe city.

Despite Auckland being the largest city in New Zealand, it is still a very safe city to live. One of the challenges to safety the city experiences is natural disasters like earthquakes. Building regulations protect the city from damage caused by quakes.

  • Food in Auckland is amazing.

With world-class seafood, lamb, wines, and chesses at your fingertips, you’ll never eat a bad meal in Auckland. The café and restaurant scene is thriving, making Auckland a top spot for foodies. Locals and visitors alike can look forward to the exciting flavours of Auckland. The city is more famous for the honey and coffee it produces.

  • Mesmerising landscapes.

It goes without saying that Auckland has some of the most breath-taking scenery in the world. If you are into outdoor events like-swimming in the surf or hiking in the mountains- or if you’re into just travelling- Auckland offers endless opportunities to marvel at Mother Nature. 

  • Rich in culture.

There’s more to Auckland than great food and fancy boats, you know. It also has a pretty great arts and culture scene, making it easy to find entertainment any day of the week. The Auckland Art Gallery is the largest art institution in New Zealand.

Hosting paintings, sculptures, and prints from local and international artists, this is your go-to spot to expand your cultural horizons and inspire ideas and conversations. Along with exhibitions, the Auckland Art Gallery offers educational programs for the whole family. Auckland is very diverse culturally, over 140 ethnic backgrounds.

There are fewer issues with cultural differences found here than you will experience in other countries.

  • Plenty of public transport.

Auckland offers plenty of public transport services that are affordable and easy to use, so you can leave the car at home. Auckland’s bus services are convenient and extensive, a great option for around the city and outer suburbs. Wherever you are in Auckland, there’s sure to be a taxi nearby.

  • Education is very high in Auckland.

If you don’t have enduring residency status, then the government will charge your family a fee to have your kids attend the local public school. If you attain this status or become a resident, then you can access the educational system for free.

Disadvantages of Living in Auckland.  

  • Housing cost is very expensive.

House prices in Auckland are ranked among the highest in the world with the average resident forking out more than $900,000 for a house. Demand for supply has also increased in the past few years, suggesting prices won’t be falling any time soon.

  • The weather is unpredictable in Auckland.

Auckland welcomes a warm coastal climate without any extremes of temperature. Though it’s one of New Zealand’s sunniest regions, the weather is known to shift without warning – but you need to be prepared for unpredictable weather changes.

  • Less career prospects.

Due to the smaller inhabitant’s size, there are less career scenes within the city. There are also fewer large productions to provide the encounters and competition within commerce markets than larger cities offer.

  • The location of the city is quite isolated.

Although New Zealand is one of the most scenic countries in the world, Auckland’s location is quite far from any other major city in the world, except of course those in Australia. Long and expensive flights connect Auckland to other major cities in Europe and the United States.

  • People are hard to socialise with in the city.

The population here is very down-to-earth. There is a general despite for pretense. This leads to a proverb that says that the tallest poppies are the first ones to be cut down. 

  • To find churches and English speaking services is tough.

Finding churches in Auckland that have English speaking services in outer suburbs can be a problem, especially out Mount Wellington.


The pros and cons of living Auckland are indispensable to consider if you are thinking about a prolonged visit or immigrating there forever. Most people relish the laid-back attitude and quiet viewpoint, but it can be costly if you struggle to change away from imported items.

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