24+ Pros And Cons Of Living In California (Explained)

Characterized by the quintessential beaches, surging tides, the iconic Hollywood, palms trees, the Golden Gate Bridge, and so many more California is undoubtedly one of the most recognizable states in the United States of America.

Almost synonymous with the reference of The West Coast, California lies to the west of the country lining the Pacific Ocean and bordering the Sierra Nevada in the east. Owing to the legacy of the California gold rush, the Golden Gate Bridge, the golden sunsets, and beaches; the state has been officially nicknamed ‘The Golden State’.

Benefits of living in CaliforniaDrawbacks of living in California
The iconic West Coast lifestyle.California is a relatively expensive state.
California is home to Hollywood.California experiences awfully lot of traffic.
The diverse geography of California.Problems posed by drugs and gangs.
California has a magnificent educational system.
Systematic and well-planned transport infrastructure.
California has a booming economy.

Advantages of living in California

The iconic West Coast lifestyle:

The visual imagery, the culture, and cultural symbols of California have emerged as one the dominant ones not only in the United States of America but across the entire globe as well. Various elements of the cosmopolitanism of Californian essence have found their place in the global popular culture.

These range from the surf-friendly tides, the beautiful beaches, the Los Angeles fashion to the Golden Gate Bridge, the Hollywood, and even the California state route marker.

All of these cultural markers have been popularized by various modes of mass media and entertainment mediums such as films, television and web series, magazines, music, and video games.

California is home to The Hollywood:

The world’s biggest and most successful film and entertainment industry, Hollywood is based in California. Hollywood is a neighborhood in central Los Angeles.

In the early twentieth century, major motion picture companies started to base their production sites and studios in the neighborhood of Hollywood. In the course of the success of the industry, the name of the neighborhood became synonymous with the industry itself and acquired worldwide fame and recognition.

The gigantic Hollywood sign in Mount Lee in the Hollywood Hills has emerged as a recognizable icon. The neighborhood is also home to multiple famous personalities of the entertainment industry.

California Is Home to The Largest Film Industry Hollywood

The diverse geography of California: 

California is the third-largest state in the US, covering a significant amount of area which is characterized by a wide spectrum of geographical diversity. The California Central Valley which is a fertile agricultural region is bounded by mountain systems on all four sides.

These include the Sierra Nevada in the east, the coastal mountain ranges in the west, the Cascade Range to the north, and, the Tehachapi Mountains in the south. The Pacific Ocean flanks the state on the west. The Suisun Bay, San Pablo Bay, San Francisco Bay, and Mono Lake are some of the notable water bodies in the region of California. 

California has a magnificent educational system:

The public education system in California is quite robust and caters to the various needs of different interests and requirement groups in the system. The post-secondary education system employs three different institutional structures which include the research-oriented the University of California (UC), the California State University (CSU), and the California Community Colleges System.

The state of California also houses a number of world-renowned private universities which include Stanford University, the University of Southern California, the California Institute of Technology (also known as CalTech), and the Claremont Colleges.

Systematic and well-planned transport infrastructure

California being one of the most important commercial and entertainment hubs of the world has an extensive and well-planned transportation system. The state is intricately connected to the other states in the US and to rest of the globe as well.

Road connectivity is sustained by a series of well-laid controlled-access highways (‘freeways’), limited-access roads (‘expressways’), and highways. The Los Angeles Airport and the San Francisco Airport are one of the world’s busiest airports. California is also extensively connected by railroad networks.

California has a booming economy: 

California has one of the world’s largest running economies. The economic dynamic and turnout is so enormous that it outsizes most of the countries of the world. The gross state product (GSP) is $3.2 trillion ($80,600 per capita), the largest in the United States.

The Purchasing Power Parity of California is again not only one of the highest in the United States but bigger than most of the countries in the world.

Agriculture is one of the prime sectors of the Californian economy and it has grown exponentially in recent years. The main agricultural produce from California is milk and cream, shelled almonds, and grapes.

Does California Have Booming Economy

Disadvantages of living in California

California is a relatively expensive state:

The living cost of California is relatively much higher than the rest of the states in the United States.

Ranging from everyday items like groceries, clothes to public amenities like cinema hall tickets, and transportation to real estate, especially in the urban region is significantly higher than the national average in the US. 

California Has High-Cost of Living

California experienced an awfully lot of traffic:

Owing to California’s high population density coupled with its commercial importance makes the roads in the state immensely congested.

One might expect a lot of traffic, especially within the cities. The freeways and highways also experience bouts of traffic congestion. It is always wise to keep enough time handy before hitting the road when in California.

California Experiences an Aeful Lot of Traffic

Drugs and Gangs: 

The money and the potential in California breed various anti-social elements. Cities like Sacramento, Los Angeles, and San Francisco face a serious infestation of various gangs. Drug and alcohol abuse also issues in the state.

Research indicates that it can be concluded, that 6% of the population is dependent on alcohol and 3% on drugs.

California is a state which is considered a trendsetter at the global level. It has left a major impact on various fields notably culture, science, politics, and technology. Numerous people flock to California every year to pursue their dreams and hustle to make those dreams come true. 

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