26+ Pros And Cons Of Living In Connecticut (Explained)

The story of Connecticut starts with three distinct settlements of Puritans from Massachusetts by means of England. They decided to associate under a single royal charter in the 1660s.

The colony flourished ways of farming and trade, with its importance on conservativism creating a status of it being a place where steady habits were fortified. The capital city of Connecticut is Harford but the most inhabited city is Bridgeport. 

Although there have been political variations over the years, the pros and cons of staying in Connecticut are very alike to what they were during the early colonial period.

Benefits of Living in ConnecticutDrawbacks Of Living in Connecticut
Bountiful beautyExpensive housing
Great food and drinkHigh property taxes
Well educated inhabitantsFewer job opportunities
Rich culture and historyTraffic is an issue almost every day in Connecticut
The crime rate has been least in decadesVery chilly during winter
Extensive transport systemMilitarized police
Experiencing all the four seasons
Annual salary is highest in the state
Excellent entertainment options
Fantastic communities and neighborhoods

Advantages of Living in Connecticut:

Beautiful Serenity in Connecticut.

There is no denying the spectacular beauty and charm of Connecticut. With landscapes extending from the Long Island shoreline to scenic mountain ranges, you are ruined for choice, and outdoorsy types will love staying here.

Well-educated inhabitants

You won’t have to search far for an interesting conversation in Connecticut. With a top-of-the-charts schooling system, lots of great schools, excellent community colleges, and Yale, Connecticuters are some of the most intelligent and well-read people you will encounter.

Great food and drink.

Connecticut is the origin of the hamburger, and you can still go to Louis’ Lunch in New Haven for the original. Connecticut has pizzerias and breweries plentiful. Thanks to the coastline, the state has plenty of incredibly fresh seafood. You definitely won’t be left inadequate if you’re a gourmand.

Connecticut is full of rich culture and history.

 The Constitution State is soaked in history, and you can’t help but notice it. It was one of the original 13 colonies and is home to the oldest continuously published paper.

Because of all this history, Connecticut has some excellent museums, from the Mashantucket Pequot Museum and Research Centre to some more curious additions, like the Zaffis Museum of the Paranormal. You’ll be a conversant Nutmegger in no time.

 The crime percentage in Connecticut has been steadily dropping.

Some of the best cities to live in are in Connecticut because their record of safety continues to advance. The state is facing its lowest crime rate in decades, with the inclusive ratio being about 20 happenings per every 1,000 residents.

Connecticut has an extensive transportation network.

Rail transportation is common in Connecticut. There is a state-wide bus service. Connecticut has several airports the main one being Bradley International Airport. There are also ferry services to and from coastal towns in Connecticut.

Beautiful experience of all the four seasons.

All four seasons are magnificently beautiful and serene. The backwoods areas are majestic in their oranges, yellows, and reds.

The average annual salary is high.

The city has the highest average annual salary in the state. A higher income affords you more choices in Connecticut than in a state like New York.

Excellent entertainment options.

Connecticut has some excellent beaches in all seasons but winter. Each city has at minimum one place for acts to perform, counting open mic nights where you can play something, offer poetry, or connect with friends after a long week at work.

When the winter snows choose to come, then skiing becomes available at places like Mohawk Mountain or Powder Ridge Mountain Park and Resort.

 Fantastic communities and neighborhoods are waiting for you.

Connecticut has plenty of quiet neighborhoods and groups where you can settle into a passive life. You can find a residence with the yard you want, the right amount of space, or close to where you plan to work.

Then you can take advantage of fair season in the state since you’re only a couple of hours away from any activity. 

Disadvantages of living in Connecticut.

The high cost of living.

 Connecticut housing is posh, the cost of living is overhead average, and property taxes are high. You should seriously ponder your finances and budget before moving to Connecticut.

High property taxes.

Connecticut has one of the highest tax rates in the country, coming in at a rate of 12.6% in 2016. That put the state in the same discussion as New York when looking at the cost of living in the area.

Jobs are leaving Connecticut in a hurry.

Over 28,000 people left Connecticut in 2015 since jobs are leaving the state rapidly. 45% of the individuals who are leaving do so as they are pursuing employment opportunities elsewhere. Lots of traders are fed up with the tax situation, so they’re padding up shop to go anywhere else.

 The traffic in Connecticut is challenging almost every single day.

The highways in Connecticut are classified as some of the worst in the United States. When you contemplate how fast some of the bridges and transportations are wearing out, there are noteworthy traffic issues that you’ll need to be able to handle if you start staying in Connecticut.

Cold winters, damp summers.

 Connecticut weather blows between the extremes with chillingly cold winters and burning and humid summers. Consider whether if you can deal with the cold, dazzling winters and the few weeks in summer that can be stifling.

Militarized police.

The police in Connecticut have been frequently accused of racism. The police are very militarized which is not good for the minorities living in the city.


Connecticut is an exclusive state that offers some typical pros and cons for you to analyze. What makes the state weirdly unique are the bizarre laws that are sometimes imposed.

You can’t stride backward after sunset in Devon, and consumption of food or drink in your car is forbidden in Bloomfield.

If you love stunning scenery and money isn’t an issue, then Connecticut is the seamless place to live. Tenants can also manage the occupation and income heights effectively on the lower end of the Intermediate Class.

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