24+ Pros And Cons Of Living In Delaware (Explained)

Delaware is widely known as “The First State”, which offers numerous outdoor recreation picks, in conjunction with admirable cities to live in.  The history of Delaware ages back to the colonization of the United States in the 17thera.

The state is made up of three counties that have been recognized since 1638. Delaware is developed to be the first state to sanction the constitution of the United States. If you are rational about making a move, then these are the pros and cons you’ll want to study before calling this state your new home.

Benefits Of Living in DelawareDrawbacks Of Living in Delaware
Good job opportunities.High population density.
Housing cost is reasonable.Shortage of doctors.
There are tax benefits in Delaware.The cost of living is high.
Diverse educational opportunities.Public transport options are minimal.
Excellent retirement destination.Risk of natural calamities.
Clean and beautiful beaches.A limited section of higher education.
Plenty of cultural opportunities to explore in Delaware.Lacks sufficient infrastructure.
Not sufficient international flights.

Advantages of Living in Delaware:

Job opportunities are sufficient in Delaware.

Delaware might be one of the minor states in the country, but it still bids access to plenty of good job opportunities.

Some of the fastest-growing occupations are currently hiring, including electricians, business specialists, healthcare workforces, HVAC specialists, and carpenters. There are also high-paying jobs like surgeons, pediatricians, and sales prospects that you can find here.

The housing cost in Delaware is reasonable.

Even though there is a space crunch in Delaware, one will find that the housing bazaar is reasonably inexpensive. You can assume to pay about $1,000 per month in Wilmington, about $850 per month in Dover, and even less if you choose to live in Rehoboth Beach.

There are tax benefits to study when staying in Delaware.

You will still pay your fair part of taxes when you choose to start living in Delaware, but you don’t have to worry about the added expense of a sales tax when you need to go shopping.

It is much easier to calculate your expenses each month because your errands in this area have a lot more edifice than they do in any other state. Delaware has one of the lowest real estate tax rates in the country.

Diverse educational opportunities are available.

Delaware has a various selection of high-quality private and public educational institutions from which to pick. You can then turn the savings of your tuition costs into a job that recompenses decently in the state.

Since it is one of the first populations in the United States, there are sufficient good opportunities, to find work if you decide to live here.

Delaware is an excellent retirement destination.

Delaware has the best healthcare facilities accessible to you in the United States. It is also very close to nationally known hospitals, counting Johns Hopkins and Jefferson University Hospital. 

The beaches of Delaware are clean and beautiful.

When you start staying in Delaware, then you will learn that there is a robust reputation for having unspoiled, clean, family-friendly beaches to relish.

Thousands of people come to the state each year throughout the summer because of this benefit. Dewey Beach and Rehoboth Beach both have regular five-star ratings for their water quality, hygiene, and access to facilities.

There are plenty of cultural opportunities to explore in Delaware as well.

Delaware is greatly represented in theatre, performing arts, and melody. One can find abundant opportunities throughout the year to go on significant state tours. Many of the trivial communities around the beaches provide small museums and art galleries for you to tour.

You can go on horseback rides throughout the state parks, take gain of the sophisticated social offerings, and love the various festivals which run respectively every year. It is easy to keep your calendar full when you start staying here.

Disadvantages of living in Delaware:

Delaware has the sixth highest population density in the United States. It is the 2nd smallest state in the country with a landmass of lesser than 25,00 square miles. In spite of that small size, there are around 1 million people who have chosen to call Delaware their home.

 Delaware is dealing with a shortage of doctors.

Although you have access to outstanding healthcare choices in Delaware. You may find it a task to establish a relationship with a prime care physician. The emergency care here is remarkable, but you need to be prepared for additional traveling expenses.

The cost of living in Delaware is higher than the rest of the United States.

Although the cost of housing is inexpensive and there is a minimum sales tax that you need to care about. The cost of living in Delaware is about 10% more developed than it is in the United States.

Minimum public transport.

If you are incapable of driving, then staying in Delaware could generate a challenging situation. The state relies on private vehicle possession for many of its transportation requirements. The public transportation options can be significantly inaccessible.

Hurricanes are a danger to the state.

When you start staying in Delaware, then you might want to pay attention to storms like Hurricane Florence because of the liabilities that are existing in the state. Even though there hasn’t been a storm that has caused landfall in the past 150 years.

Higher education is limited in Delaware.

Although Delaware has enough educational opportunities, one needs to take in consideration about the higher study due to lack of options and transport accessibility. Some of the public schools in the state do not meet the best standards.

Lacks proper infrastructure.

Due to overpopulation in the state, the cost of living and housing costs have been rising constantly. The beach sides are overcrowded and need proper infrastructure to let people live in.

You will have to travel outside the state to catch an International flight.

If you choose to start staying in Delaware, then you will need to ponder upon your transportation needs sensibly.

New Castle Airport is the main flight provider for the state, but they only offer a few destinations picks in the United States. There are no direct international flights that you can avail of from your local airport.


Delaware surely has some challenges that are worth bearing in mind. There are also some important benefits that are worth taking closer. You might not have much space as you would in other states, but it still provides a small-town sensation that can take you right down to the beach.

One needs to plan for specific weather measures when staying here and be independent in some ways, nevertheless this community also assemblies around each other when rough times strike. It is a place where you will actually feel at home.

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