26+ Pros And Cons Of Living In Florida (Explained)

Florida is the southernmost state in the United States. It is famous for its amazing tropical climate, diverse population, and attractions. It is not an unvarying state. There are various towns to choose from to make a living in Florida.

Some of the finest cities to live in in Florida include- Venice, Tampa, Spring Hill, Jacksonville, and Parkland. The state has a very touristy feel and most of the attractions are exceptional. You should explore the pros and cons before moving to the “Sunshine State”.

BENEFITS of living in FloridaDRAWBACKS of living in Florida
Overall low tax burden.Florida has a high crime rate.
Weather is pleasant in Florida.Low quality of healthcare.
Most traveled tourist destination.Higher risk of facing natural calamities.
Best roads in the country.Overcrowded state.
A cosmopolitan state with a diverse population.Minimum public transport.
Low cost of living.Terrible drivers all around.
Diverse flora and fauna.Flat state.
World-class beaches and outdoor sports.Oppressive heat and humidity.
Loads of bugs all around.
Higher insurance costs.

Advantages of living in Florida:

Florida has a low overall tax burden. 

As a Florida inhabitant, you’re likely to pay less of your hard-earned money in taxes to state and local government units.The overall tax weight Florida populations pay is the fourth-lowest of the 50 states.

Only residents of Tennessee, Delaware, and Alaska pay less in a joint to state and local taxes. The overall tax burden is demarcated as the combined cost of excise, income, property, and sales taxes.

Winter weather is pleasant in Florida.

Throughout the winter months in Florida you can have warm temperatures at or around what you would set your thermostat to, combined with contented low humidity and lots of sunshine. There is less threat of hurricanes through the winter.

The threat of tornadoes, violent thunderstorms, and even regular rainfall can be lesser most years during the winter months.

Florida is the maximum traveled to tourist spots in the United States. 

People from all around the world spend a long period, of money, and hassle to travel to Florida for holidays. As an inhabitant, you’ll just be a short, far less expensive trip by car away from the beaches, theme parks, and fantastic winter weather that over 110 million tourists a year now go to great distances to get to Florida to relish.

Florida has some of the best roads in the country. 

Florida roads are flat, straight, smooth, and pothole-free because no freezing and melting effect can wreak havoc on roads.

The state is cosmopolitan and it has a very diverse population.

There are lots of different communities and types of people of all ages. It is one of the most varied states in the nation.

The cost of living is relatively low.

As housing costs are low in the state. The average cost of living is less in the state, although not all the cities have the same advantage.

Plenty of interesting flora and exotic animal life.

Florida is home to diverse flora and fauna. Many exotic breeds are found here. There is plenty of green space. It also includes parks, fields, and nature trails.

Florida has paradise beaches and excellent entertaining outdoor sports.

There are lots of world-class beaches and state greens to enjoy. Even if you stay inland, the beach is never far away; you can go out to the coast and be back home the same day.

A great place for yachting, sailing, diving, swimming, or going for a cruise, thanks to the serene nature and warm weather.

There is surfing too, of course.It’s perfect if you like outdoor sports, such as golf and tennis. There are lots of first-class facilities and the climate means that you can play pretty much all year round.

Disadvantages of living in Florida:

Florida has a high crime rate.

According to evidence derived from FBI statistics, the crime rate in Florida is more sophisticated and has been for years, then it is in most other states.

This negative can be overawed by moving to a city or town in Florida that offers residents a low crime rate. Most of the Best Places have possessions and violent crime rates far lower than the national average which can allow you to minimalize or eliminate this negative.

The quality of healthcare in Florida is rated as inferior to most states.

 According to the US Health and Human Services Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, the class of healthcare in Florida is ranked 36th out of the 50 states. most hospitals in Florida are rated below average.

Staying in Florida means facing a higher risk of natural disasters.

 There are good reasons why it costs more to insure a home in Florida than wherever else in the United States. Inhabitants can face the danger of disturbance to their life from hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires, flooding, droughts, and other disasters.

 Florida has become too overcrowded.

 There are now added 20,000,000 people staying in Florida and 1000 more transfer in every day. Florida is now the 3rd most populated state in the country. Most of the 20 million people stay along the coast and the Orlando Metro area.

There are very few public transports available in Florida.

One has to drive everywhere. The only land travel alternatives to the car are buses, which offer only a very trifling service in most places.

Florida is known to have dreadful drivers.

The roads are mostly good, but there is a lot of less quality, unsafe, and crazy driving that takes place.

Florida is completely flat.

This can make driving around dreary. If you like mountains, hills, and valleys, this state is not for you.

Oppressive heat and humidity.

In the summer months, Florida is the worst decision. Even if you are in the shade, you’ll still sweat. Whether sat inside or driving in the car, you’ll be reliant on on-air conditioning for most of the year.

Bugs are everywhere in Florida.

One may not notice or been bothered by these things visiting Florida due to all the pesticides sprayed in tourist areas. But when you become a resident and live in Florida year-round, you may begin to think the mosquito is the official “state bird”. If snakes, lizards, rats, and bugs freaking you out!

Florida has an overall high cost of living and higher insurance costs.

South Florida suffers from a very high cost of living in some places. You’ll be paying higher insurance costs than in other parts of any Florida residents who are still working, complaining of being paid lower wages for the same job that they had in the state they moved from. Lower income combined with higher costs can increase stress and that’s not what most expected.


Florida is the number one holiday destination in the United States.

There’s no doubt that the state is an extraordinary place to enjoy beaches and theme parks. Just because a place has advanced over many periods into an outstanding tourist destination, does not inevitably mean it bids a high quality of life for inhabitants who select to live there year-round.

A large number of people move to Florida to progress their life each day. The little-known secret is thatnearlyan equally high number of people move out of Florida each day.

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