25+ Pros And Cons Of Living In Georgia (Explained)

Georgia is the 24th largest state in the country by landmass. Georgia is the 8th most populous state in the United State. Georgia has been given several nicknames including ‘The Peach State’ and ‘The Empire State of the South.

The state deserves credit for its incredible landscape with a wide variety of plants and animals. One must ponder about the pros and cons before living in Georgia.

Benefits Of Living in GeorgiaDrawbacks Of Living in Georgia
The weather in Georgia is great.Very high crime rate.
The economy in Georgia is better than in any other state.Low quality of healthcare.
The cost of living is relatively low.Hot and humid weather all the time.
Housing cost is low.Georgia is filled with bugs.
Property taxes are low.Georgia can be a nightmare for pollen allergy sufferers
The population in Georgia is very diversified.Minimum public transport.
Georgia has beautiful beaches and mountains.Taxes can be a huge burden.
The state has its own lingo.
Traffic is a terrific problem in Georgia. 

Advantages of living in Georgia:

 High mountains have a pleasant weather.

 Northeast Georgia, snowfall is infrequent. However, most of Georgia has a short mild winter in December and January with hardly more than snow flurries one or twice a year. Snow flurries can cause class cancellations once or twice a year so the kids can still enjoy occasional “snow” days.

The economy is better in Georgia than most other states.

 Georgia offers a good business climate so many Fortune 500 firms have their headquarters or other major services in the state. Most years, Georgia is among the states that yield a higher number of new jobs and is therefore also regularly on the list of the fastest budding states in the US.

The overall cost of living in Georgia is lower than it is in most other states. 

The cost of goods and services, groceries, healthcare, transportation, utilities, and particularly housing are all lesser than the national average. Of course, when it comes to definite areas, Georgia is no more diverse than any other state.

The cost of existing in Georgia’s major US city of Atlanta is more exclusive than most of its suburbs, which are more luxurious to live in than most countryside areas in the state.

Property taxes are really low in Georgia. 

Owning property in Georgia is very appealing and property taxes are hence very low.

Georgia has a very diverse population.

Especially in Atlanta, the population is very diverse than many other states in the country so minorities can live comfortably.

Georgia has beaches and mountains.

 Georgia has numerous beaches and a National Coastline on its Atlantic coast. You may also be amazed to learn that it also has beautiful, very tall mountains in the northeast portion of the state that has warm days (not hot and humid like Georgia’s flatland) and calm nights in the summer months.

Disadvantages of living in Georgia:

The complete crime rate in Georgia is higher than in most other states, based upon FBI reporting.

 If living in a safe community is important to you, learn what the genuine crime rates are (property and violent) of any place you’re bearing in mind, rather than trusting on someone’s opinion which may not be correct.

Even in states like Georgia, there are towns with crime rates so low they’re some of the harmless places to live in the US.

The quality of healthcare in Georgia is poorer than most other states.

 That’s conferring to the US Health and Human Services Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. If access to high-quality care is important to you, it’s particularly important to learn the evaluations of local hospitals and other services of the particular city or town you’re thinking of moving to.

Separate facility ratings can vary wildly, but even in a state with an inferior overall rating, there are nearly always better-valued options.

Hot humid summer-like weather is present for most of the year.

 Most of Georgia has weather that is known as damp subtropical and may not be appropriate long term for some new immigrants.

Many people move from states because they get tired of long periods of hot and humid weather, just like they do to get away from cold, chilly, and snowy weather.

Georgia has lots of bugs that are active for more of the year than you are familiar to in most northern states.

 Are there so many mosquitoes in Georgia it’s the certified state bird of Georgia? There are big flying roaches also known as palmetto bugs, ants in courtyards that will swarm while biting you, biting fleas that can cause flea allergy dermatitis, and biting gnats at the beach.

For someone who is especially creeped out by them, it would be a good idea to learn what you may come across in any unfamiliar state you’re considering a move to.

Georgia can be a nightmare for pollen allergy sufferers. 

That long hand scraper you use to get rid of ice from your windshield in northern states may come in handy when you move south. You can use it to remove the thick layer of pollen from the windshield of your car because for a few months trees in Georgia are like pollen factories.

Minimum public transport.

Public transport in Georgia is not as extensive as it should be considering the size of the population.

The combined overall state and local tax burden in Georgia is higher than it is in most other states.

 That’s according to information derived from the Council for Community and Economic Research. Some people never consider if tax rates in the state, they’re thinking of moving.

If you are considering a move to Georgia, you may want to consider how sales, individual income, property taxes, gas, alcohol, cell phone, estate, gift, and other taxes and fees will be different than the state you currently live in.

The state has its own lingo.

The language and accent of the state can get hard for someone for a span of time, the state has its own lingo.

Traffic is a stress factor in Georgia.

Traffic in Georgia, especially in Atlanta is terrible during rush hour and makes it tough for the people adding on to the minimum public transport problem.


The benefits and drawbacks of living in Georgia have balanced the opportunities of an individual. You might have to think twice before shifting to this state having primary issues to settle down. The state will make you feel at home otherwise. 

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    Crime is definitely regional, where I lived in Pittsburgh, there are places you knew to stay out of. I can imagine the bugs would be bad in a hot place, but even in cold places they have bad bugs, but they do die off once the winter freeze sets in! Though our dog picked up a tick during a January thaw in zone 6A.

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