25+ Pros And Cons Of Living In Idaho (Explained)

Idaho is a state located in the Pacific North West area of the United States of America. It is one of those cities that has been experiencing a huge influx of people. People first 

started moving into the state once gold was discovered here in abundant quantities. Idaho is home to several economic activities like mining, agriculture, forestry, tourism, and manufacturing. Idaho is home to the USA’s Department of Energy’s largest facility. Idaho has earned its name as a “Gem State” over the years. 

Benefits and Drawbacks of living in Idaho:

Competitive Housing PricesSpirit of Isolation
Ongoing Housing BoomGrowing Too Fast
Booming Job MarketLack of Diversity
Low Crime RatesPolitical Rigidity
Distinct Four SeasonsProblems with Public Transport

Advantages of living in Idaho:

Competitive Housing Prices: 

Housing prices are extremely competitive in Idaho. One can own a house for as little as $160,000 in Idaho. Rented houses are cheaper as well when compared to the rest of America. For as little as $750, one can rent a single-family house.

A clever decision is to live just off the interstate corridor to save some money in rent. The houses there tend to be cheaper as they are away from big cities. 

Ongoing Housing Boom in Idaho:

 Idaho is facing one of the largest housing booms. Primarily due to the huge influx of people, Idaho has an explosion of housing facilities. With most houses built after the 2000s, the houses are new and in good shape.

Dover, Twin Falls, and Idaho Falls are a few of the places one can find affordable housing facilities easily. Even for the ones who want an isolated location to live in, Idaho has several options.

Booming Job Market: 

The job market in Idaho is booming. Unemployment in the state is significantly lower than the average American unemployment rate. Although the basic wages are low, the overall cost of living is low as well in this State. Traveling across the USA may require saving up, but life at Idaho will be comfortable with the jobs it has to offer. 

Low Crime Rates: 

Crime rates are significantly low in the state of Idaho. It is a relatively safe state with crimes being dealt with properly by the authorities. It is known to have the highest per capita police ratio across the USA. This is due to the heavy investment of the state into law enforcement, thereby having a numerically bulky police force.

Clean and Organized City: 

There are several cities across the USA that are left in a sort of disarray due to littering habits and disorganized sanitation. Idaho however is one of those cities that focus on cleanliness and proper organization.

People here are responsible and help maintain cleanliness and hygiene. They do their best to keep their state clean and sanitized.

Abundant Outdoor Activities:

 Idaho is famed for the wide array of outdoor activities it has to offer. From skiing on icy slopes to water rafting in raging waters and paragliding in open skies, Idaho has it all. You can go hiking, take one and off-road vehicle rides uninterrupted by the rest of the world. The Snake River Canyon recreational zone is especially famed for such activities.

Distinct Four Seasons:

 Idaho is known to experience distinct four seasons across a year. The summers may be warm and one can find recluses in the mountains or near a pond. The winters may be a bit too cold for some with frequent snowing especially in between January and February. 

Disadvantages of living in Idaho:

Spirit of Isolation: 

The people of Idaho have embraced the idea of isolation. With population density one of the lowest across the USA, Idaho may often make you feel isolated. People here have embraced the isolation, but for someone moving in, it may be a little unsettling.

The people there usually do not meddle with others’ business. There is however scope of socializing, but it is up to individuals to seek out conversations.

Growing too Fast: 

Idaho is growing exponentially. This means there is less time to plan and the infrastructure often renders insufficient. There are frequent traffic jams as the state has mostly two-lane roads.

As for highways, they require us to travel around unnecessarily just to get them. Even in small cities, the rush hours can be very frustrating due to traffic jams. 

 Lack of Diversity: 

Diversity is not really Idaho’s strongest suit. The outward appearance of the state may suggest that the state is primarily inhabited by Europeans of Caucasian descent.

However, the picture is gradually changing with the influx of population the state is experiencing. The emerging diversity is visible in a few of the Mexican restaurants that is operational in the state.

Political Rigidity: 

Idaho is known to be politically rigid. They respect the conservative values and have been voting for the Republicans consistently. The liberal views that prevail in the rest of the USA may not be shared in a state like Idaho.

However, there are pockets of people having liberal ideas. Idaho is one of the conservative states and does not share too much of the same liberal ideas that bind the USA. 

Problems with Public Transport:

 Public transport in Idaho is not an option you would want to rely on. Rural areas are prone to the problem. Even Uber and Lyft services are practically inexistent.

Public transport is often unreliable and inefficient with respect to their service. Therefore, a personal vehicle is a must-have if you are planning to move to Idaho.

Idaho is one of the states in the United States of America that has a lot to offer. If you’re the kind that likes serenity and privacy, this might just be the state for you. With low population density and various sporting activities to keep you engaged, Idaho seems like the perfect place to move if you’re a peace lover. People here give the space that several cities fail to provide. 

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