26+ Pros And Cons Of Living In Indiana (Explained)

Indiana’s development and growth history is extensive. It is currently one of the United States’ most industrialized territories. Indiana is called the Hoosier State in everyday living. Yet generally most people underestimate this state.

It’s true that living in Indiana has its benefits and disadvantages. Many say it looks like the worst place to live but is it really true? Let’s find out.

Benefits of living in IndianaDrawbacks of living in Indiana
Enjoy all the seasonsLack of Diversity
It’s relatively safeLandlocked
Cities are not too bigIt is cold in the winter
Very Affordable Cost of LivingPublic Transportation
Great job opportunities It’s Not Chicago
People are friendly.
Many grassy parks and large courtyards.

Advantages of living in Indiana:

Enjoy all the seasons

You would love Indiana if you ever felt the joy of the changeable colors of leaves or White Christmas. Every four seasons in the city. The summers hit the lower nineties, spending perfect days at White River State Park in downtown.

Seize friends and take a tour of Brown County State Park to see the fall foliage. In the winter, the Great North Slopes ski lifts and terrain park hit it.

Children enjoy summer sunshine and snowmen and sledding in huge piles of leaves. The best thing about Indiana’s weather is that it will already be the next season when you get sick of it.

Its relatively safe

It’s not so interesting to see the news in Indiana. A shooting or a stabbing happens once in a while, but they are uncommon. A warning of the winter storm will reign on all the networks for hours, perhaps because there does not seem too much to be said.

Cities are not too big

Indianapolis, the State’s capital, is America’s 16th largest city. Yet it seems like a small town compared to New York or Los Angeles with a population of fewer than 900,000 inhabitants. 

Some skyscrapers are there, and there’s a couple. There are no great events, no wild nightlife. But every metropolis must have some spaces. Like a symphony, a conference center, a shopping center. A zoo, several museums and galleries are also available.

Very affordable cost of living 

A good family home can be purchased anywhere in Indiana for five times as much as in California, for example. The same applies to other costs. You should have enough money to send your kids to some of the best colleges in the world if you live in Indiana, after some time.

Indiana Has a Low Cost of Living

Great job opportunities 

With many industries, Indiana offers comprehensive job growth. Over the past decade, the health and social services outlook has improved most favorably, with more than a third of employment increasing.

Academic, science, and technical (technological jobs), as well as administrative and transport and warehousing, are other growth areas.

In 2018, Indiana was ranked # 2 on the “Most Affordable 10 States” news list – this place has a crazy low living cost. But let’s not bother you too much with that meagre wage, here, you won’t have to spend a lot.

People are friendly 

People in Indiana know positive things, contrary to many other states. If you greet an unfamiliar on the street, look forward to a warm welcome. Normally, people hold the door for you when you enter the house. Hangouts and picnics in the neighborhood in Indiana are relatively popular.

You will rarely hear anyone say a bad word in public when you are polite. Just an excellent place to raise a family.

Many grassy parks and large courtyards

You can sit on the bench, enjoy the weather. You could have a picnic with your kids, or just walk there. And you can still remain in your backyard if you’re not a big fan of random people.

Indiana has a lot of grassy courtyards, perfect for picnicking, backyard kickball games and picking dandelions.

Low Cost of Living: 

You can easily find an affordable house almost at any place in Indiana and that too at lower prices than California. And this applies to other expenses as well. You can save enough money in your pocket if you decide to stay in Indiana, and you can quickly fulfill all your wishes here. 

If we calculate the overall cost, you will find it is lower than the average national price, making the state more affordable.

Good Universities:

Indiana is the home of the three world’s best universities. A lot of specialization courses are offered in medicines, engineering, and many more. And not just prominent universities, you can also find some great smaller colleges as well. 

Low Crime Rate:

People here live peacefully without having a fear of being stabbed or shot. Not often will you hear that someone was attacked on their way home? Yes, we find petty crimes at almost every place, but the percentage is lower when it comes to Indiana.

It is safe for kids here. Neighbors provide excellent hospitality to each other, as well as to outsiders.

A Lot of Parks:

Wherever you stay in Indiana, you will always find parks and playgrounds near you. You can spend family time can even think of going on a picnic.

Even houses in Indiana have huge backyards with many flowers, so if you are not a people’s person, you can always go for it. It’s the best place to be in when you have kids as they can enjoy themselves.

Ample Number of Job Opportunities:

Indiana’s business market is at its peak, and it’s at a growing stage. Thus, increasing job opportunities. You can quickly get promotions here, and this place will also help you explore various other fields of your career. 

In recent years Indiana has become a tech-hub with many people choosing the place for their startups; other vital industries are manufacturing, finance and insurance, and information technology.

Jobs like therapists, web developers, nurses are the fastest-growing jobs in Indiana. 

You Can Easily Plan Road Trips:

There isn’t much traffic in Indiana; thus, it becomes easy for people to plan road trips. All you’ll need is food and good music, and you are all set to go for an unplanned outing. 

Numerous Places to Explore : 

Indiana is home to several history-rich museums and sites, ready to satisfy all those with a curiosity that prevails in some people’s minds. Angel Mounds State Historic Site, Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum, Brauer Museum of Art are some of the places one can visit. 

Good Cuisine:

You can find delicious food in this state. They improve and work on their cuisines year after year. In winter, the restaurants offer dishes at various discounts, and the food festival lets you discover a lot about the local cuisine of the place.

cities Are Close to Indiana:

Many cities are close to Indiana; they are just a day’s drive. You might feel elated to enjoy concerts, theatres, and within a few hours of movement, you can enjoy such activities. 

In Indiana Can A Person Enjoy All Four Seasons

Disadvantages of living in Indiana:

Lack of diversity 

You are unlikely to be within easy reach of a decent Thai restaurant or an Ashram except for Indiana University in Bloomington. If you want to expose your kids to a multitude of cultures, beliefs and backgrounds, you may not be in Indiana’s state.

However, several interactive displays will lead to cultural understanding in the Children’s Museum in Indianapolis.


If you are a beach-loving family, Indiana Dunes is the best we can offer-no ocean breezes, no awesome seafood or any kind of surfing.

It is cold in the winter

The Indiana adults do not like — 2 ° C wind chills, ice-crossed streets and dry and split hands and feet while the kids may love for four seasons. In this region, the cold and flu season appears to be worse than for warmer climates.

Public Transportation 

Many people agree: there is much to be desired about public transit in Indiana. The town has one public bus, IndyGo, and no light or rail. You certainly do need a car to get around if you’re going to stay in Indiana.

It’s not Chicago 

The only fact remains as far as Indiana is at any given time: it is not Chicago. Anyone who wants a city that never sleeps will not like Indiana. It definitely has plenty to do, places nearby and great restaurants, but the comparison to the more famous, vibrant Windy city will still be unfair.

Environmental newbies

It probably isn’t the least green, but when it comes to the environment, it definitely seems to be behind. Indiana ranked 49th greenest state in Forbes Magazine’s 2007 study. The subway or metro system in Indianapolis is not as significant as most of the big cities.

The metropolitan area is covered by public buses, however. All organic goods are recycled, but, if carbon footprint reduction ranks high on your list of goals, please come to Indiana to make it green.

Indiana Has A Poor Transportation System

Brutally Cold in Winters:

The winters here are freezing, and if you are a snow person and are aware of how to be and cope up in such weather, then it’s excellent, but if you are not used to such weather, you will find it hard to be here.

Women Are Paid Less:

Women in Indiana earn just 74% of what the state’s men earn, which is the country’s seventh-worst pay gap. Despite the fact that men in Indiana are paid more, the women here are paid less than men. 

Not Much to Do:

One can get bored here because there is not so much to explore in this city. The state is not for the people who are ever ready to go out and enjoy it. Big musical concerts or theatre acts do not find a place in this city thus making it a bit boring.

No Nightlife:

There is not much available in the way of nightlife besides bars in smaller cities and towns. There are fewer pubs in a small state, and people really do not prefer going out and partying.

Public Transportation System Is Not Good:

The transportation system in the city of Indiana is not sound, and you will have to buy your own car when it comes to traveling in this city. Though the city has one public bus system that is not reliable and you will always find it packed with people.

Taking all this into consideration, people here prefer having a personal vehicle either two-wheeler or four-wheeler.

No Diversity:

If you need to be surrounded by various other cultures and you are a people person, this might not be the right place. You will find a lot of regular Americans there with not much difference in their nationalities.

Liquor Is Banned on Sundays:

The state has banned liquor sales on Sundays, so you will have to stock up in advance if you are conducting a Sunday brunch. 

It is up to you, with the super-sonic racing cars, cooled bridges, beautiful weather, Hoosier pride, and maize fields, to determine whether or not to move to the Crossroads of America. Only ensure your home insurance policy is sufficient. We had a wonderful time sharing with you this little sneak peek of the state, and I hope you have also enjoyed it.

Indiana Has Environmental Issues

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