25+ Pros and Cons of Living In Kentucky (Explained)

Kentucky is located in the east south-central region of the US. Also known as the Bluegrass State, it is notable for breeding horses, tobacco farms, excellent bourbon, and the Kentucky Derby. Kentucky has a grand collection of natural attractions and parks with mystical forests, fresh lakes, majestic waterfalls, and caves.

Out of all the 50 states, Kentucky ranks 26 in terms of population and 37 in terms of size. The name “Kentucky” originated from the Wyandot Indian name for “plain,” because of the central plains of the state.

BENEFITS of living in KentuckyDRAWBACKS of living in Kentucky
It has a robust workforceStorms and tornados
Excellent central locationAccident-prone during hunting season
Beneficial tax codeKentucky’s income tax rate is a flat 5% for everyone
Low housing costRetirees experience a reduction in their exemption
Plenty of outdoor adventuresThe cities have pollution issues
Numerous hunting seasonsPersistent ethnicity issues
World-class bourbon
Delicious hot browns
Perfect weather conditions
The Kentucky Derby

Advantages of Living in Kentucky:

Kentucky is home to a hearty workforce

The state is recognized for its auto manufacturing industry, which can be a surprising perk to those who are accustomed to the traditions and reputation of Michigan and Detroit.

Although Kentucky has an overall unemployment a little higher than the national average, it is less by 0.5% in most months. 

Kentucky presents an excellent centralized location

If you start living in Kentucky, then your location puts you centrally in the south-central part of the United States. You’re within reach of many cities, including St. Louis, Nashville, and Cincinnati. If you’ve always wanted to travel that area of the country, then living in this state is perfect for you.

The tax code is beneficial for most in Kentucky

Kentucky is the top 10 state to live in America because of its tax situation. The uppermost individual income tax rate in the state is 5%, which is significantly lower than most places out west.

The state and local individual income tax collections per person are just under $1,300, while the state and local tax burden shakedown at 9.5%. There are also several income tax benefits and exemptions to consider.

Kentucky Has A Robust Workforce

Housing costs are affordable in Kentucky

There’s an excellent possibility that you can afford a home when you start living in Kentucky. The median price as of 2019 was listed at $125,000. The average monthly rental cost is under $800.

Thus your expenses are going to be significantly lower than what you’ll come across in the rest of the United States. 

There are plenty of outdoor adventures in Kentucky

There are some must-see places that you’ll want to check off of your list right away, such as Mammoth Cave National Park, Lake Cumberland and Otter Creek.

You’ll find lots of hiking and climbing opportunities to enjoy in the Red River Gorge.

Kentucky offers you to enjoy numerous hunting seasons

Hunting is a popular activity in Kentucky. There is a season for almost everything including squirrels, river otters, black bears, and turkeys. It is also one of the few states where it is legal to hunt elk and bobcats. 

Kentucky makes some world-class bourbon

The world-famous Kentucky Bourbon Trail is one of the best experiences the state offers. There are 11 different distilleries to find, and you can make several trips throughout the year to enjoy the unique flavors of this beloved signature spirit. 

Kentucky and hot browns are the perfect combinations

If you have never tasted a hot brown before, then Kentucky is going to take you for a pleasant surprise. These sandwiches constitute bacon, turkey, and tomato slices, soaked with a thick smear of Mornay sauce.

You’ll get to enjoy all four seasons every year when living in Kentucky.

Kentucky weather offers you to enjoy all four distinctive weather seasons. The temperatures start turning in late September and the winter will move in soon. The trees turn beautiful shades of orange, red, and yellow throughout the state.

If you love winter, then there is enough snow in most years to enjoy some cross-country skiing.

You get to experience the Kentucky Derby

The Derby season makes the fifth season in Kentucky. Every year, in May, the Kentucky Derby is held at Churchill Downs.

There are several weeks of festivals, celebrations, and parties that lead up to the racing day. A perfect way to experience Kentucky is to visit the state during this time of the year.

Kentucky Has Several Recreational Activities To Offer

Disadvantages of Living in Kentucky:

The weather might be nice, but it can also be frightening

Moving to Kentucky means you will want to take the severe storm warnings seriously. Tornado warnings are no joke. It is not going to be a daily occurrence, but there are some good 2-3 storms each year.

Hunting season equates to more vehicle-animal accidents

Living in Kentucky means you’re going to be living close to many different forms of wildlife. When hunting season arrives, you’ll discover that more animals are trying to cross the road while driving.

Deer season tends to be the worst as accidents tend to occur most often. Make sure to have the appropriate insurance on your vehicle and try to drive carefully.

Kentucky’s income tax rate is a flat 5% for everyone

Although Kentucky is one of the better income-friendly states in America, developments in 2018 have shifted the weight of paying taxes to those with the lowest income levels. Most of them are due to sales tax changes that transpired.

Retirees recently experienced a reduction in their exemption

Retirees used to benefit from Kentucky’s income laws but it changed because of the overall base-broadening attempts taken by the state’s legislature to decrease income tax deductions while increasing sales taxes to services provided.

Much of the revenue generated by these efforts go toward income tax cuts for corporations and the wealthiest 5%.

Kentucky Has Pollution Issues

The cities in Kentucky have pollution issues

The air in Louisville can be so polluted that you can smell the factories from the other side of the city. There can also be traffic issues in the city, as well as Lexington, which can generate potential smog when an inversion settles in during the summer.

People tend to group based on their ethnicity

There are not a lot of cross-cultural opportunities in Kentucky. Although this problem has improved somewhat over the last generation, people tend to stay together based on their ethnicity. Deviating from your group can create some obnoxious issues in some communities.

The advantages and disadvantages of living in Kentucky eventually come down to the requirements of your family. There are some excellent job prospects in the state, low property costs, and the tax situation is favorable for most.

So, if you can balance the potential disadvantages that you might encounter with all of the positives you will find, and then moving here could be one of your best decisions.

In Kentucky People Tend To Group Based On Ethnicity

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