25+ Pros And Cons Of Living In Maine (Explained)

Maine is the northeastern most state of America. It shares a border with the Canadian provinces of Quebec and New Brunswick to the north, the Atlantic Ocean to the southeast, and New Hampshire to the west. It is known for its dense forests, jagged coastline, picturesque waterways, low mountains, and seafood cuisine. 

Out of all the 50 states, Maine ranks 43 in terms of population and 39 in terms of size. Though uncertain, “Maine” is deemed to originate from the former province of Maine in France which was adopted by the state legislature in 2001.

Benefits Of Living in MaineDrawbacks Of Living in Maine
Plenty of forests and recreational spaceHigh housing cost
Seafood cuisineSlow internet speed
Low unemployment rateFewer work options are available
High minimum wageHarsh winters
Safest State in AmericaEnforcement of strange laws
Epic coastlineLimited commercial entertainment options
Lots of cats
No rush hour traffic
Pleasant summers

Advantages of Living in Maine:

This state is still covered with plenty of forests and recreational space

90% of the state is still covered in forests, even to this day. That is part of the reason why it earns the nickname of the “Pine Tree State.” With about 1.3 million people living here, there is plenty of room to keep to yourself while you explore the rugged region and climate.

Living in Maine is perfect if you love seafood

About 90% of the lobsters sold in America come from fishing activities centered in Maine. There are about 40 million pounds available each year while still maintaining the vitality of the biomass.

Thanks to the proximity of the state to the Atlantic Ocean, several other fresh seafood options are also available. It is a state that is filled with many tasty culinary morsels for you to enjoy

The unemployment rate in Maine is very low

Maine is within reach of Boston, New York City, and other significant destinations in New England. That means most people can find a job without much difficulty. The unemployment rate is normally under 3%.

Healthcare jobs tend to be the most prevalent in the state, but you can also find work as a software developer, mechanic, or driver without much difficulty.

You can earn a fair wage for the work you do in Maine

The minimum wage in Maine is $11 per hour, which is one of the highest in the United States. Compared to the $7.25 minimum wage that other states further south offer, you can make a decent living here while pursuing a job that you love.

Maine is one of the safest places to live in America

Maine ranks first in America for public safety. In 2009, the state’s crime rate was 1.17 crimes per thousand, compared with 4.3 which was the national average. The safety here is so ingrained into society that it isn’t even essential to lock your doors in some places.

You will have access to an epic coastline

The coastline of Maine consists of over 5,000 miles of jarred, rocky terrain to explore, offshore islands to tour, and striking cliff-side views to experience. Both the sunrises and sunsets are spectacular as they occur over the Atlantic.

There is almost always a stretch of beach that is isolated from the rest, allowing you to relax with the salty breeze and crashing waves. It is one of the most beautiful areas of the United States to enjoy if you love the idea of living along the coast.

If you love cats, then Maine is the ideal place for you

Maine has an official state cat, the Maine Coon, which is one of the evidentiary elements that prove the local love for felines. The state also ranks the highest for the number of households that have a cat living with them. There are also more no-kill shelters here than in any other part of the United States. 

A rush-hour traffic isn’t a problem here

If you are accustomed to the rush-hour problem of New York, Los Angeles, or Seattle, then the idea of the traffic in Portland will appear as a joke. Even during peak traffic hours, there are minimal delays that you must handle when coming home from work. 

Summers in Maine are almost always perfect

If you can manage the challenges of winter, then your reward is a comfortable summer. There is no need for air conditioners, there are hardly 10 really warm days in each season, and the coastal breeze keeps the humidity levels regulated so that it rarely feels hot and sticky.

Disadvantages of Living in Maine:

Housing cost is higher in Maine

The cost of a house here is about $40,000 higher than the national average. If you prefer to rent a home instead, then the pocket pinch is about $1,900 per month.

Internet speeds are suboptimal in Maine

The sluggish pace of life in Maine might be pleasant, but the slow pace of the Internet throws up challenges. There is limited access to high-speed services outside the urban areas and all the trees don’t help with the Wi-Fi either.

Having a low unemployment rate does not guarantee work

Even though the job market is healthy in Maine, many of the employment opportunities you will find require highly specialized skills, a blue-collar approach, or force you to work for the minimum wage. 

Winter is a real weather problem here in Maine

The winters here can be cold, long, and harsh. Some of the cities in this state have an average temperature of 13F during December and January. When the storms of March come around, the famous Nor-Easter might dump several feet of snow. 

There are a lot of strange laws in Maine  

Maine has some of the strangest laws in all of America and many of them are even enforced. It is illegal and might attract a fine if you don’t take down your Christmas lights after January 14th, you cannot own a pet armadillo and it is illegal to step out of an airplane once it is in flight.

If you happen to live in Augusta, you will find that it is even illegal in Maine to walk down the street playing the violin. 

Commercial entertainment options are limited in Maine

If you love to watch professional sports, then you will need to go all the way to Boston to watch a game. There are a handful of minor league teams to watch here, including the Portland Sea Dogs, but nothing at the top-flight level. Concerts and theatre are not very common either.

If you like the idea of living in someplace that appears like a small town, the coast is accessible and promotes a slower way of life, then you are going to love living in Maine.

The pros and cons of living in Maine will often require you to embrace a different lifestyle than the one you have now. If you are ready for a change, then there are plenty of opportunities to move here and start a new life for yourself.

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