18+ Main Pros and Cons Living in Manitoba

Manitoba is a province in Canada. The province is known to be located somewhat at the longitudinal centre of Canada. It is one of the three prairie states of Canada. This province has the fifth largest population across Canada. With population, comes culture and sports. The state is known to rich in both the departments will a loyal set of sports lovers and diverse cultures. 

Manitoba has several pros and cons that needs to be considered before one can take a decision.

Benefits of Living in ManitobaDrawbacks of Living in Manitoba:
HousesCrime Rates
SportsLimited Recreation
Job OpportunitiesTransportation Facilities
Short Commute

Advantages of Manitoba:

There are several positive aspects of Manitoba that encourages people to move here. The perks are as follows:

  • Culture.

Manitoba contains within it, people from diverse cultures. People from all over the world have flocked to and settled in this state. Especially the cities here are filled with diverse culture mixing and giving rise to a vibrant environment. There are several cuisines operational here as well. Numerous festivals, concerts and theatres across the state makes sure people have entertainment. 

  • Houses.

There is a reason why houses are considered a perk in Manitoba. A 3 bedroom flat here costs around $280k-$300k. There are even cheaper options available, but the neighbourhoods may be unsafe. However, the basic price of houses is rather cheap and affordable. There are also several schools setup near every neighbourhood. Hence ease of access to schools is an additional perk of this province. 

  • Sports.

Canada is rather fond of sports. Although ice sports are predominantly famous in the country, they patronise other sports equally. There are several ice arenas, baseball pitches, soccer fields and gyms.

This state is ideal for the sports lovers as you can yourself indulge in sports or watch sports. There are even small community sports teams that are setup with no age-limit to participate. Overall, the sports lovers have lot to look forward to in Manitoba. 

  • Job Opportunities.

The state of Manitoba has a booming job market. Primarily due to the largest city of Winnipeg, the population is substantial. A larger population needs more products and services. Therefore, job opportunities in manufacturing, agriculture, public service, healthcare, aerospace etc. is plentiful. 

  • Short Commute.

The problem with every big city across the world is a terrific traffic. Traffic jams are prevalent in most proper cities across the world. However, Canada, with their short travelling distance and closely-knit communities, has tackled the problem somewhat. Most of the commute one needs to make is usually on foot due to the non-major distances. Be it education, or your workplace, or the grocery stores, all of it is usually within a walking distance.  

  • Education.

The province of Manitoba knows to importance of education along with all other aspects of living like food and job opportunities. Education in Manitoba has always received due importance. There are excellent universities even for international students. Four of these are in Winnipeg, making Manitoba a hub for education.

The University of Winnipeg, University of Manitoba, Providence University College and an only-French-speaking college, Universite de Saint-Boniface. 

Disadvantages of Living in Manitoba:

  • Climate.

Climate is a strange aspect of Manitoba. Canada is a cold country. Manitoba is no different. It has harsh and long winters. The winters there start from October and recede around April. All the while, the temperatures across the state can plunge to -40°C. The summers are however very pleasant.

Temperatures in the upper twenties ensures a pleasant summer. The weather here however is uncertain. Often a bright sunny day is followed by gloomy day characterised by heavy snow. For the ones who cannot withstand such challenging cold temperatures, Manitoba may turn out to be a problem. 

  • Crime Rates.

Crime Rates are high across the state of Manitoba. The large settlements in big cities like Winnipeg and the existence of unemployment and poverty has given a push to crime rates. Drug abuse, domestic violence and crimes of other sorts are a common occurrence.

Some neighbourhoods however tend to be more notorious than others. For whatever reason crime rates and the frequency at which they are committed, are a pressing issue for Canadians.

  • Limited Recreation.

Not everybody is a sports enthusiast. Everybody needs occasional unwinding. But with Manitoba, the options are limited. There are some decent zoos and museums. Manitoba cannot cater to the party lovers. The nightlife in the province is practically absent.

Young and unmarried couples will find it hard to live in Manitoba. Social interactions are limited and therefore Manitoba may tend to be boring. The city largely appeals to married couples who need a place to settle down. 

  • Transportation Facilities.

Transportation facilities in Manitoba is extremely poor. The public transport has odd hours of operation. They operate at two times- once in the morning and once in the evening. The rest of the times you’re on your own if travelling is required. Moving to this state warrants you to own a car if you want to travel across the state for work, school or any other purpose.

The public transport facilities are virtually non-existent. Few expressways, tonnes of gridlock and a poor public transport system, makes conveyance a problem in this state. 

  • Social Insularity.

The population there is not exactly described as hostile or unwelcoming. But the people there have closed groups that they prefer to spend time with. The lack of partying culture makes it even more difficult to know people or make friends. People tend to keep things to themselves and stay wrapped up.

Manitoba is an excellent place to stay if cold doesn’t bother you too much. Although making friends maybe difficult initially, but once you break into a group, you can have a proper social life. Cars are a must though if you plan on staying some place away from work. The prairie state has some beautiful scenery your eyes can feast on. For the sports lovers, they also have a proper sports scene that will keep you engaged. 

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