25+ Pros And Cons Of Living In Maryland (Explained)

Maryland is a state in the Mid-Atlantic region of eastern America, with Pennsylvania to its north; Delaware and the Atlantic Ocean to its east; and bordering the District of Columbia, West Virginia, Virginia to its south and west.

Staying true to its nickname America in Miniature, the state owns a diverse topography within its borders – ranging from low marshlands overflowing with wildlife to sandy dunes, and gently rolling hills of oak forests to pine groves. 

Out of all the 50 American states, Maryland ranks 19 in terms of population and 42 in terms of size.

Benefits  of Living in MarylandDrawbacks  of Living in Maryland
Plenty of outdoor activitiesQuite costly
Close to important American citiesThe high volume of traffic
Unique cultureHigh property taxes
Good employment opportunitiesHigh crime rate
Has many historical landmarksStruggles with the homelessness issue
Has numerous beachesStringent laws
Offers the best cuisineVery windy
Offers lofts as homes
Considerate weather

Advantages of Living in Maryland:

The state is packed with various outdoor activities

With over 40% of the state being covered in trees, Maryland forms an oasis in the Mid-Atlantic region and offers numerous enjoyable outdoor activities – from the day-long hiking opportunities of Thurmont to the large herd of wild horses and ponies in Assateague Island. 

Maryland is close to several significant American cities

The central location of Maryland is of several tremendous advantages. You will live within striking distance of Washington D.C and the city of Baltimore while Philadelphia is just an hour away and New York two. 

Maryland offers a unique culture

Maryland offers a fascinating and diverse culture. With the right combination of the Mason-Dixon Line offering Southern hospitality and the honesty of Northerners, the state provides an unusual, accepting culture that focuses more on being authentic.

There are numerous employment opportunities to enjoy

Even though the unemployment rate is slightly higher than the national average, there are plenty of jobs available in Maryland.

Most of the jobs tend to be government service-related but there are several contracting options available too. You might have to go to a different city, but you would still end up with a short commute.

Maryland offers access to many museums and other historical landmarks

Because of Maryland’s proximity to the capital of the United States, you’ll have access to monuments and museums that aren’t available to the rest of the country.

Two of the top choices are the National Aquarium and Walters Art Museum and you can even take a day off to visit the exhibits that the Smithsonian has on display in their series of facilities. 

Maryland Has Excellent Job Opportunities

Maryland is home to many beaches

There are several stunning beaches in Maryland. Apart from visiting Assateague, you’ll also want to plan some weekends at Ocean City. There are several beaches around the Chesapeake Bay that are attractive, especially since some offer the view of the bridge outside of Annapolis.

Maryland has the best cuisine

There are several excellent food options in Maryland. The fresh seafood -from oysters on the half shell, lobster rolls, or fresh crab – is incredible. Several nationally-recognized chefs and restaurants serve in the state and there’s a growing craft brewery presence in Baltimore. 

Maryland presents many lofts that you can call home

There are many row houses in the various communities in the state. Numerous factories and mills have been transformed into condominiums, art studios, and lofts. The city has stores, galleries, and offices located in beautiful historic places as well. Many of them are by the waterfront so that you can come home to an incredible view of the coast.

The state has a very considerate weather

The summers are humid and winters snowy in Maryland. Thus it is the ideal place to be if you want to live somewhere that gives the experience of all four seasons.

Because it is not too far south or north, the climate tends to be comfortable throughout the year which helps you to enjoy many of the seasonal festivals held here without worrying about the weather. More than 80,000 tulips bloom each year at Sherwood Gardens, making it a favored destination for tourists in spring.

Baltimore hosts Hon fest each summer and a holiday lights festival called Miracle on 34th Street happens during the colder winter months.

Maryland Offers A Rich Culture And Heritage For Its Citizens

Disadvantages of Living in Maryland:

Living in Maryland is costly

Maryland is one of the wealthiest states in America. The highest number of millionaires in the United States lives there. Current reports suggest that 1 in 12 households are worth seven figures. That means you can expect a substantial sum even if you intend to rent a home.

The state has a high volume of traffic

There is heavy traffic in Maryland. Even though DC is only 30 minutes away, it might take more than an hour to reach some days. There are never really any off times either since there are so many significant cities within two hours of your home.

The state has high property taxes

The average price of a home in the state is more than $330,000. You’ll find many listings for much more than that because of high-paying jobs and household income. That means you’ll be paying a substantial amount in property taxes every year too.

If you reside in Baltimore, then you’ll need to deal with a 3.2% income tax in the city which is even higher than the county charging 2.83%. 

Maryland has a high crime rate

The city of Baltimore ranks third as the most dangerous city in America because of a swell in violent crimes. Homicide rates in the state are quite high too. Many of the incidents involve drugs and thus you’ll need to take precautions when living in Maryland to ensure your safety.

Is It Very Costly To Live In Maryland

Maryland struggles with homelessness issues

As with many of today’s urban areas in the United States, there are some significant issues with homelessness throughout the state. Baltimore sees the brunt of this issue. 

The state has stringent laws

The blue laws in Maryland tend to be different in other parts of the U.S. On Sundays, you have to go to pubs and bars if you want a drink as alcohol is not sold in stores.

These stringent laws also apply to car dealerships and even professional sports teams are not allowed to play a game before 1 pm on a Sunday unless local ordinances or laws allow it.

Maryland tends to be quite windy

There tends to be a stronger breeze in Maryland than in most other places along the east coast. Living near the coast, you’ll catch a peculiar odor because of the nearby chicken processing plants.

Maryland has its reasonable share of benefits and drawbacks for you to consider like most places in the world. Due to its heavy traffic and costly housing, there could be several financial challenges to manage. But residents of Maryland point out that the advantages typically exceed the difficulties they experience on an average day.

Hence if you are ready for a challenge, then there are plenty of opportunities to move here and start a new life for yourself.

Maryland Has A High Crime Rate

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