26+ Pros And Cons Of Living In Massachusetts (Explained)

Massachusetts is located in the north-eastern part of the United States of America. It is considered one of the most populous states in the United States, with over 7,000,000 people calling the state their home.

Relocating to any place requires an in-depth knowledge of the pros and cons of doing so. Based on these, it is easier to make an informed decision about the relocation. 

Massachusetts however has more to offer in way of pros. Let us take a detailed look at the pros and cons this state has to offer. 

Benefits of Living in MassachusettsDrawbacks of Living in Massachusetts
Job OpportunitiesCost of Living
EducationThe Weather
culinary experiencePublic Transport can be Confusing
The Sports SceneTraffic
The Summers
The History
A Proper State to Settle with Family

Advantages of Living in Massachusetts:

Job Opportunities.

Whether you are a student looking to relocate or a working professional looking for job, the presence of employment opportunities is very important. Massachusetts has a thriving job scenario. The cities in the state are booming with start-ups.

Even the business giants like Amazon and Google have their headquarters in Massachusetts. But with a thriving job market, competition for them is intense and one should be up to date with their skills. 


The state of Massachusetts is known for its education prowess as well. Only in the city of Boston, there are 35 educational institutions. The state also boasts a 50.2% of people to have achieved a graduation degree or higher.

The percentage is particularly striking when compared to the national average of 33.4% of people who have received college education or higher. It is considered to be one of the most educated states in America. 

Culinary Experience.

Food is an important part of Massachusetts and therefore is delicious. No matter where you order your food, the taste is unparalleled. The cities often represent the amalgamation of several cuisines.

Seafood can ne regarded as the specialty of this state. It offers fresh and tastiest seafood one can find across America. Even the local delis have the ability to provide you a killer sandwich.

The Sports Scene.

The sports scene in Massachusetts is massive. This state vibes with the sports lover like no other state. The sports teams here have a trophy-laden past and therefore is of great pride to the locals.

Whether or not they support the same team, the love for sports is what unites them. Teams like Boston Red Sox, Boston Celtics, England Patriots, and New England Revolution are all based in Massachusetts. 

Massachusetts Has Plenty Of Job Opportunities

The Summers.

The winters may be grueling, but if you survive through the winters, you are in for one of the loveliest summers. The summers are mild and pleasing and the outdoors are there to be explored.

But the autumns in the state tend to better the summer. As autumn approaches, the surroundings burst forth with autumn colors of all sorts. It is regarded as one of the most spectacular spectacles. 

The History.

The cities of Massachusetts have a lot of history shared among them. The rebellious past of America is preserved at several locations. The city of Boston is often said to have the looks and the feels of a European nation.

Every street has a story in Boston that is written in detail on markers. Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum, Longfellow’s Wayside Inn, and Harvard Square are a few of the most visited historical places. 

A Proper State to Settle with Family

Massachusetts is an ideal state for anybody looking to settle down. It has a great job market for the working professionals of the family and has an excellent academic setup for the kids to get proper education. There are interesting places to visit as well. 

Massachusetts Has A Rich History

Disadvantages of Living in Massachusetts:

Cost of Living.

The cost of living in Massachusetts can be high. Cities like Boston in particularly can be particularly costly if one is looking for a clean neighborhood. The city of Boston is estimated to have a cost of living 47% higher than the average of America. 

The Weather.

Massachusetts is known to have a beautiful summer and autumn. But, as winter sets in, the brutality of ice comes forth. The state experiences one of the harshest winters in America. There are records of ice cover growing as thick as 60 inches and three major storms sweeping through the state last year. 

Public Transport can be Confusing.

Public transport, especially the railway lines covers most of the cities. The rails still use age-old tunnels to help commute. But, these lines take some time to get used to. Each color of the line runs along a specific path. The trains stop their service at 1 AM. Uber, Lyft, and several such cab services are available in the cities as well. 

Massachusetts Has A High Cos Of Living


Parking is an issue, especially in the city of Massachusetts. Being compressed makes it even worse. Several apartments do not offer off-street parking and therefore need a residential parking permit if a vehicle is to be brought.

The traffic problems worsen when sports events are held. Traffic can be really bad, especially before and after the game. It is only wise to plan the routes according to the match. 

The Transport Runs Late.

The public transport facilities often run late. It is important to rent an apartment close to your workplace for the public transport in the state may be a bit off the mark when it comes to time. Taxis on the other hand can turn into an expensive affair. 

The cities of Massachusetts are a beautiful place to live in if you can survive the cold. The summers and autumns in the state are beautiful and vibrant to make up for dull winters. The people here love their food, their sports, and their heritage.

Education and job opportunities further go on to advocate for the state. Massachusetts may have a high cost of living but the opportunities and atmosphere in its cities is bound to sway the most skeptical of people into moving in. 

Massachusetts Has Bad Weather Conditions

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