26+ Pros And Cons Of Living In Michigan (Explained)

Michigan would become the 26th state to join the Union on January 26, 1837. From then until the beginning of the Civil War, the economy was based primarily on agriculture and mining.

The state offered a frontier society that seemed intriguing to people from New York, while the jobs were an opportunity to immigrate from England to provide expertise. Many of the town’s names are a reflection of how the state was initially settled.

The pros and cons of living in Michigan are a varied set of points to consider. You can focus on urban living, settling into rural life, or something in the middle.

BENEFITS of Living in Michigan.DRAWBACKS of Living in Michigan.
Enjoying small town life in Michigan.Winter weather is hard to relish.
Access to urban living.The job market is yet to develop.
The economy is strong in Michigan.Education cost is high
Affordable housing cost.Poor transport infrastructure.
People are very creative and feisty in the state.Michigan vs Ohio rivalry.
Low cost of living.
Michigan lets you enjoy all four seasons.
Plenty of fun festivals to enjoy throughout the year.
Best institutions for higher education.

Advantages of Living in Michigan:

You can enjoy small-town living at its premium in Michigan.

There are small towns throughout the state of Michigan that let you relax down and raise a family deprived of the typical worries you practice in the big city.

Some of these areas are in the southern areas, but you’ll find many options to consider if you decide that staying in the Upper Peninsula is for you. There is access to three diverse Great Lakes, protected forest areas, and rural areas to all families.

 Michigan offers access to urban living.

Detroit mains the way for urban living, with over 700,000 people making it their how today. The inhabitant levels have decreased in most of the largest cities since 2000, although Sterling Heights is an exclusion to that rule.

There are dozens of groups in the 40,000 to 80,000 populace range, so you can find the precise level of urban living that you favor.

Michigan’s economy has made a strong retrieval since 2009.

The reason why the recession years that started in 2008 hit the economy of Michigan so hard was that there was a monoculture of service in the state. With so many positions tied directly or indirectly to automakers, having the bottom fall out of the industry led to a sharp decline in occasions. 

Housing is very inexpensive when living in Michigan.

The median home value in Michigan is about $150,000. That makes it one of the cheaper places to be in the United States.

The average rent in the state hovers around $1,000, although it can be much more advanced in the inner-city sectors of the largest cities. Prices are going up at a regular of about 3%. 

Michigan Offers Access To Urban Living

The people in Michigan are imaginative and feisty.

Being a blue-collar manufacturing state is a point of pride for many of the people who live in Michigan.

Their resiliency brought this state back from the brink of economic collapse, even if Detroit did eventually file the largest municipal bankruptcy in the country.

Everyone here is persistent to a point, opinionated, and honest to a fault. They are also one of the friendliest groups that you’ll find in the country, with your neighbors often being the first to help dig your car out.

The cost of living in Michigan is unusually low.

It’s about 17% cheaper to live in Michigan than it is on average in the United States. You’ll have access to excellent instructive opportunities that carry this advantage, including Central Michigan University, the University of Michigan, and Michigan State.

Places like Grand Rapids are consistently rated as one of the best cities of its size in the United States. If you are a young expert or are thinking about starting a family, then you will find several great chances await your arrival here.

Michigan allows you to experience every season.

Not everyone may like the fact that Michigan gives you all four seasons each year, but it is one of the perks of living here. Autumn is the best season, especially if you can explore the forests of the Upper Peninsula.

You’ll find beautiful reds, yellows, and oranges lining the roads as you travel, and the rural nature of the state means that you might be the only one on the road.

Michigan offers abundant of fun festivals to enjoy each year.

All of the small towns in Michigan celebrate festivals all over the year as a form of community team construction. Options include Tulip Time in Holland, which is the best flower festival and the best small-town festival in the state.

Some of the best institutions of higher education.

Michigan is home to top universities, including the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, which was named in the top ten law schools in the nation, Michigan State University, and Central Michigan University. 

Michigan Has A Low Cost Of Living

Disadvantages of Living in Michigan:

Winter weather

The winters in Michigan may be cold and snowy like many states, but it’s the utter absence of sunshine that has most people feeling the winter sadness. If you’re planning on going to the Upper Peninsula, forget about anything even like warm weather for at least six months of the year.

Job market in Michigan is yet to develop.

Lack of proper education has led to the lack of job occupations in the state. Due to the boom of tourism, the place is not developed of inhabitants to have proper job sectors.

Expensive education. 

Stellar education is certainly available, but it also comes at a cost. The state’s average student debt at completion is ranked 38th in the country, while tuition cost is graded 44th. The in-state average cost of tuition for the 2017-2018 school year is $6,585. 

The weather conditions lead to transportation structure issues.

The roads in Michigan are distant from perfect. There have been numerous budgeting issues in the state as of late that have obstructed how many services are available.

Winter Weather In Michigan Is A Disaster

The Michigan vs. Ohio rivalry is to be consider.

When you look up the pros and cons of living in Michigan from a local viewpoint, almost every comment mentions the fact that Ohio is a border state. These two regions are long-time contenders, but the rivalry is more about sports disputes than whatsoever historical.


Michigan is an unbelievable state that is still filled with many prospects. The news stories about Flint or the job situation in Detroit might control the headlines, but you will also find plenty of small towns, big homes, and beautiful destinations awaiting your arrival.

If you have a precise career in mind that you’re pursuing in Michigan, then it can help to have employment lined up before you make the move. When your goal is to come here to search for changes, then you may find a plethora of optimistic experiences that are ready for you to grasp.

Education Is Expensive In Michigan

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