25+ Pros And Cons Of Living In Missouri (Explained)

Missouri is a state in the Midwest of America.  Bordered by eight states, Missouri has Tennessee, Illinois, and Kentucky to the east, Iowa to the north, Kansas, Nebraska, and Oklahoma to the west, and Arkansas to the south.

The state is famous for its barbecues, particularly the Kansas City-style barbecue, and the birthplace of musical styles such as St. Louis Blues, Ragtime, and Kansas City jazz. 

Out of all the 50 states, Missouri ranks 18 in terms of population and 21 in terms of size. The state is named after the Missouri River which flows through the center of the state.

Benefits Of Living in MissouriDrawbacks Of Living in Missouri
Plenty of jobsLow wages
Affordable housingHigh gang activities
Various outdoor activitiesHigh crime rate
Splendid culinary choicesA hot, humid climate
Lower cost of livingRanks poor in terms of inclusiveness and health care
Plenty of entertainment optionsSevere pest problems
Near wine country
Significant beer heritage
Central location
Low volume of traffic

Advantages of Living in Missouri: 

Missouri offers plenty of jobs in different careers

The rate of unemployment in Missouri is one-half of a percentage point lower than the national average.

The fastest-growing areas of employment are in healthcare, web development, information technology, and milling services. Health-specialty teachers are also in demand, and that position is one of the highest-paid jobs in the state.

Missouri offers affordable housing 

The median home value is just above $150,000. It has been rising at a rate of 7% or more in recent years, but there are still some excellent deals out there to find. The average price of rent across all types of home categories is less than $1000 per month.

The state has various outdoor activities to enjoy 

The most popular outdoor activities are hunting and fishing. As the state has a high population of turkeys, Thanksgiving is a popular occasion.

Another fun activity to try is frog gigging. You’ll get together with fellow hunters, catch them, and cook your find up on the spot. 

Missouri has outstanding culinary choices

Barbecue is one of the high points of Missouri. The outlook here is that the more sweet the sauce, the better the food. St. Louis and Kansas City both have a customized way to conceive flavors, traditions, and techniques that are 100% unique. These approaches are tried on everything – from pulled pork burgers to roasted ravioli.

Missouri allows a lower cost of living

Missouri is one of the most affordable places to live in America. It ranks as the 10th most affordable state because of its lower costs for utilities, entertainment, groceries, and rent. 

Missouri provides plenty of enjoyable attractions

Entertainment is one of the primary strengths that Missouri offers – from theaters to museums, national parks to national monuments, there is a lot of historic architecture for you to explore.

Branson advertises them as being the live entertainment capital of the world. Kansas City, St. Louis, and Independence – all provide different options that are merit exploring.

Missouri is near the wine country

Once upon a time, Missouri was the second-largest wine-producing state in America. The prohibition years in America hampered that reputation. Vineyards are trying to revive it right now by producing world-class bottles from local grapes.  The local facilities are giving numerous tours for visitors. 

Missouri has a significant beer heritage 

Beer production directly contributes over 6% of the state’s GDP each year. Anheuser-Busch controls roughly 40% of the national beer market. Missouri is also the home to a growing craft brewing campaign that presents a lot of enjoyable varieties.

Missouri is centrally-located 

The southwestern part of Missouri is one of the most centralized locations available in America. You can reach over 40% of the American population from this area in four hours or less. There is several large business organizations established here too.

Traffic is not a problem here

Missouri does not experience a traffic problem. Kansas City has one of the fastest commutes in the country for a city of its size, averaging less than 23 minutes per trip. That’s the fifth-fastest time in the United States.

Disadvantages of Living in Missouri:

Wages are low in Missouri 

The median earnings for an average family in Missouri are $6,500 less per year than the national average. One of the main reasons for this disadvantage is the lack of a comparable minimum wage compared to the states that are further west.

Business owners are only required to pay $7.85 per hour, which is only $.60 higher than the federal minimum. 

Gang activities are a major problem in the state

A common perception is that only the metro areas around Kansas City and St. Louis suffer from gang activities which are not always the case.

This is also applicable to some of the rural areas of the state. You will want to check whatever crime reports are available for your preferred community before making a final decision.

Missouri has a high crime rate

Kansas City is considered one of the most dangerous communities in America. Missouri has one of the highest rates of violent crime for a state. Property crime is 15% higher here and St. Louis, Springfield, and Bridgeton often rank high in terms of criminal activity.

The weather is hot, humid, and stifling

The state has a continental climate with a mix of Southern stickiness. It can be consistently hot and humid with a lot of rainy days and thunderstorms and tornadoes are something that you will need to take seriously.

Missouri ranks poorly in terms of inclusiveness and health care

Missouri has been ranked as one of the worst states to live in the U.S. in 2018 by CNBC. It was number 46 on their list that year, which is higher than in 2016 when it ranked 49th out of 50. The ratings for this disadvantage are based on a variety of factors, but inclusiveness, tolerance, healthcare access, and equality are contributing factors. 

Pests pose a real problem for rural homeowners

You’ll need to be hunting squirrels, shrews, rats, and even armadillos at times. If you want to live in a rural area and wish to maintain chickens or livestock, then keeping the pest population in check can feel like a full-time job.

Missouri presents affordable living conditions and low living costs, but low wages and high crime rates tend to be a major disadvantage for the residents. So if you’re considering moving into the home state of celebrated author Mark Twain, review all the pros and cons carefully before making your decision.

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