21 Pros and cons of Living In Nebraska (Explained)

Nebraska can seem like just another midwestern maize-filled flyover state. Whilst that can be true, it offers its people more than you could think (this is called, of course, the Cornhusker State).

First of all, it has a prosperous metropolitan center, one of the best places to stay in the USA. Omaha may have more livestock than people (true story) but has a rich history built on agriculture and hard work for generations. The great state of Nebraska is located in the middle of America – the Midwest of the Great Plains.

Cornhusker State has become one of the best places to live in the United States with higher wages, lower home prices, an outstanding job market and a high overall quality of life.

The Great Plains and Midwest United States of America sandwich Nebraska. Nebraska is the birthplace of the indigenous people of Omaha, Missouria, Ponca, Otoe, and many other areas bordered by Southern Dakota, Colorado, Wyoming, Missouri, Kansas, and Iowa.

Benefits of living in NebraskaDrawbacks of living in Nebraska
Economic opportunitiesWeather
OmahaHigh crime rate
Low cost of livingWacky laws
Midwestern lifestyleNatural disasters
Low population densityExtremely flat
Affordable housingTransportation 

Advantages of living in Nebraska:


The State ranks 9th across the country in terms of tuition costs, debt after graduation, education quality, degree rates, and so on. There are more than 20 universities in the City.

Nebraska has the 4th highest graduation rate in the high school, ranking as one of the Top 20 states in preparation, and the 14th highest public-school funding in the nation.

Economic opportunities 

In terms of affordability, the government is not only 5th but also ranked top in economic opportunities. Agriculture (and their various subsidiaries) have been the main driving force for the state’s booming economy, which has resulted in enhanced poverty and prosperity for everyone.

Would you like to earn more money? Naturally, you do! The state provides some of the country’s highest average salaries and a range of job opportunities.


Omaha always ranks as one of the country’s best cities. Omaha and other NE cities are the lively and democratic centre for all newcomers. As the most vibrant urban centre of the world, it is a gradual hub for all the things we love as social creatures.

The town is full of cornhuskers of all kinds. A healthy vegan meal can be just as easily as a steak. However, as the home of almost a quarter of the state’s population, transplants seeking better economic opportunities have seen rapid growth.

Low cost of living

Nebraska is ranked in the Top 10 in terms of affordability. The living cost index currently stands at about 89 (below the US average of 100).

Midwestern lifestyle 

Fun people, delicious food, a fun family environment, many wonderful opportunities and services – what about living in the state of Nebraska? What about living?

Low population density 

Trying to get away from an overpopulated society or town’s suffocation? In one of the state’s fine towns or major urban centres, you can breathe easier.

Affordable housing 

The midwestern state is ranked #5 for affordability in the housing rankings according to the US News & World Report.


Many of the best food and beer in the country is located in the middle west. Some of the best food in the country are Wisconsin cheese, Chicago hot dogs, St. Louis, and Kansas City BBQ. More than 100 breweries are also located in the region, including the famous brasserie Anheuser Busch, in St. Louis.

Disadvantages of living in Nebraska:


Some people can not find the location ideal. It is quite distant from all oceans and mountains. As a result, walks and paths (not to mention beaches, which are none) are minimally significant.

If a little bit of taste is necessary for your countryside, look somewhere beyond the Midwest countries of the prairie. 


Nebraska sees some of the most tornadoes of any region. When you’re up to face the extreme winds, let’s not mention the high temperatures during the year, turn it around.

If it is not your job to deal with stuff flying through the air, maybe take a calmer state into consideration. The name of the game is extreme temperatures. Hot and moist summers. Winters can be pretty cold with around 28 inches of normal snowfall.

High crime rate 

While the state does have low levels of violent crime, there are high rates of small robbery and car theft, in particular in the metro areas of Omaha and Lincoln.

Wacky laws

In every country, including Nebraska, there are strange laws. A male can not ride with a shaved chest, for instance. In addition, bars need to make beer soup. There is no permission for men to run around with shaved chests. Men can also grow a beard and purchase some chaps and take up the stylistic rancher.

Without a state licence, mothers can’t give perms to their daughters. We believe that a makeover at home went horribly wrong.

Bars can not sell beer unless they brew a pot of soup: surely a win-win. Who doesn’t love a good soup bowl with a beer? Especially when the front door is knelt by tornados and snowstorms.

Natural disasters 

In Tornado Alley, Nebraska has some of the most twisters in any US country. It is worth planning here for tornadoes and other threats.

Extremely flat 

Admire oceans or mountains? Perhaps you want to think things over. It is flat here. This is flat here. It’s completely clean. Look elsewhere if you’re looking for changes in elevation and diverse landscapes.


Cars are the primary means of travel. Unlike in larger cities, public transport is not a prerequisite, but most people have their own car.

Compared to a big city everything is more distributed, so you will certainly need a car to get there. This can be expensive for people who don’t have their own vehicle.

You could just take the golden ticket for your life of utter happiness if you feel like moving to Nebraska. It’s worth it with a lot of upsides. Some two million others seem to think so, and it looks good for them.

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