26+ Pros And Cons Of Living In New Jersey (Explained)

With an approximate 130 miles of Atlantic coast, New Jersey is located in the northeastern part of the U.S.A. On the west of New Jersey, there is the Delaware River and Pennsylvania and on the southwest, there is Delaware Bay and the State of Delaware.

It is most noted for the iconic view of the Statue of Liberty upon the Hudson River from lower Manhattan.

The New Jersey shore includes historic resort towns like Cape May, Asbury Park. The unique preservation of the historical buildings of these regions deserves a special mention. Other notable sites of the place include the historical Immigration Museum in Ellis Island. 

Benefits of living in New JerseyDrawbacks of living in New Jersey
Wealthiest state in the nation3rd highest mortgage delinquency rate
Public school systems rank 2nd in the nationLowest median home price appreciation rate in the country
Lowest energy costs compared to the surrounding statesOverall one of the highest tax burdens in the US
Ranks 4th in the country in terms of financial literacyThe higher cost of living than most of the other states of the US
Ranks 10th for the benefits for the working momsThe students have comparatively lower test scores when compared to the students of the other states
Overall crime rates are lower than most of the statesHealth care facilities are slightly lower than most of the other US states
Residents have a better connection and access to art and cultureCommunity lives are a bit dissatisfactory for the residents

Advantages of living in New Jersey

Wealthiest state in the nation

New Jersey is the richest state of the US. Naturally adorned with beaches and mountains, it provides easy access to all the nearby big cities. Such resourcefulness has made it the wealthiest state of the country. There is a multitude of job prospects and opportunities.

Public School System

The public school system is well-carved and structured in the best interest of the students. It is too well-developed to gain the 2nd position in the country. The overall course structure is well-planned so that the students do not feel the burden of studies but learn all the necessary details of the study.

Lowest Energy Costs 

When compared with all the surrounding states like Delaware, New York, Pennsylvania, the New England states, Maryland, New Jersey has the lowest energy costs. This is one of the most important factors for the state’s prosperity. This has also contributed to the increase in job prospects.

Financial Literacy

The residents of New Jersey hold the 4th position in the country in terms of financial literacy.

Being the richest state of the nation, the average financial condition of most of the residents of the state maintains a respectable margin. Because of loads of job prospects, the state enjoys good financial literacy.

Convenience for the working moms

The state enjoys the 10th position for providing comfort and convenience to working moms.

There are satisfactory crèche facilities for the working moms to deposit their wards in safe custody for a certain designated period. The working moms get satisfactory resources and facilities to continue with their career causing no harm to their babies.

Low Crime Rates

According to FBI reports, the crime rate of New Jersey is lower than the national average. New Jersey comes in the list of the top 10 safest states of the US. As most of the state is somewhat rural and dotted with small and medium-sized towns, it is one of the safest refuges of the US.

Better cultural connection

When compared to most of the other states of the country, the residents of New Jersey are well connected and aware of the artistic and cultural developments. Studded with various museums and opera houses, the people of New Jersey know enjoyment. 

Disadvantages of living in New Jersey

High mortgage delinquency rate

Because of its enrichment, the standard of living is quite high in New Jersey. This has resulted in high mortgage delinquency rate in the state to keep pace with the financial trend of the region. 

Lowest home appreciation rate

The meidan home appreciation rate is the lowest in New Jersey when compared to the other states of the country. Because of the enriched state of the region and resourcefulness, the home appreciation rate records a low position.

High tax burden

Overall one of the highest tax burdens in the country, the residents of New Jersey have to pay a high amount of tax. Such high rates of tax are one of the major sources of revenue of the state. It is also an essential factor for the amenities and facilities available in the state.

High cost of living

The average cost of living in New Jersey is quite high. With high tax rates and plenty of resources, the residents of this state have to maintain a pretty high cost of living. All the amenities and facilities that are available in New Jersey come at a high price.

Low performance of the students

Although the academic facilities of New Jersey are well-structured, the average academic performance of the students of the state is pretty low when compared to the students of the states of the US. Such low average academic performance with low test scores is a drawback of New Jersey.

Healthcare facilities

Despite the heavy tax burden on the residents, the healthcare facilities of New Jersey is below satisfactory. It is one of the most essential service sectors. Necessary development is required in this sector.

Low community lives

The basic community lives of the residents of New Jersey is less than satisfactory. Especially for the older residents, the life of New Jersey can seem a bit boring and lacking proper excitement for them.

Being one of the most significant states of the US, New Jersey is significant in its own exclusive features. The book “ How to Retire Happier “ ranks New Jersey in the 46th position. This state has its own share of positives and negatives.

The weather conditions reveal lower chances of sunny days and more chances of humid days. It is more or less hot all the year-long except for the winter months. 

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