26+ Pros And Cons Of Living In New Mexico (Explained)

One of the most popular mountain states of the US, New Mexico is located in the southwestern region of the country.  The capital city of this state is Santa Fe while Albuquerque is the largest city of New Mexico. 

New Mexico shares its Four Corners region with Colorado, Utah, and Arizona. The other bordering states include Texas in the east-southeast; Oklahoma in the northeast; Chihuahua of Mexico in the south and Sonora, another Mexican state in the southwest. Because of such a unique geographical location, the northern and eastern part of the state has alpine and cold weather conditions.

Benefits of living in New MexicoDrawbacks of living in New Mexico
Affordable cost of livingJob opportunities
Affordable home pricesDiversity of ethnicities
Unique culture and traditionsDissatisfactory standard of education
The magnificent scenic beauty of natureDissatisfactory road conditions and traffic
Pleasant climatic conditionsHigh crime rate
Rich source of high-quality wine
Long historical background
Great center for recreation and entertainment

Advantages of living in New Mexico

Affordable cost of living

The state of New Mexico possesses an affordable cost of living. It is one of the few states of the US, where the cost of living index is4% lower than the national average. This cost includes the cost of transportation and healthcare facilities along with the cost of food and groceries.

The consumer prices and the local purchasing capacity is almost equal. Moreover, the average salary is approximately $2,600 which means that the local people can earn their living and know how to enjoy their lives.

Affordable home prices

One of the most significant factors for the popularity of New Mexico is the low cost of housing.

The median housing price in New Mexico is 5% lower than the national average. The average approximate cost in New Mexico is around $187,000. The rental prices are also affordable. The most expensive place to live in Nw Mexico is Santa Fe.

Unique culture and traditions

New Mexico is a state with a long history of cultural heritage, traditions, and diverse ethnicity. Apart from the home for the native American tribal residents, the population of this state also consists of varieties of Hispanic and Latinos population.

It is also the home for a large number of Asian, African-American, and Middle Eastern communities. New Mexico is noted for its exclusive culinary cultures, architectural style, exclusive art culture revealed through pottery, dancing, etc. 

Magnificent scenic beauty of nature

New Mexico is also called the Land of Enchantment. It is a place with multiple scenic landscapes. Consisting of both deserts and mountains, it is a unique juxtaposition. Moreover, there are forests, rivers along with several valleys and canyons.

The clean, fresh air of the state is worth mentioning and so are the clear blue skies. It is one of the least polluted states in the country. 

Pleasant climatic conditions

The climate of New Mexico is characterized by mild and continental types. The local residents enjoy the pleasure of all four seasons distinctly. One of the most notable characteristics of New Mexican weather is its dryness. The air is noticeably fresh and clean.

Rich source of high-quality wine

New Mexico is the home to the oldest vineyards of the country dating back to the 1960s. The local wine is naturally extremely tasty and it is influenced by Spanish traditions. New Mexico also consists of some True Wine Trails to provide the interested people with a tour of the best wineries of the region.

Long historical background

The history of New Mexico dates back a long time. This history has deep connections with the native tribals. Sante Fe is considered to be the oldest continually inhabited state of the nation. It is also considered to be the origin of American cowboys. 3 of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of the US are located here.

Great centre for recreation and entertainment

New Mexico is greatly noted for its variety of entertainment and recreational facilities. Nature has greatly co-operated to make it an ideal place for outdoor resting.

Several outdoor adventure sports like kayaking, hiking, skiing, rafting, cycling, horse riding, climbing can be done here. This place adores art and culture—painting, designing, theatre, opera, etc. The unique festival celebrations of New Mexico is famous. 

Disadvantages of living in New Mexico

Job opportunities

Although there are several well-developed industries in the state but still the rate of unemployment is pretty high here. The chances of getting a well-paid job in
New Mexico is quite low. It holds the 43rd position among the list of places in the US with promising career opportunities.

Diversity of ethnicities

Santa Fe alone consists of over 70 ethnicities. New Mexico is the dwelling place of various ethnic groups of the nation.

Dissatisfactory standard of education

Although New Mexico holds the record of the maximum number of Ph.D. holders back in the year 2000, the average standard of school-level education is below average.

The state has also been accused of providing insufficient education to the students and violating their constitutional rights of the students. As per 2018 reports, only 25% of the students successfully completed the Maths test in standards 3-11 while only 31% of the students cleared the English test.

Dissatisfactory road conditions and traffic

New Mexico is a state with poor and dissatisfactory road conditions and bad traffic. The conditions of several bridges of the region are also not up to the mark. The mountainous roads are not quite safe for driving.

High crime rate

The high crime rate of New Mexico does not permit it to be called a safe refuge for the residents. Violent crimes, property crimes all are actively prevalent here. Moreover, the arms law also does not make it any safer.

All the American states continuously experience losses and gains in population because of migration. Here, among every 10 local residents, 1 is an immigrant. Such a huge influx of people creates a strong workforce. The important and flourishing industries of the state include construction, fishing, and farming.

The blue-collar jobs have better prospects here. Every single place has its own advantages and disadvantages. New Mexico is no exception to this rule. All these pros and cons combinedly provide the place with its uniqueness. Before moving in, all the aspects should be carefully considered for the best interest of all the connected parties.

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