20+ Pros and Cons of Living In New South Wales (Explained)

New South Wales is an Australian state which is widely known for its unique music and beaches. It shares its borders with Queensland, South Australia, and Victoria.

It is the third-largest state in Australia in terms of area with a population of 8 million. But 80% of its population live in the capital city, Sydney. It is an economically stable state well connected by roadways, railways, and airways.

New South Wales is a beautiful state with beaches, national parks, and rich wildlife.

Now, we will look into the pros and cons of living in New South Wales.

Benefits of living in New South WalesDrawbacks of living in New South Wales
History and CultureExpensive
National ParksPopulation
EducationCrime Rates
Friendly People

Advantages of Living in New South Wales 

There are positive aspects of moving to New South Wales. So, we will now take a look at the positive sides of this state which makes people to move there.


New South Wales is a federated state located in the South-east of the continent, Oceania. The state of New South Wales is bordered by Queensland in the north, Victoria in the south, and South Australia in the east.

The highest peak of the state is Mount Kosciuszko(7,310 feet). It is one of the most vibrant countries in the world.

Tourism is well developed in this state because of the presence of golden beaches and scenic national parks. New South Wales is bounded by the Mighty Pacific Ocean which makes it an attractive tourist destination.

History and Culture

Lieutenant James Cook, a British explorer named the state New South Wales because it resembled the south-west of Wales (1770). After eighteen years, Arthur Phillip landed in New South Wales. It was the very first Australian state to be colonized by the Brits.

After one hundred and thirty years of British rule, the state was able to be independent in 1900 with much struggle and continuous rebellions. Because of the British rule, the state received migrants from different parts of the world, and there developed a mixed culture in New South Wales.

National parks

 There are over 252 national parks in New South Wales alone. Sydney Harbour  National Park,  The Blue Mountains, Kosciuszko National Park are famous among them.

These national parks attract tourists from all over the world. The national parks are touristy during the summer days and tourism greatly contributes to the economy of the state.


The school system of New South Wales consists of three levels, primary ( kindergarten), elementary (Class l- Class VI) and higher secondary (Class VII to Class XII). It takes a total of thirteen years to complete school.

English is compulsory till class XII, Mathematics till class X, Creative Arts till class VI, and Physical Education till class X. 

There are courses available for students to develop their talents in the fields they choose. There are cram schools (coaching colleges) in New South Wales for students who want to score well in entrance examinations held by different colleges and universities.


In the past, rugby and soccer were the most played sports by youngsters. But, now swimming has become the most important sport in New South Wales. Additionally, youngsters are more interested in football, cricket, bike riding, skateboarding, basketball, etc. This place is perfect for sports lovers.


The state of New South Wales experiences a subtropical climate. The summers are warm with an average temperature ranging from 26°C to 19°C, the winters are cold with temperatures ranging from 17°C to 7°C.

The northeast part of the state experiences rainfall during summer with dry winters. The climate of this state is mild throughout the year, no extreme weather conditions prevail here. So, it’s a good place to settle.

Friendliest People

 With the daily hustle-bustle of today’s world, we all forget to look at our surroundings and are less concerned about other people. But New South Wales is a very friendly state. People are very helpful and whenever somebody gets lost in the city, they are always willing to help the visitors.

Disadvantages of Living in New South Wales 

No doubt, New South Wales is a beautiful state. There are some reasons people don’t want to visit it again.

We will now look into the disadvantages of moving to New South Wales.


There are frequent cases of racism in New South Wales. Back in 1972, they had a white immigration policy which is totally absurd. Now, this policy is no longer in effect. But people do face racism, especially Muslims, Indians, Mongolians, and Africans.

80% of the cases filed against racism are either by Muslims or dark-skinned people. They are constantly trashed out, harassed in the public as well in the workplace.


New South Wales is one of the most expensive states in Australia, its capital Sydney is the most expensive city in the world. One week’s stay in Sydney would cost you around AUS$1,288. Most tourists are gathered around here because of the harbors, beaches and the world-famous Opera house.


Sydney, the capital city of New South Wales is densely populated. The population here is rapidly growing annually. With the fastest-growing population, it becomes hard to provide resources for all. The population of New South Wales is neutral if doesn’t control can lead to overpopulation.


Though New South Wales is the safest state in the world, there are everyday cases related to burglary, pickpockets, force entry with every hundred miles traveled. The capital city, Sydney has the highest crime rate in Australia.

New South Wales is a beautiful state to live in with alluring shops and restaurants. With its diversified nature, New South Wales attracts tourists from all over the world. The astounding view of different landscapes is really worth your travel.

Though it is expensive and the climate of the state is changing due to global warming. For beach lovers, this place is just for you.The picturesque and enchanting beauty of New South Wales will take your breath away. 

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