24+ Pros And Cons Of Living In New York (Explained)

Located in the northeastern part of the United States, it is one of the thirteen colonies that made up the nation.

According to the density of population, it holds the 4th position. Almost two-thirds of the state’s population resides in New York City, a global city and home to the United Nations Headquarters.

The state is surrounded by new Jersey and Pennsylvania in the south; Connecticut, Vermont, and Massachusetts in the east. The southern part consists of numerous islands. The state also shares international boundaries with Quebec and Ontario. Its unique geographical location has made a juxtaposition of both mountains and seas.

Benefits of living in New York                           Drawbacks of living in New York
Rich center for culture, art, and entertainmentHigh tax burden
Overall low crime rateHigh cost of living
Enjoyable weather conditionsOverall low healthcare facilities
Satisfactory community lifeExpensive housing costs
Booming job marketCongested traffic
Mesmerizing nature galoreHarsh winter months

Advantages of living in New York

Rich centre for culture, art and entertainment

For art, culture, and entertainment lovers, New York state is the destination. The state provides ample opportunities for experiencing dance, drama, theatre, music. Art can be explored in multiple ways in New York state. The history of the state is made up of a conglomeration of several immigrant cultures. 

Is New York Rich in Culture Art and Entertainment

Overall low crime rate

According to FBI reports, the overall crime rate of New York city is lower than the national average. The rate is significantly low in the case of property crimes. Although the violent crime rates are high here, still the cases of murder and rape are lower than the national average. Many of the safest cities in the country are located in this state.

Enjoyable weather conditions

For people who love to experience the flavor of every season distinctly, New York state is ideal for them. The state is composed of the maximum number of skiing zones in the entire nation.

Satisfactory community life

The residents of the New York state enjoy satisfactory community life on the whole. Community life is more enriched and satisfying than in any other state of the US. 

Booming job market

With so many developed and fast-developing facilities, it’s no wonder that the job market is booming in New New York state. There are plenty of job opportunities available here.

The most thriving job prospects in the state include software developers, nursing, accounts manager, sales representative, accountant, data analysts, marketing assistant, financial analysts, web developer, writers, and physical therapist to name a few. Some of the highest-paid jobs are architect, attorney, pharmacist, tax manager, and mobile developer.

Does New York City Offer Booming Job Market

Mesmerizing nature galore

The state offers numerous natural spectacles to admire at. It rejuvenates the tired mind by supplying various scenic beauties and fresh air to breathe in.

it acts as a peaceful refuge and haven for the tired upstate New Yorkers. There are several site-seeing places too for enjoying the beauty to the maximum.

Disadvantages of living in New York

High tax burden

The overall tax burden for the residents of the New York state is higher when compared to the other states of the US. It collects the maximum amount of taxes from the research-based institutions and other areas too.

The tax rate of New York is progressive. It is a source of major concern for all those who are planning to move into the state for settlement.

High cost of living

New York state has gained the 2nd position among America’s top 10 most expensive places to live in. The cost of all the goods and services, groceries, utilities, and transportation are higher here than in the other states of the US. The cost of the healthcare facilities is comparatively lower here. 

Is the Cost of Living High in New York

Overall low healthcare facilities

Although cheaper, the overall healthcare facilities are below the average when compared to the other states of the US. Despite high taxes, the healthcare facilities are below satisfactory.

The US Health and Human Services Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality confirm the fact. There are various types of hospitals and healthcare opportunities available in different ranges and scales. This was just an overall assessment.

Expensive housing costs

Finding a decent place to live in New York state might cost a fortune. The housing costs, as well as the rental costs, are very high in the state. The average median house rent here amounts to $3,300 pm.

But there are certain areas where the housing rate is closer to the national average than the rate of the major metropolitan areas. Albany, Rochester, and Buffalo are some of such places where the housing is comparatively cheap.

Congested traffic

Being one of the major tourist attractions of the country, the tourist influx remains high throughout the year, especially during the festivals. This creates a lot of pressure on the traffic conditions making it frequently congested.

The commuting times at times become terrible because of heavy traffic jams. This issue has troubled the residents of the state for a long.

Harsh winter months

Except for the snow-lovers, the winter months of the New York state is very harsh and irritating too. The flavors of all the seasons are very distinctively felt by the New York residents. Therefore, winter is no exception.

The winter months to come with all its characteristic features of extreme dreariness which can create a sense of dissatisfaction for many. But winter sports lovers find this alluring. 

Does Weather Especially Winters Are Harsh in New York

All the American states continuously experience losses and gains in population because of migration. Here, among every 10 local residents, 1 is an immigrant. Such a huge influx of people creates a strong workforce. Every single place has its own advantages and disadvantages. New York is also no exception to this rule.

It is currently the 4th most populated state in the country. All these pros and cons combinedly provide the place with its uniqueness. Before moving in, all the aspects should be carefully considered for the best interest of all the connected parties.

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