26+ Pros and Cons of Living In North Carolina (Explained)

Located in the southeastern region of the US, North Carolina is the 9the most populous and 28th largest state among all the 50 states of the country. The bordering states include Virginia in the north: South Carolina and Georgia to the south; the Atlantic Ocean in the east; Tenessee to the west.

The capital city of the state is Raleigh and the largest city is Charlotte. After New York City, North Carolina holds the record of being the largest banking sector of the nation. It is also the home for the biggest research park in the country.

Advantages of living in North CarolinaDisadvantages of living in North Carolina
Satisfactory weather conditionsHigh overall crime rate
High-quality healthcare facilitiesThe high overall tax burden
Lower cost of livingStudents have below-average test scores
A lot of scope for enjoying various outdoor activitiesSlightly lower well-being of the residents
Warm and welcoming hospitalityVery hot and humid summers
A slightly slower lifestyleCity and state governments do not share a good rapport
Exorbitant food and beverage
Quality educational opportunities

Advantages of living in North Carolina

Satisfactory weather conditions

As per the reports of the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the temperate sunny days of North Carolina are highly enjoyable.

The percentage of humidity is quite low here making it pretty comfortable. It is ideal for enjoying the scenic beaches or mountains, both.

High-quality healthcare facilities

The healthcare facilities on North Carolina is of much better quality than most other states of the country. The report on Research and Healthcare Quality by US Health and Human Services Agency confirms the fact.

Lower cost of living

When compared to most of the other states of the country, the cost of living is much more reasonable in North Carolina. The Missouri Economic Research and Information Centre confirms the fact.

Because of this, the general cost of food, groceries, transportation, utilities, housing, other services is all below the national average. Although the healthcare facilities are costlier than the national average, the quality is far better here.

 Lot of scope for enjoying various outdoor activities

The residents and tourists of North Carolina can enjoy multiple scopes of several types of outdoor activities. The time spent at the Great smoky Mountains can never be a waste, be it in summer or comparatively cooler winter.

The coastal communities are a great way of exploring outdoor life. It is also the home of the U.S. National Whitewater Center and Lake Norman.

Warm and welcoming hospitality

The general tone of the state of North Carolina is very warm and welcoming. Most of the families are eager to lend a helping hand to the needy. They are generally very helpful and generous and do not think twice before helping out some stranger in most cases.

A slightly slower lifestyle

Unlike most of the metropolitan areas of the US, the lifestyle at North Carolina is a bit slow. This is mostly felt in the lower town centers and suburbs. The principal characteristics of Southern hospitality and a slower approach to life can be well-understood here.

Exorbitant food and beverage

The varieties of food and beverage choices available in North Carolina need a special mention. It is the home for some of the most famous restaurants and food joints of the country. Currently, over 170 breweries are functioning in the state. 

Quality educational opportunities

North Carolina is the home of some of the best educational institutes of the country. some of the most famous universities located in this state include the University of North Carolina, Duke University, Elon University, to name a few. 

Disadvantages of living in North Carolina

High overall crime rate

As per the reports of the FBI, the overall crime rate in North Carolina is higher than the national average. Some places of the state are more prone to criminal activities than others. Thorough research is required before settling here to avoid complications.

High overall tax burden

According to the Tax Foundation reports, the overall tax burden of the residents of North Carolina is higher than most of the other states of the US.

The personal income tax percentage of the state is 5.75% while the base rate of the state’s sales tax is 4.75%. But each county of this state adds 2-2.25% more above the base rate.

Students have below-average test scores

When compared to the other states of the US, the students of North Carolina score slightly lower than them. According to the reports of National Canter for Education and Statistics, the teacher-student ratio is also lower than most of the states of the nation. 

Slightly lower well-being of the residents

The community life of the residents of North Carolina is slightly lower than the satisfactory level. According to the annual Gallup poll, the residents of the state have given poor ratings in this respect. There are scopes for improvements in this sector.

Very hot and humid summers

The summer season of the state can be excruciatingly hot and humid depending upon the location. Moreover, North Carolina is also prone to hurricane damages especially in the coastal regions because of its geographical location. 

City and state governments do not share a good rapport

One of the most highlighting factors of North Carolina is that the city and state governments rarely get along well together. This gives rise to certain political controversies thereby disrupting the general life of the public.

All the American states continuously experience losses and gains in population because of migration. Every single place has its own advantages and disadvantages. North Carolina is also no exception to this rule.

All these pros and cons combinedly provide the place with its uniqueness. Before moving in, all the aspects should be carefully considered for the best interest of all the connected parties.

Personal evaluation is best in this respect for the best judgment. One factor which might suit one person or family might be a cause of concern for some other. Therefore, the interested parties should evaluate all the pros and cons for themselves.

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