25+ Pros And Cons Of Living In North Dakota (Explained)

Situated in the northern and mid-western regions of the United States, North Dakota holds the 19th position in terms of largest area and 4th position in terms of the most sparsely populated state of the country.

The capital of North Dakota is Bismarck while the largest city is Fargo. North Dakota is also known as Peace Garden State, Roughrider State as well as Flickertail State. In the current era, the natural resources of the state have played a significant role in economic development. The most significant project in this respect includes oil extraction from the Bakken formation.

Benefits of living in North Dakota Drawbacks of living in North Dakota
Low unemploymentHousing shortages
Economic opportunityHarsh weather conditions
Non-urban approachSmall populations
Plenty of open spacesLow range of diversity
Reasonable cost of living
Relatively inexpensive housing
Satisfactory road and traffic conditions
Plenty of food and beverage options
High-quality educational opportunities

Advantages of living in North Dakota

Low unemployment

The unemployment rate of North Dakota is quite low. It is lower than half of the national average. It is one of the very few states of the nation which was being least affected by the recession of 2008. The government surplus is quite big in North Dakota.

There are great opportunities for risk-takers. Some of the highest paid jobs of the state include that of the dentist, surgeon, anesthesiologist, psychiatrist, petroleum engineer, and CEO,

Economic opportunity

The conditions of the economic opportunities of North Dakota is quite good. There are plenty of jobs available in this state along with a few adjoining states. Since 1990, the rate of unemployment has not touched the margin of 5% even.

Some of the most thriving indi=ustriesof the state include in professions like software developer, registered nurse practitioner, loan officer, home health aid, EMT, medical records clerk, medical director.

Non-urban approach

Except for the capital city and a few others, most of North Dakota has a non-urban approach. The urban lifestyle lovers might be disappointed by such a slow-paced lifestyle of the state. But it is ideal for raising a family. The crime rate is also lower than most of the other states of the US.

North Dakota Has A Low Rate Of Unemployment

Plenty of open spaces

Because of such a rural approach, North Dakota has plenty of open spaces throughout the state. It is ideal for the nature-lovers to take a stroll amidst nature. The air is fresh and pure with low pollution.

Reasonable cost of living

The cost of living in North Dakota is quite reasonable and easily affordable. The cost of transportation, utilities, goods and services are available at a cheaper rate than most of the other states of the US.

Relatively inexpensive housing

when compared to most of the other states of the country, the cost of housing in North Dakota is quite low, the rental charges are also reasonable. This is one of the chief factors of North Dakota being high on the list of relocation.

Satisfactory road and traffic conditions

Because of the non-urban approach of the state, the road and traffic conditions of North Dakota are quite favorable. There is practically no issue with traffic jams and the flow of transport is smooth.

Plenty of food and beverage options

North Dakota is an attractive refuge for the food-lovers. There is plenty of attractive food and beverage options available here. North Dakota is the home for multiple high-class breweries functioning currently. It is also an important revenue-earning factor of the state.

High-quality educational opportunities

North Dakota is the home of North Dakota State University, one of the leading agricultural universities in the country. The University of North Dakota is a leading flight school. Plenty of small state schools are situated across the state and the cost of education is quite affordable.


Disadvantages of living in North Dakota

Housing shortages

Despite low population and affordable cost of living and housing, there are shortages of housing in certain cities of the state fo North Dakota. Because of enriched economic resources and satisfactory job opportunities, the influx of immigrants and relocators are quite high here, compared to that the percentage of living options are slightly low in some places of the state.

Harsh weather conditions

North Dakota experiences some of the harshest weather conditions in the country. The dreary winter months are very long and painfully harsh. It can be loved by the snow-lovers but for most people, it is very uncomfortable and painful at the same time, especially for older persons and babies.

Small populations

The population of North Dakota is low. This prevents it from the optimum utilization of the resources of the state. But the locals are very helpful, friendly and love their residing state of sprawling nature and rugged land. They like to enjoy quality over quantity. Such sparseness may be a negative factor for hardcore city-life lovers.

North Dakota Has A Very Small Population

Low range of diversity

The state of North Dakota does not have many cultural and recreational diversities. Here, people are more focused on work than the diversions like entertainment, music, opera, theatre when compared to many other states of the country.

Work is the only motivation to keep the residents of this state going during the harsh and dreary winter months. For most of the North Dakotans, food is a source of enjoyment. Therefore, the culinary industry is well-developed here. Not much diversity can be observed in any other sector.

All the American states continuously experience losses and gains in population because of migration. Every single place has its own advantages and disadvantages. North Dakota is also no exception to this rule. 

All these pros and cons combinedly provide the place with its uniqueness. Before moving in, all the aspects should be carefully considered for the best interest of all the connected parties. Any factor which may suit one family or person might become a cause of concern for some other.

Therefore, it is best to judge and consider all the aspects beforehand to avoid any future complications.

North Dakota Experiences Harsh Weather Conditions

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