16+ Pros and Cons of Living In Northern Ireland (You Must Know)

With every new experience, there is a sense of euphoria when you first arrive in a foreign place, and you are in awe of the changes you see and hear. You are excited, inspired, and enriched. You still feel connected to anything familiar back home during this time.

Furthermore, you can make up your mind whether you are going to live in Northern Ireland or not by understanding the pros and cons of living in Northern Ireland.

Benefits of Living in Northern IrelandDrawbacks of living in Northern Ireland
Good EducationLess well-paid jobs
Proper Welfare SystemPolitically unstable
Health care systems better than most nations.Religious divide leads to violence
Fresh environment and greeneryBad weather conditions
Easy commute Weak economy
Low crime rate         

Advantages of living in Northern Ireland:

Good Education

The education in this European nation is of premium standards. The education system is incredibly organized, practical, and of high standards. Every year, many students from abroad come here to study at the premier institutes the nation offers to them.

Proper Welfare System

Northern Ireland residents enjoy certain benefits and entitlements. They receive payments for care or bereavements like disability living allowance, personal independent payments, and carer’s allowances.

They also receive allowances to pay off bills including transport concessions, loan pensioner allowance, and support for mortgage interest.

Better healthcare facilities

Everyone is eligible for free NHS prescriptions in Northern Ireland, but one may be entitled to be helped with other health costs too. Attendance allowance is also provided to assist who need extra help to remain independent reception due to an illness or disability.

Fresh environment and greenery

One of the most effective and fewer belongings you get today is fresh air. Each time you get off your plane and enter the state, you will be able to breathe some fresh air and smell that North Irish tone. The European country is stuffed with trees and greenery, which helps to be close to nature. 

This is often something, which many elderly people explore because they will spend some peaceful time and breathe some fresh air.

The European nation is additionally an aesthetically pleasing place to remain in due to its natural beauty. The country is small and has lower emissions than the South and many other nations

Easy Commute

The commute within the North is extremely easy because it takes two trains to succeed in an area on a median within minutes. Commute here is affordable and allowances are given to those who cannot afford that too.

Thousands of individuals commute daily for work and other purposes. Hence, people tend to settle on the general public transport to figure and other places.

Low crime rate

Violent crimes are very rare. Cities like Belfast, Lisburn, and Londonderry are the low rate crime cities within the state. The European country is among other nations to possess one of the bottom homicide rates.  While there are repeated attempts at murder linked to terrorism, none succeeds. 

With the landmark signing of the Good Friday Agreement, most of the main militant organizations have either decommissioned or ceased armed activities, including the Provisional Irish Republican Army, the Ulster Volunteer Force, the Loyalist Volunteer Force, the Ulster Defence Association, the Irish National Liberation Army and other smaller groups. Minor thefts are a number of the fewer crimes, which take place within the state.

Disadvantages of living in Northern Ireland:

Less well-paid jobs

People here have a far less paid job. A majority of them receive a very limited sum of money per day. There are fewer jobs here. Highly paying positions are barely made available. Doctors are the ones that earn a well-paying salary.

There are only a few positions left in the public sector where your Social Security will be taken care of. Private sector jobs need more effort and less payment.

Politically Unstable

The conflict is primarily political and nationalistic fuelled by historic events. Ever since the north has suffered a tense political climate. The Unionists and Nationalists are the two parties, which remain in conflict and disagreement resulting in damage to the public welfare system and a failed peaceful political environment.

The Brexit and therefore the separation of the North and South had led to severe political drama and unrest. Which is why many folks left the North due to a constitutional conflict.

Religious divide resulting in violence

Rioters have been using the streets to evangelize racism and non-secular violence. More than 400 people are engaged in confrontation every day with people of various faiths or ethnic backgrounds. Northern Ireland also has a religious or sectary aspect, but despite the presence of Catholics and Protestants, there is still a theological controversy. 

These conflicts further resulted in excessive military presence, which predominantly affected children and young adults.

There was also the terror that local paramilitaries inculcated in their respective communities in penalty beatings, tarring, and feathering given to the people for various alleged infractions.

Bad atmospheric condition

The weather is gray and nearly windy every day with an average wind speed of 60 mph. Most of the days, blustery storms often bear gusty winds. The environment is dull, damp, and humid, which is why agriculture is not widespread and popular.

People have trouble getting out for a walk because of the climate. It is one of the wettest countries in the world because of its rainy and cloudy weather almost all-round the year.

Weak Economy

Rural areas are deprived. It suffers from the highest per centum and poverty rates. Infrastructure is substandard and has hampered economic development. The economy is sluggish and remains a concern always.

The low investment in physical and human capital has led to such a weak structure after the recession and downfall of the market. That is why it remains a giant concern for the residents as well.

With a growing amount of uncertainty in the North, positive aspects can encourage anyone who is looking forward to settling in the North to be more hopeful.

Finally, it is completely up to one’s decision to come to grips with the challenges, relax, and relive with the major hands. In addition, some are happy everywhere they go; some are happier whenever they go.

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