25 Pros and Cons of Living In Nottinghamshire (You Must Know)

Nottinghamshire is an English non-metropolitan county in the East Midlands region of England. It is notably famous for lace-making, bicycle, and tobacco industries. Also, this land is accredited as a ‘Purple Flag’ city which means one of the safest places for the nighttime outing for people. 

If you’re planning to move to Nottinghamshire, you should check out the below-mentioned benefits and drawbacks so that you can adjust your things accordingly. 

Benefits of Living in NottinghamshireDrawbacks of Living in Nottinghamshire
1. People are friendly in nature. 1. Language barriers  must be there
2. The safest place to travel.2. Being careful about night outs is suggested. 
3. Easy public transport facility.3. Most streets don’t provide access to cars
4. It produces skilled talent.4. Trams can be dangerous 
5. Excellent job opportunities.
6. Cheap cost of living. 
7. It provides you a culturally rich lifestyle.
8. It serves higher salaries.
9. Weather conditions are normal. 
10. Great education system. 
11. It’s known for tasty food & drinks. 
12. A good place to do shopping.

Advantages of Living in Nottinghamshire

People are friendly in nature

As per one official report, 98 percent of Nottingham residents are of friendly nature with their neighbors. You might get difficulties while doing interactions initially after moving there. Later, everything will be settled at the good notes due to the warm nature of its residents. 

The safest place to travel 

The crime rates of Nottingham are very low. The most common forms of crimes are car theft and break-ins. With the little cautions, it can be avoided. 

Easy public transport facility 

It has easy connectivity to both the motorway and rail network. An award-winning tram system helps people to reach their workplace in an easy manner. Apart from public transport like bus, tram, electric car, you can ride your own bike or car if you have. 

It produces skilled talent

Top universities like Nottingham Trent University produce highly skilled talent approx. 60,000 a year can help industries to touch the standard growth in their business. Therefore, it is a good place to invest where you can hire skilled people. 

Excellent job opportunities

Nottingham is a place of innovators and brought the industrial revolution by many breakthrough discoveries such as the MRI Scanner, Ibuprofen, HP Sauce, etc. Thus, It’s a kick start of anyone’s career if they decide to be part of this city for work purposes.  

Cheap cost of living 

The property prices are quite lower than the other parts of the UK. One can live the standard quality of life at a fraction of the cost you would pay in London. Rental charges are also recorded as on average, 77.89%  which are lower than in New York.

Thus, It’s good for those who’re moving to this city or those who just want to spend some days here for a change. 

It provides you a culturally rich lifestyle

This city can be the best place for those who prefer a cultural lifestyle. From Robin Hood’s famous Sherwood forest to plenty of festivals and activities, this land always ready to fill your heart with their cultural richness throughout the year. 

It serves higher salaries 

The employees and workers of Nottingham get competitive salaries more than the UK average. Thus, It is a great thing for the employees. People actually live for work, not work for a living. 

Weather conditions are normal 

Nottinghamshire is adjustable. It can be visited throughout the year. July is the hottest month of the year whereas January is the coldest month of the winter. Rainfall is average throughout the whole year. 

Great education system 

Nottingham is known for its outstanding schools as well as two popular universities-University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent University. This city offers buses between campus and the city center free of cost. 

It’s the best living place for families

Nottingham has considered as the 6th best city in the UK for families. Along with great education systems, there are plenty of parks, public transport and easy access to the countryside.

It’s known for tasty food & drinks 

Nottingham is overwhelmed with great restaurants, bars, and clubs. Stilton cheese, pork pies, and Bramley apples are some of the top renowned foods of this city. You don’t need to go far in search of your favorite food. 

Good mobile connectivity

Nottingham is considered as at god notes when we come to its mobile phone connectivity. 99% of the region is getting proper mobile signals around the city. The average broadband speeds in Nottingham are very good as well. 

A good place to do shopping 

Nottinghamshire comes at the third rank to do shopping after London and Birmingham. Victoria Centre is located in the northern part of the city center. People can easily access this place through public transport. You’ll get for all your favorite high street brands there. 

Disadvantages of Living in Nottinghamshire

Language barriers  must be there

The official language of Nottingham is British English. Nottingham has its own dialect-Midlands. Due to the accent, you might face difficulties while doing conversation with them. 

Being careful about night outs is suggested

Although, it is safe some gun crimes are there. You should avoid Ann’s and Meadows areas at night. These places are known for most violent gangs.

Most streets don’t provide access to cars

Walking can be a good option in Nottinghamshire. Most of the streets are pedestrianized. There is a ‘one-way’ system to get around the city. 

Trams can be dangerous 

You need extra cautious while crossing the roads in the town center. Most of the time, you will find trams and cars everywhere on the road. There are no fences to protect pedestrians from the tramlines.

There are pros and cons to every place when we shift from other places. Whether you choose to move into the best city or worst, the quality of life highly depends upon the mindset of the people. 

If you’ve enough financial sources to give some to adjust in the new place then you can adjust anywhere. All in all, Nottinghamshire is a great place to raise a family as we already mentioned. 

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