26+ Pros and Cons of Living In Ohio (Explained)

The state that has fostered the likes of the first man on the moon Neil Armstrong or that of the men bestowing us with the gift of the airplanes the Wright Brothers is famously known as “The Buckeye State”.

Ohio derived its nickname due to the ubiquity of the many Buckeye trees within the state’s borders. 

The state of Ohio has seen phenomenal industrial growth thanks to the stupendous edge it receives due to its astounding geographical statistics. The native land to multiple US presidents and baseball teams, Ohio is the birthplace of the very delectable American hotdogs! 

The Benefits of Living in OhioThe Drawbacks of living in Ohio
An economical staySeverely harsh seasons
Educational predominanceA penchant for the homicide
Tax aid for the elderlyA swing state
A stroller’s paradiseOffensive sports fanatics

Advantages of living in Ohio

An economical stay-

As compared to the other places of the United States, Ohio offers a much lower cost of living for its inhabitants. It is affordable in terms of daily livelihood is concerned and most importantly the educational expenses are mostly state-sponsored for most of its dwellers.

The residents are naturally averse to violence and provide an impression of peace and serenity. Health care and accommodation are available at nominal rates and even the grocery is quite affordable.

In the annual rankings of America’s cheapest states, Ohio has been ranked 9th by CNBC, which is quite commendable looking into the vast population of the region.

Educational predominance

The state provides a plethora of benefits to its students. It provides access to a number of educational facilities to propagate all kinds of academic and professional pursuits. The benefit covers the instructional fee portion of tuition and is pro-rated if the employee is part-time.

For the competent aspirant, the nonresidency fee is also waived. Moreover, for international students as well Ohio is a preferred destination for pursuing their higher educational dreams as the state provides a much lower cost of living as compared to the other states of the country

Tax aid for the elderly

One of the most important reasons for living in Ohio is definitely the oodles of benefits it provides to its senior citizens.

It is of great comfort to get retired in a place where they give you enormous tax benefits and make your old age quite blissful! Ohio is a tax-friendly state for retirees.

It is without any doubt that the state earns revenues from the pension or the retirement accounts, but there are many credit facilities available. In addition to this, Social Security retirement benefits are totally exempt from state income taxes.

A stroller’s paradise

The state of Ohio can be the walker’s delight depending on where you are residing. The cities provide ample walking space to the dwellers and help in maintaining the health and fitness quotient of the residents.

The senior citizens are able to maintain an active lifestyle and traverse around the areas without the help of automobiles.

The roads are well maintained with properly designed pavements making the places a stroller’s paradise.

The most walkable city in Ohio is Lakewood, followed by Norwood, Cleveland, Athens, and Cincinnati. The cities are some of the best swaggers exhibiting walk scores at 50 or even higher.

Disadvantages of living in Ohio

The severely harsh seasons

Ohio is considered to be one of the most affected states that remain at the continuous receiving end of an onslaught of relentless bad weather conditions throughout the year.

The local people have to bear the brunt of extreme climate conditions in all the seasons here. The summers are extremely hot and humid with heavy torrential rainfall and storms.

The winters on the other hand are brutally cold with an incessant amount of snowfall and terrible blizzards. And the occurrence of tornadoes has become a regular experience for the residents here.

A penchant for the Homicide 

We already know by now that Ohio is the birthplace of many things nice and famous. But it is also very sad but true that the state is known to be the native land for many of the infamous serial killers with the likes of the Cincinnati Stranglers, Thomas Dillon, Anthony Sowell among many others.

Hence, it is imperative to hone your self-defense skills and to think things through before making a decision to move to the place.

The Swing State

Ohio is known as the “battleground” state or the “swing” state. The place has earned this adjective owing to the fact that the state can swing both ways either towards the Democrats or the Republics in an election.

Ohio is a region that gets immensely affected by the political parties with the advent of every impending electoral campaign.

The state is crowded with promotional ads and reeks of major political disparity around every time there is an election.

The locals do not appreciate the visits of the political candidates and their futile buttering the people up to coax them in winning their votes.

But the pseudo promises as made by these candidates mostly go into vain and their futile efforts are never considered by the residents as they know for sure that once the results are declared, all the promised words will be nullified.

Offensive Sports Fanatics

Yes with the utter disdain it is accepted that the Ohio sports fans can be obnoxious to a very pitiful extent and hence more than fans they can be termed fanatics.

They are overtly rowdy and downright dangerous and it can be said without a doubt that watching a match alongside people who are apt at getting into a deadly brawl at the drop of a hat, is anything but safe. 

The Ending Note

The diversity of the country is widespread either geographically or from a demographic perspective.

The states are characterized by their own finesse and people all over the world are flocking to the big cities as they are offering them a gamut of opportunities like proper health care, good education, and amenities like departmental stores, cinemas, etc.

Ohio is considered one of the most liveable places irrespective of the exhibited cons. It is home to some of the most panoramic landscapes, an opulence of history, beautiful cities, and a high level of affordability unlike the other states of the US.

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