25+ Pros And Cons Of Living In Oklahoma (Explained)

Located in the south-central region of the United States, the state of Oklahoma is bordered by Texas on the west and south; Kansas in the northern part; Missouri in the northeast; Arkansas in the east; New Mexico in the western part, and Colorado in the northwest.

In terms of extension, Oklahoma holds the 20th position and is the 28th most populous state among the 50 states of the country.

Oklahoma City is the capital city of this state and is also the largest city in the state. T is the home for prairies, age-old mountain ranges, forests, and mesas. All these regions are noted for extreme weather conditions.

Benefits of living in OklahomaDrawbacks of living in Oklahoma
Affordable cost of livingDestructive weather conditions
Rapid earnings growthBiggest small town in the world
Affordable housing marketExcessive cultural independence leads to isolation
Great access to international educational infrastructureHigh levels of fundamentalism
Several cultural opportunities are availableLacks proper infrastructure funding
Good for retirement purposesFood tax is prevalent
Travelling is simplePolitically not diverse
Provisions for decent earning

Advantages of living in Oklahoma    

Affordable cost of living

When compared to most of the other states of the United States, the cost of living in Oklahoma is far more affordable. It is also one of the best places with thriving business opportunities. On a scale of 100, the cost of living score in this state is 91.5%. it ranks as one of the best places in the country for living and working.

Rapid earnings growth

Oklahoma has experienced rapid growth in earnings since the recession of 2010. The job market has remained strong throughout since then, especially in the capital city. The presence of the Tinker Air Force Base is a contributing factor for such success.

Affordable housing market

The affordable housing market is one of the most dominant factors for the overall success of Oklahoma. As per the records of 2018, the median housing price was $148,000 which is almost half of the national average. 

Great access to international educational infrastructure

Studded with over 120 primary and secondary schools across the state, the overall educational infrastructure of Oklahoma is quite satisfactory. The best districts in this respect include Piedmont, Bethany, Oakdale and Robin Hill.

The famous educational institutions of the state include Oklahoma City University, the University of Oklahoma along with the local community college.

Several cultural opportunities available

Oklahoma is a place with varied cultural ethnicities. There are plenty of things to do here. The Western Heritage Museum and The National Cowboy stand as examples of the enriched culture. Moreover, the Botanical Garden and the Oklahoma City Zoo are also must-visit places.

Good for retirement purposes

Oklahoma is a great place to settle for the veterans after their retirement. The healthy relation with the Armed Forces, ample availability of good quality healthcare facilities, affordable cost of living, low crime rate all these factors combinedly contribute to rank Oklahoma high in the list of preferable states for the veterans.

Travelling is simple

The transport and conveyance facilities in Oklahoma work quicker when compared to most of the other states of the country. therefore, traveling is very easy here irrespective of the distance between the residing place to the destination.

Provisions for decent earning

As per the report of 2017, the median household income in Oklahoma was $56,000 pa. although it is lower than the national average, still the lower cost of living of the state allows the residents to enjoy a better lifestyle without spending much.

Disadvantages of living in Oklahoma

Destructive weather conditions

All four seasons can be distinctly felt in Oklahoma. Therefore it causes to experience some of the harshest weather conditions. The dreary winter months also experience sleet, hail and snowstorms. During April and May, developing thunderheads could be witnessed.

Biggest small town in the world

Although the job market is thriving in the entire state, still there is a feeling that it is a small town. Apart from the capital city of Oklahoma, there isn’t any other big city located nearby. Moreover, while exploring the state, one can easily discover that many of the places in the state lack various amenities.

Excessive cultural independence leads to isolation

Oklahoma is home to one of the largest Native American populations in the United States. Moreover, the history of the state is one of several tragedies including the one of the Oklahoma City bombing.

There still exist people who are engrossed in the rage of such historical events. Therefore, suicide, drugs, alcohol are certain issues that the current generation faces here.

High levels of fundamentalism

Christianity is the most popular faith that is practiced here and fundamentalism is the popular medium for embracing the faith. Such high levels of fundamentalism lead to occasional disruptions leading to temporary unrest.

Lacks proper infrastructure funding

The state of Oklahoma lacks the implementation of a properly planned budget. Despite such thriving job prospects and opportunities, the budget issue remains unresolved in certain instances. Therefore, infrastructure problems exist due to this.

Food tax is prevalent

Throughout the state, food tax is prevalent everywhere in Oklahoma. All types of food, drinks and grocery items are taxed at full state and local rates which can be as high as 10% per transaction.

Politically not diverse

Although there are high levels of cultural and ethnic diversity in Oklahoma, the same level of political diversity cannot be observed. This creates a certain level of disbalance within the state.

All the American states continuously experience losses and gains in population because of migration. Here, among every 10 local residents, 1 is an immigrant. Such a huge influx of people creates a strong workforce.

Every single place has its own advantages and disadvantages. Oklahoma is also no exception to this rule. All these pros and cons combinedly provide the place with its uniqueness.

Before moving in, all the aspects should be carefully considered for the best interest of all the connected parties.

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