26+ Pros And Cons Of Living In Oregon (Explained)

The state of Oregon is a mixed bag of some opposite and enticing attributes. Everything about the place reeks of captivating peculiarity and alluring epitomes. As compared to the vastness of the state, the population of the region is quite meager in size.

Portland is considered the dominant choice of half of the entire dwellers prevailing in Oregon. While the history of the place dates back to the attack launched by the Japanese in World War II, the state has managed to revive this unceremonious past and emerge out as one of the most popular states of the US! 

The benefits of living in OregonThe drawbacks of living in Oregon
No sales taxSky-high living costs
The welcoming rainsTraffic that gives a headache
The most panoramic coastlineA haven for a pluviophile, but a nightmare for the others
An emergence force in the green rallyEarthquake-prone

Advantages of living in Oregon

No sales Tax

Oregon is one of the five states in the country that offers no sales tax. The price you see is the price you pay. From the favorite brand of your shampoo to the most luxurious gadgets, the digits that are printed on the price tag is what the actual you need to pay.

The state follows a policy of placing a higher tax on personal income instead of generating revenue from purchases of the residents. 

The welcoming rains

Yes, it does rain in Oregon but not as much as you reckon. Undoubtedly the Northwest Pacific is filled with abundant rainfall but the state of Oregon is not even in the top 10 of the rainiest states when measured from the viewpoint of the inches.

The dwellers have often found themselves enveloped in the long stretches of the overcast dampness, mainly during the gloomy winters and the onslaught of the spring, but the people here have made a peace with the weather which only adds to the charm of the region.

It gives an added oomph to those sultry summer days when sitting on the porch with your favorite squash makes it all the more alluring!

The most Panoramic Coastline

The 363 miles of a majestic stretch of the Pacific coastline sums up to one of the most breathtaking scenery you will ever encounter!

It creates an epitome of a magical aura with all the sandy beaches, the rugged cliffs, and the lush greeneries in between. From the river Colorado to the southern tip of the California border, everything is covered in ethereal beauty.

An emerging force in the green rally

Oregon is consistently topping the charts of the most environment-friendly states in the country. It boasts to be having one of the lowest carbon footprints in states and encourages more leadership in energy green building per capita than any other region.

Portland has been ranked as one of the greenest cities in the world with the emerging trends of recycling, renewal of energy taking a major shape.

Disadvantages of living in Oregon

Sky high living costs

Affordability is a matter of utmost concern if you are considering relocating to Oregon. Even if you are lucky enough to find yourself a place to stay, expect to shell out a mighty amount to use it.

From Portland to Bend to the coast, the cost of housing is rising on an obnoxious level and its rendering almost impossible for many Oregonians to actually buy a place of residence. Even if you manage to afford an apartment or home, chances are high of finding a suitable one as per your requirements.

Oregon has been ranked at 49th among the top 50 states when considered on the basis of the cost of living with high income and property taxes, workplace safety, and various other factors.

Traffic that gives a headache

Oregon is certainly not a place for you if want to live a serene noiseless life without the hurdles of the glaring honking of the horns. Portland is perturbed with its traffic jams, all thanks to the problematic layout of the bridges you are forced to encounter while traveling around the city. 

With the speed limits ranging on the lower levels on the highways, it becomes very time-consuming and the journey ends up resulting in a long stretched one.

It shall also be relevant to point here that Portland has been ranked as the 10th most congested city in the country and experiences major vehicular collisions all throughout the year.

A haven for a pluviophile, but a nightmare for the others

For those who love rains, Oregon is an ideal place to reside. But for the rest, it can sometimes end up turning into a pathetic torment. Portland receives on average about 35 inches of rain every year. The winter months encounter the highest rainfalls as they receive rain instead of snow in the lower regions.

There are a number of specific issues that need to be addressed if you are a homeowner in Oregon. Proper preventive measures are required to safeguard against Flooding, mole and mildew issues and dry rot in the home. 

Earthquake prone

Most experts agree an earthquake of a humungous statue is going to hit the Pacific Northwest at some point in time. Researchers have been made into the probe of how earthquake-ready the state of Oregon really is and it has come up with some very disturbing results.

The preparedness is far below satisfactory and it was found that when it comes to the many bridges, schools, hospitals, building codes, and energy infrastructure, Oregon lags far behind many quake-prone regions of the country.

The Ending Note

All the major cities of the world are subjected to various aspects where their habitation standards are considered. The pros and cons of any place are majorly dependent on your prerogatives and the choices you prioritize.

Oregon is truly a great state with such richness of a vast expanse of the illustrious natural landscape and rich illumination history. The beautiful cities with incredible amenities offer a high-quality life to their residents and welcome those who wish to relocate here.

Challenges of living here are not uncommon with respect to education, transportation, and weather, but when compared with all the incredulous perks, Oregon definitely stands out.

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