21+ Pros and cons of Living In Oxfordshire (Explained)

Oxfordshire is considered as best county in South East England. It consists of picturesque villages, beautiful landscapes, world-class universities, award-winning restaurants, and many historical places.

In 2019, this place is crowned as the UK’s sixth top place to raise your family. It’s well posher than Didcot or other nearby places like Slough or Swindon. 

But. before moving into a new place for permanent or temporary, it is always a quite good idea to know their positive and negative sides. That’s the reason we have made the list of major benefits and drawbacks which you should consider before your backpack. Let’s check it out: 

Benefits of living in OxfordshireDrawbacks of living in Oxfordshire
1. Best quality place to live for families1. Cost of living is high
2. It provides great job opportunities2. Finding a job is not an easy process
3. It is a super safe place.3. Living alone can be stressful
4. Excellent education system4. Language barriers can be there
5. Free healthcare system5. Be ready to pay tax
6. It serves delicious food to everyone
7. Transfer money with ease
8.  Great transport facility

Advantages of Living in Oxfordshire

Best quality place to live for families

Oxfordshire has lots of options for tourists as well as its residents to spend their free time. There are top food restaurants, movie theatres, fishing villages, seaside resorts, and several shopping centers. One can enjoy fishing, walking, cycling with their loved ones.

Also, there are numerous fests and events that celebrate throughout the year which always keeps you energetic and excited. 

It provides great job opportunities

Many major employers or industries like BMW, Oxford Radcliffe Hospital NHS Trust, University of Oxford prefer to choose the talent from this land.

Also, Oxfordshire is very close to London so it’s is a brilliant place to look for vacancies. Most of the employees hire bilingual experts so if you’re on a job hunt and able to speak two or more languages, it’d be a great chance for you. 

It is a super safe place

It has a very low crime rate. Life is secure as there is less population so there are around  1.15 violent crimes per 100 residents as compared to London. Take some safety precautions like avoid to walk alone at night through parks and in quieter areas.

Excellent education system

Oxfordshire is blessed with a highly successful public and private education structure. It has schools, colleges, education centers, universities, English language schools, and tutorial colleges where world-class skilled staff provides a great education to their students. 

Free healthcare system

If you’re a European Health Insurance Card or you are a UK state pensioner than you will get free medical treatment Oxford hospitals. It also provides free GP appointments, accidents, and emergency treatments. 

It serves delicious food to everyone

Oxfordshire is popularly known for its local food recipes such as Oxford sausages, Frank Cooper’s Marmelade so on. Oli’s Thai, The Oxford Kitchen, Magdalen Arms Oxford are considered as the best restaurant in that place. Don’t forget to try Banbury Cakes that are well-known food of Oxfordshire. 

Transfer money with ease

If you want to send money then first you have to convert it into British pounds. For that purpose, they teamed up with TransferWise which charges very low rates. They charge the fee 8x which is much cheaper than high street banks.

TransferWise is an online international money transfer service that uses the real exchange rate. 

 Great transport facility

Oxfordshire has connected their routes via road, rail, and air networks. Europe is just a train ride away. Roads are connected through taxis, buses, bicycles, and rickshaws. There are regular bus and train services from Oxford to London.  

Disadvantages of Living in Oxfordshire

Cost of living is high

Oxfordshire is far close to London and it has excellent schools, world-class universities, and a great health care system, so it all adds to its cost of living.

Jericho is the most expensive area of Oxfordshire whereas Brize Norton is the cheapest one. But, still, there is no cheap location but property prices are slightly easier if you’ve enough money. 

Finding a job is not an easy process

Most people move here for work. It is not easy to pay the rent if you are jobless. The unemployment rate for Oxford is recorded at 3.7%. How soon you will get a job is all depend upon your efforts. You can go to Oxford Mail, Gumtree, reed.co.uk to find good jobs. 

Living alone can be stressful

Although, there are a lot of things to see like societies, clubs, and parks that suit all ages you should learn to adjust to this new place as soon as possible otherwise it can be very really stressful for you. So, try to attend local events and take part in fairs as well. 

Language barriers can be there

Apart from English, there are many languages being spoken that including French, Portuguese, Spanish, Urdu, Bengali, etc. So, cultural diversity is there. You’d face language issues due to different accents of people. Things will be adjustable if you’d spend some time. 

Be ready to pay tax

It doesn’t matter, you have your own home or have rental property, you are subject to pay the council tax based on the area. It must be based on your area and the property size. Also, if you have decided to buy a flat or house in Oxford, you are also directed to give stamp duty.

So, Oxfordshire has all those families or a single person needs in their life to live a quality lifestyle.  From the world-class education system to the health care system, this land is ready to serve you in the best manner.

If you’re thinking to move with family or a student who has dreamt about living in this posh place, the first ve ready to win challenges along with taking its benefits as well. 

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