Living In Rhode Island: 25 Pros and Cons (You Must Know)

Moving to a completely new place can be both intimidating as well as exhilarating. If you are considering moving to Rhode Island you are in for some of the most beautiful features you shall ever come across, it is a land with a sprawling four hundred miles of Atlantic Ocean coastline.

The place is thriving with a vibrant urban culture with over seventy-six different languages! The place is a cornucopia of some gorgeous natural beauty, varied cultural diversity, and recreational activities of all the kinds you can think of. Let us explore all the possibilities that the place has in store. 

Benefits of living in Rhode IslandDrawbacks of living in Rhode Island
Great educational institutionsHuge cost of living
The green landNot a very strong economy
Beautiful seasonsThe worst drivers
The bonhomie of its peopleSome very weird laws

Advantages of living in Rhode Island

Great educational institutions

The state is known for the high standard of quality education that it provides its residents. They have some of the best schools and colleges in the country. Brown University, one of the original Ivy League schools is located in a large portion of Providence.

One of the most respected culinary art schools in the world is Johnson and Wales. Moreover, the University of Rhode Island and Providence College are known for their academics and sports programs as well. 

The green land

Rhode Island is one of the pioneer states to be inculcating the green energy mechanisms in the country. Many homes and businesses across the state utilize green energy with the use of solar and wind technology.

If you happen to visit the place you won’t be surprised to come across solar panels or several wind turbines as you drive through the highways. The state is also home to the country’s first offshore wind farm. The place has gone green with the complete utilization of wind power and creating energy and jobs in its wake. 

Beautiful seasons

The state experiences some of the most beautiful seasons in the whole country. Sometimes you might encounter all the seasons in the same week. The summers are beautiful with a bright sunny sky and warm temperatures.

The spring is a pleasant affair with warm days and cool nights. Winters are filled with bouts of snow, ice skating, and skiing. And the breathtaking fall showers a canopy of some majestic colors during its time in the state of Rhode Island.

The bonhomie of its people

The Rhode Islanders are known far and wide for their genuine hospitality and warmth. You will hardly come across any place with such a mixed bag of people.

The rich history of the place bears testimony to the fact that it has been accepted for all religions, races, and orientations. The people live here in small units and they are mostly a happy lot. 

Disadvantages of living in Rhode Island

Huge cost of living

According to statistics collected, the overall cost of living in Rhode Island is 19% percent higher than the average of the country.

Though almost across the board the general cost of living here is quite similar to that of the other states, it is the housing expenditure that makes all the difference and renders the place obnoxiously pricey. They have some of the most expensive accommodation facilities found in the entire country. 

Not a very strong economy

One of the major drawbacks that the place has is the absence of a strong economy. The job market looks quite dull as compared to the rest of the states in the country. People cannot live here without jobs and hence they find it difficult to get one they take the option of moving out of the state.

The state is besotted with huge acres of land and people need to look after that with care. This is the reason the state needs to come up with new policies and job avenues so that the Rhode Islanders do not feel the need to move away from their homeland. 

The worst drivers

Time and again researchers have come up with the fact that Rhode Island houses some of the most notorious drivers in the United States. The drivers have been named the worst because of their insane ways of driving.

And there are a number of obstacles that add to the woes of these drivers like the gigantic volume of traffic, the pathetic potholes or just the casualness of the passersby.

Some very weird laws

The state has some of the strangest laws that you might ever come across. You are not supposed to throw pickles on a trolley is a law one should abide by, but the very first thought that would come to the mind is why would anyone waste perfectly good pickle juice in the first place!

Then again you are not allowed to ride your horse on a highway to test its speed; you just have to take the boy to your own property to do so. There are many more crazy laws that are native to this place and you might find it funny to relate to them. 

So here goes for you a nice and comprehensive taste of all the attributes that you are bound to come across if you are finalizing on shifting here. There are a number of reasons which might render the state just the very best for your choice, but one should hurry in taking such pivotal decisions of their lives.

The state surely has its charm in the expansive stretch of its vast land, its rich history, proximity to water and the bountiful of nature’s blessing with all the alluring hues and colors. Hope you have a happy and prospective journey in your quest. 

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