20+ Pros And Cons Of Living In Scotland (Explained)

Scotland is a beautiful country to visit in the world. Whether you’re thinking to move there for a new job or study point of view, it is truly an incredible part of the United Kingdom. It is a warm and safe place for you and your family. 

But, every story has two sides. So, it is always the wisest step to do a little investigation before making the next move. If you’ve decided to shift this place or just thinking to spend some time at Glasgow or any part of Scotland, here check the list of Pros and Cons of living in Scotland. 

Benefits of living in ScotlandDrawbacks of living in Scotland 
1. Weather remains pleasant. 1. You might get irritated with continuous rain.
2. Amazing chances of job opportunities. 2. You might face adjustment issues. 
3. Cheap Public transport. 3. The cost of petrol is very high.
4. It has the best National Health System. 4. Be ready to face long waiting hours.
5. Scotland is full of friendly people. 5. You might feel isolated.
6. A safe place for both travel and living 6. The cost of living is high. 
7. It serves delicious food. 
8. It has real Castles. 
9. It provides free education. 
10. Scotland has beautiful beaches. 
11. It presents history. 

Advantages of living in Scotland

Weather remains pleasant

The weather is not too hot or cold. You might experience the four seasons in a single day. Someday you will notice sunlight, on the other hand, you have to wait long to see the sunshine due to heavy rain. 

Amazing chances of job opportunities. 

Edinburg and Glasgow cities in Scotland have many good job opportunities for workers and foreigners. You can find a good-paying job in hotels, pubs, offices, hostels, etc. They welcome people from different places and countries. 

Cheap Public transport

Scotland is connecting its places and cities with a cheap public transport system through regular buses, trains, and trams. You can easily go for a quick tour around the city without buying a car or heavy transportation charges. 

It has the best National Health System

It has the best National Health System to cater to the medical needs of the people. After paying National Health Immigration Surcharge initially, You can visit doctors, takes consultations, get ambulance rides, and prescriptions at free of cost. 

Scotland is full of friendly people

This land has full of friendly Scottish people. They accept everyone with an open heart. They do not discriminate on the basis of caste or country but ready to help whenever they ask to do that.  

A safe place to both travel and live

It is one of the safest places for traveling and staying purpose. After practicing some minor cautions on the road in the big cities like Edinburgh and Glasgow, you’d not be trapped in any pretty crimes. There’s a very low risk of crime. 

It serves delicious food

Scotland is known for producing great food from seas, lochs, and fields. It is a land of deep-fried food. The restaurants and hotels serve a fantastic selection of vegans and vegetarian food. 

It has real Castles

Apart from Edinburgh Castle, this place real Castles. Some of the names are Culzean Castle, Stirling Castle, Balmoral Castle, Urquhart Castle, etc. 

It provides free education

Scotland serves its students with free education. If you’re born in Scotland or staying here for at least three years, you’re eligible to get free education without paying a tuition fee. Scotland universities are considered as one of the popular universities where students from all over the world visit this place to get an education. 

Scotland has beautiful beaches 

Scotland is the best place for the beach lover. Sanna Bay, Sands Beach, Luskentyre, and Sandwood Bay Beach are the renowned names among the world’s top beaches. 

Scotland is a land of historical buildings

Scotland consists of many historical places that are a thousand years old. Scottish are proud of their culture and history so they don’t tear anything down. Everything is preserved in a beautiful structure. 

Disadvantages of living in Scotland 

You might get irritated with continuous rain

If you’re ready to move to Scotland, you should also be prepared to fight with its rainy climate. Even, rain at its peak during the summertime, specifically on the west coast. Scotland natives have learned to live with the rainy season. If you prefer sunshine, this place is definitely not for you. 

You might face adjustment issues

You will find lots of adjustment issues if you are moving from another country. From understanding the Scottish accent to finding essential items or shops, people have to do struggle to accommodate Scotland. 

Cost of petrol is very high

Due to the high cost of petrol (gas), you would not able to run your own car on the roads of Scotland. This is the reason, people prefer public transport that is quite cheap.

Be ready to face long waiting hours

NHS might become a headache when waiting times via the NHS can belong. And, there’s always a waiting list for every kind of treatment or appointment. 

You might feel isolated

Scotland is a small country. It’s a country of five million people. There are some regions where you can feel remote and isolated. You will be lack at facilities if you choose to stay in the cities where only 100,000 people reside. 

Cost of living is high

The prices of Scotland properties are quite high. You will get tiny places after paying huge money. If you need space at a reasonable price then you have to head up to its northern parts. 

In the end, I’d like to state that whether you’re moving to Scotland or any other place, adjustments are always there.

I’ve presented Scotland’s positive and negative points in the best possible manner. If you’re all set to accept the changes, this amazing place will change you for the better for sure.  

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