26+ Pros And Cons Of Living In South Carolina (Explained)

If you are thinking of retiring in South Carolina without the bites of the extreme winters, you have absolutely made the correct decision.

The state which is acclaimed for its magnificent coastal panorama, incredible hospitality, beautiful charm, and finger-licking culinary attributes full of rich Southern dishes, is one of the best places to live.

“The Palmetto State”, the nickname that the place has derived from the ubiquitous presence of the famous subtropical trees, the Sabal Palmetto, is a state that is extremely rich in its history and there are so many other factors contributing to the wonders of its inhabitants.

Benefits of living in South CarolinaDrawbacks of living in South Carolina
Availability of high-quality health careHigher cost of living
Low tax ratesOverall crime rate is high
Pleasant weather conditionsThe hurricane land
Good hospitality and a relaxed ambianceConstruction issues

Advantages of living in South Carolina

Availability of high-quality healthcare

South Carolina is considered to have one of the best healthcare facilities in the United States as compared to the other places in the country.

There are a number of very high-standard healthcare units throughout the state and it holds a high rank in the national survey which is regularly conducted in the country.

It is an excellent center for the treatment of various critical diseases and possesses a lot of specialties including cardiac surgery, cancer, etc. 

Low tax rates

The people here enjoy the benefit of much lower rates of taxes as compared to the other states. Many of the taxes are exempted here.

Gasoline and property tax rates are extremely low in the state. The state generates its revenues mostly from the income tax and the sales tax depending on the county.

Overall, the tax burden in South Carolina can be said to be much lower than the national average. For the lower tax on the diesel and gases, the overall transportation prices are also found to be cheaper than the other states. 

Pleasant weather conditions

Most of the places in South Carolina experienced what people would call ideal weather. If you are an outdoor person and like the skies with their beautiful clear blue skies instead of the damp rainy ones, this is the place for you.

Most of the summer, the days are covered with a good sunny feel with low humidity.

Though sometimes the summers can be somewhat uncomfortable with more humidity, once that ends the weather turns exceptional.

On the other hand, the place has quite mild winters and even the coldest months are not that brutal and people can enjoy a good stay outdoors as the place is abundant in beautiful attributes of nature.

Good hospitality and a relaxed ambience

You shall experience the bonhomie of the southern hospitality here where mostly the people are nice and friendly.

Sure the place has its own share of both the good and the bad, but mainly the place can be called an amicable region where the locals try and help the new neighbors. 

Moreover, South Carolina is a much more relaxed place than its more northern industrial counterparts. This kind of atmosphere gives the ideal vacation feeling and you can cherish living here with oodles of fun activities with blissful beach life.

Disadvantages of living in South Carolina

Higher cost of living

South Carolina has a higher cost of living than most other states according to a survey conducted by the Missouri Economic Research and Information Centre.

The state levies a huge tax on the personal income and the purchase items and thus the price of goods and services, healthcare, housing and other utilities are higher in the state than the national average. 

Overall crime rate is much higher

According to the FBI reporting, South Carolina stands out in the crime rates scenario in the entire country. If you are thinking of moving to the state with your family, it is imperative for you to know these vital basics.

A thorough checkup should be done as to where you shall start living and the past record of that particular town. The levels of crime may vary from place to place and do a proper background investigation before making the decision. 

The hurricane land

South Carolina has a long coastline and due to its geographical location along the eastern seaboard, the place has to bear the brunt of some deadly hurricanes at least once a year.

The coastal towns are the worst affected and they take the hardest blow with disastrous flooding, agriculture getting majorly destroyed and the lives of the people coming to an abrupt halt for days together. 

Construction issues

With the advent of a huge number of populations to the state, the number of construction works has gone very high which has resulted in creating disruptions to the way of life here.

The locals have been complaining of facing huge difficulties while commuting and also many are suffering from the tremendous noise created by the construction teams in the residential areas where new houses are being made.

This has really made the peaceful loving residents’ lives extremely difficult but this is something that isn’t going to have an ending anytime soon.

If you are considering starting your life afresh in South Carolina you need to have a good balance between quite some pricey factors and the beautiful opportunities that the state has in the offer.

The place is quite a blooming one when it comes to the job scenarios, but settling down with the family along with getting proper accommodation in some locations needs a steady flow of proper income. For nature lovers, the region has an abundance of treasure in store which you can unravel at your own sweet pace!

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