22+ Pros and Cons of Living In Suffolk (Explained)

The word Suffolk means ‘people from the south’. This county has historical origins in England. The county is rich in art and history and is known for its high-quality living and natural beauty. The county has made achievements in sports such as football, cricket, horse racing, and speedway.

Many working people prefer this county for it has low air pollution and has well-connected roads.

The GDP of the county increased by almost 2% or more every year. In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of living in Suffolk which will further help you to decide whether this is a perfect place for you or not. 

Benefits of Living in SuffolkDrawbacks of Living in Suffolk
Quality of Life is High Health System Is Not Good
It Is Technologically AdvancedTransport Issues Can Be There
Career Opportunities Are BetterLocal Stores Sell Low-Quality Commodities
House Prices Are LowAnti-Social Behavior Can Be an Issue
Landscape, Beaches, and Heritage Attract Tourists
Well Connected to Cambridge
Variety of Foods are Available 

Advantages of Living in Suffolk

Quality of Life is High – 

The quality of life is high in this county as compared to the average life expectancy of the UK. This can be a perfect place for employed people as the roads are well connected and very clean with less air pollution and lots of green areas and fields which are used by the people for agricultural purposes which is an important occupation of this county.

The markets are well connected with the towns which are an added advantage of this place.

It Is Technologically Advanced – 

This county is technologically advanced and attracts many employees and students from other countries and is financially and economically affluent.  Many migrate to this county for its high-paying salary and other related provisions. 

Career Opportunities Are Better –   

This county can prove to be a better place for the students as the education system is highly efficient.  Many universities provide scholarships for students who have done excellent in their previous academics. 

They also provide paid internships in summer and winter vacations which helps to improve communication skills and give the students grip on their subject of interest.  The most famous university is the University of Suffolk. 

House Prices Are Low – 

Although the housing prices are high in some areas it is low in most of the areas which are helpful for non-resident employees and students. The rents are also low which attracts more tourists and students from nearby countries.

Most of the old houses are pink in color which was made by the British. There are many cottages and hotels which offer free-of-cost living to citizens of the selected countries if they fulfill some of the prerequisite conditions.

Landscape, Beaches, and Heritage Attract Tourists – 

The foreign policies of this county are appreciated and are one of the best in the UK. The history of the county is very exciting and scenic beauty attracts a huge number of tourists from other countries which helps the county to improve global ratings around the world.

The chestnut color horses which are almost an extinct species can be found in this county in abundance, the history of this species dates back to the 16 century.

Well Connected to Cambridge – 

The county is well connected to Cambridge and import and export between this county and Cambridge is well known. So, one can find all the commodities at a lower price in this county which is available in Cambridge.

Technologies imported from Cambridge enhance the quality of lifestyle and increase job opportunities in this county.

Variety of Foods are Available – 

A variety of foods are available in the market. The restaurants and the pubs have a nice ambiance and they are cost-friendly. These restaurants can be the perfect place to hang out with friends on the weekends. Many of the restaurants offer subsidies for students. The quality of the street foods is good and a must-have for the tourists.

Disadvantages of Living in Suffolk

Health System Is Not Good – 

Studies show that very few people upvote the health system in this county for it lacks standard quality facilities and prompt action from the health department and free of cost health care facilities are not poor.

Many times, ambulances are not available when called and the eight-minute target which is newly introduced by the government is a false concept that is spread by the health department.

Transport Issues Can Be There –   

Although the roads are well-connected, traffic management is poor. The railway facilities are poor and do not work properly. Many projects are still incomplete which is the drawback of this county. The ongoing projects are not evenly spread to connect different parts of the county efficiently.

Local Stores Sell Low-Quality Commodities –   

Although the street foods are a must-have for the tourists, it is recommended to see the reviews and ratings of the mini-stores before buying as they sell low-quality products and make price discrimination which is the drawback of the local stores.

Anti-Social Behaviour Can Be an Issue – 

This county shows gender discrimination between males and females and so there exists a difference in income level for each gender which is the biggest drawback of this county. There are some rituals that are performed on females aging between zero to fifteen, even though it is declared illegal by the government of the county.

Although there are some problems with gender discrimination in this county, it is a great place to give your career a kick start for it is technologically advanced and has excellent career opportunities for students. This county is rich in culture and finance.

It is a perfect place for photographers, nature lovers, and people who are interested in adventures.  Visit the county, explore the heritage and natural beauty of the place.

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