19+ Pros and Cons of Living In Tasmania (Explained)

 Tasmania is the smallest island state of the continent, Oceania. It is known for its beautiful national parks, picturesque beauty, and rich nature. It is located in the south of Australia and is segregated from Victoria by the Bass Strait.

The population of Tasmania is comparatively low and its total area is 64,401 square km. It is famous for its national parks and world heritage sites. It is also the second oldest capital of Australia after Sydney.

The largest privately-owned museum complex in Australia, the Museum of Old and New Art is located in Tasmania. 

There are both benefits and drawbacks of living in Tasmania. 

  Benefits Of Living in TasmaniaDrawbacks  Of Living in Tasmania
Location Laid Back Lifestyle 
Friendly Locals 
Easier to Apply for Permanent Residency

Advantages of Living in Tasmania 

The advantages of living in Tasmania are as follows.


The state of Tasmania is inexpensive compared to other states of Australia. The groceries, tuition fees and basic things for everyday use are low In comparison to Sydney.

One-bedroom apartment would cost you around AUS$1,067 which is way cheaper than it is in Sydney. Sydney would charge around AUS$1,837. We can see a difference here. Tasmania is the most affordable state in the whole of Australia.


Tasmania is a lovely island state located in the south of Australia. Tasmania is a diverse state with beautiful mountains scenic lakes and picturesque national parks.

There are over 19 national parks in Australia. Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National park, Freycinet National park is famous among them. Tasmania is a mountainous island with its highest peak, Mount Ossa (5,305 ft). It is an outstanding touristy state.


Prior to independence, Tasmania was known as Anthoonij Diemenslandt. It was first colonized by the Dutch company. Later, James Cook included the Island state, Tasmania with New South Wales and named it Van Diemeni Land.

In 1855, Van Diemeni Land got segregated from New South Wales and was named Tasmania. Tasmania has a long and interesting history with Aboriginals being the first native tribe of the state.

Friendly Locals 

It is considered as the safest place in Australia. Due to less population, the crime rates are very low. People are very friendly and welcoming. They are very helpful to newcomers. You will feel safest in this state because the locals here are the friendliest than any other state. 


The climate of Tasmania is the finest in Australia. January, February, and March are the ideal months for traveling to this state. In summer, the average temperature is between 17°C to 23°C and the winter temperature ranges from 3°C to 11°C.

The rainfall is more during winters and minimum during summers. December is the wettest and June is the driest month of the year. Overall, Tasmania has the most ideal climate. 


If you want to experience nature and have a peaceful time alone with your family and friends, this is the right place for you. There are beautiful forests and natural wonders in this place. Maria Island, a world heritage site is located here.

The most famous natural attractions of this place are Hastings cave and Thermal spring, St. Columba Waterfall, Seahorse world, Tasmanian Botanical Gardens, and the list goes on. There are a lot of things in Tasmania that will excite any visitor who is coming here for the first time.

Easier to Apply for Permanent Residency 

If you are planning to move into Tasmania for studies or permanently living there, it is actually pretty easy to become a permanent resident there. If you’re a graduate then you can apply for it. 50% of the Tasmanian population comprises people from other countries.


Multiculturalism is dominantly seen in the Australian state, of Tasmania. It is home to about 159 unidentified languages. There is cultural diversity in this state, the population consists of people from over 177 different countries of the world.

Disadvantages of Living in Tasmania 

Being a lively country, there are disadvantages of living in Tasmania. Let’s look at some disadvantages of living here. 


The unemployment rate is getting worst day by day. Tasmania has the highest rate of unemployment in the whole of Australia. The unemployment rate has increased over the last five years.

Due to less population, the state lacks job opportunities for different individuals.  Due to the current pandemic, the unemployment rate has increased to 12% making it hard for most people to find jobs even if they are eligible.

Laid Back Lifestyle 

Tasmania is a laid-back state compared to other states of Australia. It’s an obviously beautiful and wonderful place to live but this state doesn’t have the ability to change and cope with recent developments. The job market is worst here.

It is good to stay for a few days but it will be hard for people who are most used to living in the bustling city life. It becomes tedious to live a monotonous life with the same people and the same environment. 


Tasmania follows a three-tiered system unlike other states of Australia. Students have to stay in school till sixteen years of age. Recent analysis proved that students are lagging behind in terms of education. They are not doing well in subjects like Mathematics and Science.

This state has the lowest ratio of high performance. This must be because of a shortage of qualified teachers, socio-economic conditions of common people, and inability to cope with developments. 

Tasmania is a multicultural state with unique culture and wonderful nature. People are friendly and the housing rate is cheap here. If you’re looking for a nature-friendly state, then you can definitely settle here. But if it’s hard for you to cope with the monotonous lifestyle, then avoid this place. The unemployment rate is worst than all other states of Australia.

It’s the most backward state of Australia. But if you’re used to the countryside then you can settle here. So considering all the challenges, it’s your call whether you want to live here or not. 

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