26+ Pros And Cons Of Moving To Tennessee (Explained)

The state of Tennessee is the go-to state if you are a lover of lush topography, low cost of living, sumptuous southern food, extremely nominal tax burdens, and music. 

There are several significant industries that constitute the backbone of the state’s economy. Agriculture, tourism, manufacturing, and industries all sum up to render a very strong GDP for Tennessee each year.

There are several metropolitan cities with the likes of Nashville and Memphis which give an all-around development for the state. There are some very interesting aspects as well as certain drawbacks that one should explore before moving there.

Benefits of living in TennesseeDrawbacks of living in Tennessee
Low cost of livingGruesome crime rates
Warm weatherDeadly hurricanes
The famous southern delicaciesThe brutal summers
Picturesque landscapeNot very friendly
High on literature quotientNuclear power plants

Advantages of living in Tennessee

Low cost of living

The pocket pinch that you must bear for living in Tennessee is much lesser than the other states of the United States.  It does wonders to your savings as it is the second cheapest state in the country! One of the biggest advantages you will discover while living here is that there is no income tax levied on the people.

Moreover, getting accommodations and renting houses are extremely economical here. Groceries, health, and housing are below the national standards and they all together constitute the low cost of living in the state.

Warm weather

Tennessee is a person’s paradise if he is not a lover of extreme climatic diversities. Winters are mild in nature with the summers being hot and humid. Someone who has an aversion towards the bitter cold can find himself the perfect home in Tennessee. 

Depending on where you are settling whether the east or the west, Tennessee offers its residents four distinct seasons. 

The famous southern delicacies

Tennessee is a food lover’s haven with its mouth-watering southern delicacies. In the last couple of years, the city of Nashville in Tennessee has gained a lot of popularity for its cuisine.

Relocating to the state will definitely increase the delectable food quotient of your diet but on the flip side, that might not be a good factor for your diet.

Comfort food and warm hospitality form a beautiful package offering you some of the best stay experiences ever!

Picturesque landscape

The state is blessed with breathtaking topography. Relocating to Tennessee will offer you the chance of exploring the Great Smoky Mountains National park and will leave you open-mouthed in wonder at the gorgeousness of the Lover’s Leap Waterfall!

It is a place for supreme nirvana for nature lovers giving an avid opportunity to the photographers as the place is filled with a gamut of natural brilliance.

High on literature quotient

Tennessee is a place that is booming with literary content.  This state is not only known for its music, agriculture, and booze but also it is a haven for literature seekers.  It is the birthplace of famous writers and it prides itself in producing some of the well-known poems, plays, and literary works of our times.

Disadvantages of living in Tennessee

Gruesome crime rates

Before shifting to any place, a very important factor that must is considered is looking at the safety statistics. 

Prior to taking the plunge, you must religiously look at the state’s history with the macabre criminal activities that the place is infamous for. The state is filled with a large number of gangs, mostly in the city of Memphis.

It has been rated as the second most dangerous states in the country. Moving here with children will become a matter of utmost concern and one should give a considerable amount of thought before making the choice. 

Deadly Hurricanes

One of the major reasons that constitute the negative aspect of Tennessee is the occurrence of some gruesome tornadoes and hurricanes. The mid-Tennessee is the region that one should completely avoid as these are the regions that are mostly hit by the raging storms. 

The brutal summers

If you are a beach person and would want to have a stroll during the afternoons, then Tennessee is not the place for you. The weather around the months of July and August tends to get extremely hot and humid. 

One must mostly avoid these times of the year if they want to make the move because the average temperature goes above 90 degrees and the humidity makes it feel even worse. To keep one hydrated becomes a challenge for the people here and they need to have a continuous intake of fluids at all times.

Not very friendly

Superficiality is a matter of utter disgrace about the dwellers of Tennessee. There is a certain amount of friendliness in each community that one will encounter at the beginning of their stay here. But eventually, you will discover that behind the facade of camaraderie lies the potent animosity that they inflict on the outsiders.

The people like sticking to their own tribes and hardly accept anyone new with ingenuity.

Nuclear power plants

There are several nuclear power stations that have started operation in the state of Tennessee.

Although this shows the kind of development a region is attaining in terms of technology but this also points to certain worrisome aspects as well. 

Undeniably these projects are undertaken with utmost care and protective measures, but the capital expenditure to be borne for these activities as well as the risk of an accident taking place are high. 

The various pros and cons of living in the state of Tennessee can be looked at from various perspectives. But at a glance, if we consider all of it, the positives seem to outweigh the negatives and make the place a favorite among the people. The state gives the right balance of comfort and agreement and that of the benefits of ideal quality life.

The state has a lot to offer, moving to Tennessee is a wonderful opportunity to divulge in the richness of the past glorious history and cultural heritage while enjoying moderately economical ways of life.  

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