26+ Pros And Cons Of Living In Texas (Explained)

The Texans are a bunch of people who take joy in everything big the state is endowed with! Starting from the sheer magnitude of the large expanse of the region to the enormously big hearts the residents have, Texas is synonymous with all things massive. 

It is one of the most dynamic states bursting with largely diverse cities that are enthralled with hundreds of thousands of new residents who are flocking there each year and loving the place. The beautiful weather, the strong economy, vast land, and home opportunities amongst the others add to the allure of the place.

Benefits of living in TexasDrawbacks of living in Texas
Job OpportunitiesTraffic
Economical livingBelow average quality life
Comparatively lower taxesMorbid crimes
Pleasant weatherViolent storms
Strong educationChallenging intrastate travel

Advantages of living in Texas

Job Opportunities

Texas’ economy is constantly getting better and is always on the rise. This helps in creating a plethora of job opportunities for the people staying there. 

The various cities of Texas with the likes of Dallas, Austin and Garland are some of the best places for job prospects in the United States. It was known that the state added over 240,000 seasonally adjusted employments prospects in 2017.

Economical Living

Texas offers its residents a fair share in the cost of living as per the prices are concerned. The state offers a very quality of lifestyle at very lower rates as compared to the other states of the country. 

It seen that there is a parity in most of the households as to the maintenance of the same standard of living though some costs maybe a little on the higher side. Moreover, you can acquire land in Texas at a much cheaper rate.

Comparatively lower taxes

It is imperative for a state to collect taxes in order to raise revenues for funding the various services. But the amount of taxes imposed on the Texans is much less than the other states.

Though the sales tax which you have to pay here is comparatively more than some other places, but the Texas people are abstained from paying any income tax. The households have discovered that it is feasible for them to save more money each year after they make a move to Texas!

Pleasant Weather

The United States is a country infamously known for its bitter winter days.  If you are more of a sunny person, Texas is surely the place for you. Being a huge state in its dynamics, Texas offers a varied degree of climatic conditions.

While mostly all around the country when it is biting cold in the winters, Texas enjoys relatively temperate climates during this time.  Warmer and sunny days are attracting a lot of people and are becoming an ideal place for retirees. 

Strong Education

Texas offers its students a higher standard of education than the other places of the country. The various schools and colleges are always evolving to be some of the best in imparting quality education.

Disadvantages of living in Texas


Traffic is somewhat of desperate concern for the state. They are far above the mere congestions that most of the places complain about, rather the Texans need to deal with massive traffic collisions they are facing all around the year.

Surveys are testimony to the fact that about 10 people die every single day thanks to the disastrous transportation systems in the state. The place is a den for some of the most reckless driving in the world which increases the chances of accidents very many notches higher.

Below average quality of life

In spite of offering its people tons of job opportunities, Texas could not make itself stand out when it comes to the overall living standards. It has been ranked 46th out of the 50 states based on the quality of life parameters. 

This is mainly due to the fact that Texas has very deplorable health care access for the residents. It might be a drive of around 50 miles if you are a rural dweller before you come across a health service provider. Hence, this constitutes to be of the biggest disadvantages of living here.

Morbid crimes

Violence and criminal activities have seen steady growth in the state over the last few years.  The kind of crimes that are heard of here, might be the constituents of some your worst nightmares. 

On top of that, the ratio of police officials to that of the total population is witnessing a gradual downfall. Statistics show that there are about only 1.5 police officers for every 1,000 people who are residing in the state. 

Violent storms

Hurricanes are one of the major concerns you should have if you are thinking of moving to Texas. 

The place is also visited by some of the most violent storms all throughout the region during spring and summer which are mainly comparable to what people experience in the Midwest. 

Dreadful thunderstorms are very common here which are synonymous with strong winds, hail, lightning, and tornadoes that can completely ruin your house and other properties. 

Challenging Intrastate Travel

Texas is a huge land and this vastness of the region makes it quite difficult for people to cover long distances and travel. Journeys might end up landing you in different time zones and the entire experience could be very hectic and exhaustive.

Any place that you would wish to stay will offer you a mixed bag of its varied attributes, and you need to settle down for the one which is the most suited for your prerogatives. Texas is a dynamic city that is always presenting its people with some potential aspects.

The beautiful diversity it renders in its wake with the transcending synergy of the urban with rural does symbolize a much-epitomized living perspective. Someone who is a lover of the big skies, modern cities and the beaches along with the vast expanse of nature would surely enjoy their stay.

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