25+ Pros And Cons Of Living in The USA (Explained)

The United States of America or the USA – a country that is considered to be the world’s political, economic and financial hub. It is one of the world’s most sought-after nations. People from students, nomads, musicians, actors, entrepreneurs to businessmen of all kinds – America has it all.

If you’re a businessman who thinks of living or living in America. You could evaluate the positive and negative aspects of living in America. Wherever you live, there are always benefits and drawbacks. It can’t escape from everywhere. For some, the United States may be costly, and for others, it may be a place of huge opportunities.

Benefits of living in USADrawbacks of living in USA
NatureDirty cities
Political systemPolitical Division 
Economy Corporate culture 
Higher Education Student Debt
Medicine and Research Healthcare System
GenerosityMoney is All That Matters

Advantages of living in USA 

  • Diversity:

America has long origins of many people and cultures worldwide who immigrate to better opportunities. America is usually known as a melting pot. America, therefore, contains a wide variety of cultures and languages, which deliver diverse viewpoints and delicious food, of course.

  • Nature:

America has a diverse natural landscape, together with the diversity of people. America has many surroundings to experience and explore, starting from the balmy Florida beaches and rolling Appalachian mountains to the chilling winters of Minnesota and the rising cliffs of the Rocky Mountains.

It is home to 58 federally-protected national parks among the many lovely places in all of the country and is open for camping, walking, fishing and much more.

  • Political System:

That depends heavily on where you are in the world but the US institutions, their civil rights provision and their ability to correct themselves over the course of time, have been a huge victory for society as a whole.

The overall political structure retains a range of checks and balances to discourage unprecedented misuse of power. It encourages everyone to take part in politics and its people have a great deal of say on how things will be handled locally and federally.

That is not perfect, there is no system that is, but America is the place to be if you want to have a voice in your community.

  • Economy:

Again, it is up to you, but the US economy is, overall, one of the best in the world, especially for employment opportunities. It has many industries, including computer science, entertainment and business, which it can choose from. In general, you will be rewarded, if you get good training and work hard and more possibilities will come.

  • Higher Education:

America provides some of the world’s best colleges, such as Harvard, Yale, Stanford, MIT, Caltech and the University of Chicago. Many of these schools and services are geared to people from around the world because they are the best. In addition, you get a discounted tuition rate when you are a resident of a state university.

  • Medicine and Research 

America has some of the most advanced medical research hospitals in the world. These facilities train and employ physicians of various specialities in order to help fight illnesses and to treat patients. They surpass most other countries in biological and medical science and the production of new medicines and treatments.

  • Generosity

People in the USA are extremely generous for domestic and foreign aid with their time and cash. Many local churches across the country offer food racks, homeless shelters, and support to those in need, supported by donations. US corporate foundations are providing charities with hundreds of millions of dollars.

The USA surpasses other nations in the majority of categories. For example the US received $43.9 trillion in private international aid donations in 2014 as opposed to the UK, which gave $4.9 trillion, according to 2014 data from the Center for Global Prosperity.

Disadvantages of living in USA

  • Racism:

America was a hotbed of discrimination against minority communities for a long time. In today’s diverse forms of society, there remains a racial root of African-American slavery, Jim Crow’s legislation and the mishandling and stereotypes of, amongst others, Latin, Asia-American and indigenous peoples.

  • Dirty cities 

While big cities can offer a lot of chances, they also have a downside. Some of America’s biggest cities are also the dirtiest from New York City to Chicago and Los Angeles. They smell, smog is made, the waste and litter in the streets are abundant, and rodent problems are sometimes present.

  • Political Division:

America today has intense, but still growing political divisions. Its two-party system (essentially) exacerbates this problem, allowing people to pick out just two extremities. When controlled parties take power at every election, the policies and laws that have been written are constantly unstable and fluctuating.

  • Corporate culture:

Many positions require long hours, demanding conditions for large companies and maybe low paying too. If you have luck, you will spend 40 hours a week, but many staff (without overtime) are expected to work on it.

  • Student Debt:

While every child receives free education in the US system, they must pay for their university studies in universities and colleges. Many students are forced to pay these high college fees to get highly paid jobs that demand their four-year degree, taking on debts that are going to burden them for years after their education.

  • Healthcare system:

The Commonwealth Fund study, which focuses on the health systems of developed nations, found that the US has the worst system. You can easily render bankruptcies if you have no insurance because the healthcare costs are too high. Insurers deal with rising insurance premiums and deductibles, sometimes for poor insurance coverage.

  • Money is All That Matters

While the law protects people from different types of discrimination, wealth defines the class status in the first place. The money is king. If you have it, you will probably get what you want, be better respected and have more chances. If you do not, your chances decrease and you are looked on with contempt or indifference depending on how poor you are.

Please be aware that the above issues are not only in the US but in almost all countries it is evident as well. The USA is very different of course. It is important that you have been following your heart and that is the time you will never regret living in the country.

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