26+ Pros And Cons Of Living In Utah (Explained)

The United States is one of the most popular destinations and the length and breadth of the continent are diversified in unique ways.

Utah happens to be one of those states which record the maximum amount of migration statistics and is a fast-growing place that welcomes people with open arms. 

According to the state survey, Utah has the 4th highest population growth rate and it is expected that by 2020 its people count will cross a whopping 3 million! It is undoubtedly a favored location, but one must be aware of all the various aspects of it before taking the plunge.

Benefits and drawbacks of living in Utah

Benefits of living in UtahDrawbacks of living in Utah
Cost of livingHigh tax rates
Safety measuresSteady rise in the accommodation rates
Education at par excellenceDeplorable drivers
A haven for the job seekersA desert land
High on equalityReligious overdrive

Advantages of living in Utah

Cost of living

Utah gives a great platform to maintain an affordable lifestyle. It is one of the most economical places inside the United States and ensures a high standard of living with budget-friendly numerical. 

The residents are offered elevated incomes with access to cheap prices of goods and services. This helps in rendering the people here with the best of utilities at very standardized rates.

Safety measures

This is one of the safest places in the whole country and it is hard if not impossible to find a safer state than Utah. However, the maximum number of crimes occur usually in Salt Lake City and it contributes to half of the entire region’s crime.

Violent criminal activities are not often encountered here; mainly property-related issues are seen. Utah’s strong religious mindset has a staunch impact on the meager crimes levels and thus making it a very safe haven for its residents.

Education at par excellence

Utah attracts flocks of students to its schools and colleges. It can definitely boast of the enormous number of student base that they get a response from every year.

Salt Lake Community College which happens to be the second-best community college in the country is responsible for producing some of the most elite education standards and most of the students hanker for getting enrolment here. 

A haven for the job seekers 

If you are considering relocating to Utah for employment opportunities, you have got yourself the most perfect option. Utah is a place where your chances of landing a job is definitely the highest or even if you are considering an uplifting business venture, the place would provide you the best possible options!

There is a very low unemployment rate of about 2.9% and in recent years it has been considered as the best overall performing state in terms of economic prosperity is considered.

High on equality

Utah is a breath of fresh air when it comes to its acceptance standards. There is a very strong sense of freedom among the mindsets of the people and the history of the place allows everyone to attain a status of equality.

Utahns are one of the most generous and kind-hearted people when it comes to gender equality as well as queer inclusion.

Disadvantages of living in Utah

High tax rates

Utah comes under the negative radar as far as the taxes are concerned. It cannot be called a tax-friendly state as there are a number of taxes that are to be borne by the local people.

The various types of taxes include income tax, sales tax, property tax, gas, cigarette, and alcohol taxes as well. Utah stands way ahead as compared to the others when seen from the revenue generation aspects.

Steady rise in the accommodation rates

Lucky are the ones who are already dwelling there, but it is not very good news if you are thinking of relocating to Utah in the present times.

Prices are constantly rising and the very many alluring aspects about the states are making people flock to the region, thus paving the way for the steep rise of the property there.

Deplorable drivers

The place is synonymous with some of the very crazy driving accidents thanks to the reckless drivers it houses. The state roads are provided with a lesser number of road bumps which gives free rein to drivers to enjoy fast speeding rides and make them too overconfident. 

This is a matter of great concern as their DMV tests are also not strict enough and the drivers cannot be put under apt punishments.

A desert land

Utah is predominantly adorned with the huge desert on its western parts and is mostly dominated by sandstones. The Southwestern parts of the state of Utah are considered to be the hottest and are the driest part of the region. 

This sums up to be one of the biggest challenges of residing here as the arid deserts along with their sandstones paves the way for the occurrence of a number of dangerous insects, lack of water, and many other attributes which make life quite difficult here. 

Religious overdrive

From the many surveys that have been undertaken, about 60% of the population is synonymous with the ideologies of the Mormons. The place is rampant with zealots of the most potent nature when it comes to your compliance with their religious beliefs.

It is definitely probable to maintain your own faith, but the often encounters will never prove to be a happy one. Religion does become a way of life here and like it or not, you are expected to abide by it.

Considering the constant rise in the ratings as one of the best places to retire, Utah is turning into one of the most sorts after retirement destinations. It offers a plethora of benefits including affordable living, financial prospects, adventure, decent weather, and rich culture. 

Most of the people here are warm and friendly and the place provides you with excellent family life with a lot of activities including skiing, hiking, etc. Though Utah has its problems and it is struggling with taxes and revenues, if they are properly dealt with, living here can be one perfectly blissful experience.

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