19+ Pros and Cons of Living In Victoria (Explained)

Victoria is a beautiful state in southeast Australia. It is a federated state bounded by the Bass Strait and Tasmania in the south, South Australia in the west, and is segregated from New South Wales by the river Murray. It is the second smallest state in terms of area, the second populous state, and the most densely populated state of Australia.

Melbourne, its capital is the second-largest city on the continent, Oceania. It is widely known for its crazy weather conditions, delicious cuisine, and beautiful beaches. The overall population of Queensland is over 6.6 million with 35.1 % of its population being immigrants.

We will now have a look at the benefits and drawbacks of living in the state of Victoria.

Benefits Of Living in VictoriaDrawbacks Of Living in Victoria
Delicious CuisineClimate
Friendly PeopleExpensive
Daylight SavingIntolerant
Public TransportUnemployment
The Shops Are Closed After 5 Pm

Advantages of Living in Victoria

There are positive aspects of living in Victoria. We will now look at a few advantages of living in this state.

Delicious Cuisine

Victoria is known for its delicious cuisine. There are alluring restaurants and cafe latte and you won’t regret your visit.  Coffee is the most consumed beverage in this state. Rice wine is extremely popular and available in a cheap rate. You will surely love to have a bite on all those diverse food.


Victoria is famous for its sports. Cricket, soccer, basketball, netball, horse racing is popular in this place. Open water swimming and motorsport are popular sports among the new generation. Basketball is the most played sport till date. 

Friendly People

In Victoria, people are friendlier compared to people in Brisbane and Sydney. They are likely to help you with different matters and are well communicative. Even if you are new here you are likely to be well greeted by everyone you meet.

Daylight Saving

Daylight saving is one of the best things in Australia. Like other Australian states, daylight savings is followed in Victoria as well. The clocks are put forward every year in October of the first Sunday at 2 AM and are put one hour back every Sunday at 3 AM. It is actually done to make better use of daylight.

Public Transport

Public transport is cheap and convenient. The parking fee is comparatively less, it is just AUS$4.0 to 10.0 per hour. Public transport is the finest among all the Australian states.

Clean Environment

The environment of Victoria is very clean and unspoiled. There are 45 national parks in Victoria alone. Mornington Peninsula National Park and French Island are famous national parks. The beaches and towns are really clean.

Disadvantages of Living in Victoria

Though Victoria is a wonderful state, there are some negative sides to it. We will now get to the disadvantages of living in Victoria.


Victoria is widely known for its weather fluctuations. Summers are getting more hot due to global warming. Summer lasts from December to February, Autumn is between March to May, Winter from June to August, and Spring lasts from September to November.

The average temperature during summer is 46°C and the temperature in winters is between 17°C to -2°C. The winters are gloomy and frosty accompanied by winter rainfall. 


The traffic of the Australian state, Victoria is getting worse day by day, especially in its capital city, Melbourne. It takes twenty to thirty minutes extra while traveling to a place. From the last five years, it has been recorded that Melbourne is the most bustling city after Sydney and Brisbane.


The latest Global cost of living survey by the Economic Intelligence Unit ranks Melbourne as the sixth most expensive city in the world. The accommodation and grocery cost is pretty expensive here.

The one-week stay would cost around AUS$1,537 per person which is less in comparison to Sydney but is expensive in comparison to Brisbane. One cup of coffee would cost you AUS$5.0 and one meal would cost you AUS$50.


People are not that much tolerant as they seem to be. There are frequent cases related to racism. Multiculturalism is not dominantly seen here. There are obviously people from different ethnicity living here but it’s not multicultural as most people think. There are laws regarding this, you can complain to Australian human rights if you face any discrimination.


There is an increment in the ratio of unemployment in Victoria. People from different countries come here for studies and job opportunities as well because the pay scale here is good comparing other states. So, there is a competition between them. It is becoming more difficult for even its citizens to find a job.

The unemployment ratio has increased over the last three to four years. The employment rate is 6.0% in Victoria right now.


It is obvious that people from Australian states speak English. But it might be hard for some visitors to understand their local terms. They use different terms and idioms on a regular basis which might be hard to understand and can even lead to misunderstandings.

The Shops Are Closed After 5 Pm

The shops are usually closed after 5 PM on weekdays which is likely a shock to many of the visitors. The supermarket, convenience stores are closed up after 5 PM. It’s actually strange because most of the states prefer opening their shops till 9-10 PM because they want to boost their economy.

Victoria is a friendlier state than Brisbane and Sydney. People are very nice to visitors. It is widely known for its culture, fashion and food. But for all those people who can’t cope with the weather fluctuations of this state, this place is not for you.

There are advantages of living in this place with beautiful beaches but at the time it is more expensive than most Australian states. People from different countries come here for jobs and studies that is why the unemployment ratio is increasing day by day. Victoria has both positive and negative sides; it all depends on one’s perception.

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