26+ Pros And Cons Of Living In Virginia (Explained)

The state of Virginia is often termed as the “birthplace of a nation” and its history is deep-rooted with that of the United States. Blessed with a rich cultural history, the state has derived its name from England’s virgin Queen Elizabeth II.

The inhabitants of the country have been living here and calling it there for the past many generations and the immense grandeur beauty was the very first thing that had attracted the people to this region.

While the place has undergone enormous changes, it is considered one of the most attractive places to get settled.

Benefits of living in VirginiaDrawbacks of living in Virginia
A world-class system of educationHigh tax rates
Health care unitsWeather
Job market Cost of living
Natural beautyTraffic
Thriving economyDifficult transport system

Advantages of living in Virginia

A world class system of education

The quality of education that Virginia provides is unparallel and one of the best in the world.

Starting from excellent elementary schools for young children to well-established higher education, you can provide a world-class up bring for your child. The residents are offered discounts and you can get access to top-notch facilities within your capacity.

Health care units

Virginia is rated among the topmost providers of the best health service providers. The doctors and medical practitioners are highly experienced and come with great successful backgrounds. 

There are more than 100 hospitals in Virginia and all are equipped with the best of the industry standards facilities. 

Job market

The state offers some of the most excellent job opportunities available in the United States. It is true that there is a major portion of the population who are working for the government, but the job market has got a tremendous potential to offer.

The state’s rank is much below the national average rate when it comes to the unemployment rankings which is around 3.4%. The residents here also can take the advantage of the very many career avenues that the state is coming up with which is worth exploring as the remuneration offered is quite decent.

Natural beauty

Virginia can proudly boast of its plentiful blessing of Mother Nature which has been bestowed upon the state in abundance. The coastline covers a gigantic area and the state is home to four major rivers along with the enormous stretch of the Blue Ridge Mountains that extends its coverage over the state.

The colors of the fall give the mystical appearance with its ethereal beauty over the entire of region. The place is without a doubt a thing of beauty which is to behold forever! 

Thriving economy

Virginia is known for its wealth and posh. The job markets are on a high and the business ventures are also getting prosperous by the day. The people here are more educated and the crime rates are also low. Hence, it definitely portrays a prospective picture for your career growth here.

Drawbacks of living in Virginia

High tax rates

The state of Virginia has been voted as one of the worst states for income tax rates. According to the various surveys undertaken, the residents of the regions are required to bear a very high tax burden compared to the rest of the country.

The income tax rates charges are obnoxious, to say the least, and it becomes immensely difficult for the locals to indulge in any kind of other savings or investments. 


The weather can cause quite a bit of hindrance in your taking a decision of shifting to Virginia. Though the state experiences usually mild and temperate climates, it might become very unpredictable here. 

For the people living near the coast, it isn’t so much of a problem as to those who are away from it. The summers are pretty hot and humid and the feeling of stickiness is quite irritating. Winters are pleasant, but the place has to suffer the effects of strong snowfalls. 

Cost of living

The locals have to face the challenge of the higher cost of living than their counterparts residing in other parts of the country.

There are places and communities that might offer you accommodation at cheaper rates, particularly in the rural sides, but you need to shell out a lot of money if you are looking for shifting to do a job as most of the offices are located in and around the city areas.


Traffic is one of the most dreadful things that you will encounter in Virginia. The management here is more on the weaker side and the traffic is horrible, to say the least.

In the big cities where the population is also quite large, it becomes impossible to reach your destination within a stipulated time.

The average traffic jam can steal your good 35 minutes and can cover around six miles! Hence, you need to be quite a pro in managing your day’s schedule and plan well in advance in order to reach that important office meeting on time.

Difficult transport system

You would definitely want to have access to your own vehicle if you are planning to live in Virginia. Every state has a system of its own public transportation which helps local people with their regular travels. Well, to say this about Virginia is quite critical as the state’s transport system is in a pitiful state and gives a very woeful utility to its residents. 

When contemplating whether you should be moving to the state of Virginia there are quite a number of things you need to consider. The place with a grand historical past, a strong economy, and breathtaking view definitely creates a picture of sheer goodness and wealth. But one should also weigh the challenges that the state is associated with.

The exorbitant living charges, the pathetic time-consuming traffic might not add to the reputation of the place. It is without a doubt the place is opulent in its richness of nature and wealth, one should analyze all the factors before settling there.

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