20+ Living in Wales Pros and Cons (explained)

Most people consider Wales as just another place in England. But very few know it’s a different country with its own culture and language.

From affordable housing, vibrant cities, and stunning scenery to great cultural communities, Wales has many things to offer its residents and their tourists. 

Despite benefits, every city or country has its negative points. Therefore, We have mentioned Wales’s several advantages and disadvantages, which you must know before moving to this place. 

Living In Wales: Benefits And Drawbacks

Benefits of Living in WalesDrawbacks of Living in Wales
1. The cost of living is lower than in the UK 1. Communication issues can be there
2. It’s the capital of castles2. Castles has covered its major parts
3. The best tourist attraction for the nature lover3. Driving is hardly safe
4. Perfect place for rain lover4. Excess rain creates several issues 
5. History is everywhere5. Limited Job Opportunities
6. Welsh people are friendly6. Welsh Language
7. Excellent place of study7. Healthcare Services
8. The place for festivals. 8. Transportation Infrastructure
9. Food is less expensive9. Rural Areas

✔️ Advantages of living in Wales

The Cost of living is lower than in the UK

As compared to England, Wales is much cheaper than England. The average cost is slightly less than in the UK. If the average property cost in the UK is  £216k, then you can buy your property in Wales for just £144k.

So, It’s excellent news for those who have dreamt of shifting there.

Cost Of Living In Wales And Uk

It’s the capital of castles

Wales has more than 600 castles. Therefore, this country is called the “castle capital of the world.” Chepstow Castle, Conwy Castle, and Caerphilly Castle are a few names on the list of top castles of Wales. 

🏝️ The best tourist attraction for the nature lover

If you love spending time on beaches, Wales is a good home. It has more than 150 beautiful beaches where whales, basking sharks, to birds are always ready to make people’s tiring evening perfect.

Tenby, Pembrokeshire, Brecon Beacons, Snowdonia National Park, Three Cliffs Bay, and Gower Peninsula are lovely places in Wales that add more beauty to Wales. 

🌧️ Perfect place for rain lover

Wales is best known for its rainy weather. Summer is recorded as short, whereas the winters are long and mostly cloudy. Its coastal areas can be warm in summer, with the temperature ranging from 15°C (59°F) to 25°C (77°F).

Downpours can hit in summer as well as winter also. So, be prepared for the rain throughout the year. 

History is everywhere

Wales is covered with its historical artifacts and buildings. It is a single land of approximately 600 castles, along with 6 World Heritage sites, Wales Millennium Center, the National Museum Cardiff, and Llandaff Cathedral, one of the famous buildings of Wales.

Carmarthen is considered as one of the oldest towns in Wales. 

Welsh people are friendly

Although Welsh people love their culture and country, they are always ready to welcome newcomers. They are kind and humble, too, and never feel brag about their accomplishments.

If you’re moving from another country or place, you might feel isolated for a few days, but soon you’ll adjust here because of the open nature of Welsh people. 

🎓 Excellent place of study

Wales is known for its excellent study centers, universities, and top colleagues, providing endless courses from business to fashion.

It’s fantastic news that approximately 95 percent of Wales students get jobs within six months after graduation. 

🎉 The place for festivals

Wales celebrates cultural fest throughout the year. Hay on Wye is considered a world-famous literary festival that’s celebrated in the mid of May or June.

Another event, The Big Cheese, represents Food, drink, and fun celebrated on weekends and is free for its residents. 

🍽️ Food is less expensive

People don’t need to put much burden on their pockets to dine out. The restaurant is less expensive. There are pubs, cafes, and eateries that are charming and friendly. 

Disadvantages of Living In Wales 

Communication issues Can be there

Wales has its official language- Welsh, the oldest language in Britain. It is tough to understand. So, if someone moves to this place, they might feel difficulty interacting with its residents.

Although, people speak English as well. Still, accents create a problem initially. Also, reading road signs in Welsh is entirely futile. 

Castles has covered its significant parts

Wales is a small country with a population of over 31.4 lakh people. There are more than 600 castles. Is it not excessive for a small country? Most of them have already been spoiled. 

Driving is hardly safe

Wales has stunning landscapes, beautiful sceneries, and mesmerizing hills, but roads are dangerous for driving purposes.

You might stick between the road from rolling hills to narrow streets, as two cars can’t pass quickly on the same line. Sometimes, you have to stop often at the time of driving. 

Excess rain creates several issues

You might love the rainy season, but excess rain creates a headache. You’d be late for your office or home. You might be stuck on the road for hours.

Although Wales is a small country, it’s a one-stop solution for the people who want to move here. Also, it is a great tourist place to see many beautiful things such as beaches, castles, sceneries, attractive landscapes, etc.

The only thing you must be ready to prepare for is rainy weather. If you’re strong enough to work under rainy conditions, staying in Wales would not cause much tension. 

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