26+ Pros and Cons of Living In Washington State (Explained)

Washington offers some of the best perks of living in a city giving a plethora of work opportunities, recreational activities, and a great lifestyle!

The state bears witness to a booming job market instigated from the advent of the illustrious tech industry in the Seattle area, with the precedence of a pleasant temperate climate and breathtaking sceneries.

These and many more reasons have constituted in making Washington one of the most likable places for the people to live. If you are planning to move to this evergreen state, here are some of the aspects you should ponder on.

Benefits of living in WashingtonDrawbacks of living in Washington
Jobs galoreHigher cost of living
The green brigadeInefficient health care
Higher educationHigher crime rates
Comparatively low tax burdensExtreme traffic
Scenic beautyWeird laws

Advantages of living in Washington

Jobs galore

Washington is home to some of the biggest conglomerates of the world and houses the tech giants with the likes of Microsoft, Amazon and Google to name a few. It also is the native land of the famous colossal aviation company Boeing.

Hence, one can truly understand the reason behind the state’s massive increase in the employment sector.

Washington is also blessed with an agriculture sound climate that renders in making the region one of the biggest producers of apples and cherries. The state is also a leading name to reckon with when it comes to seafood produce.  

The green brigade

In spite of being one of the most technically advanced states with the ubiquitous presence of world-renowned industries, Washington is enormously famous for its environmental activities. 

The state has been constantly ranked among the top five in the country for the various environmentally friendly ventures it is involved in.

The state takes all the possible measures to eradicate any possibility of industrial pollution and moreover the region is quite known for its bicycle propensity and has been voted as one of the most bicycle-friendly states.

Higher education

The state of Washington attracts hundreds of students every year as it is considered one of the premier education providers in the country.

The University of Washington offers a number of courses for the students and the admission procedures remain open only on the merit-based factors. The students vary from many cross-over places and far-off countries as well and they are offered numerous scholarships from which they can opt.

Comparatively lower tax burden

It is surprising but true that the state of Washington does not collect income tax from its residents.

The people are able to invest most of their income into savings or other avenues that might catch their fancy. However, it must be noted that the sales tax and the real estate tax are one of the highest here as compared to the other places of the country.

Scenic beauty

The state is a beautiful blend of both the mountains and the coastal regions, thus creating an enormous aesthetic appeal. The place is considered one of the most beautiful regions of the country and gifts its residents with ample of eye-soothing surroundings.

Disadvantages of living in Washington

Higher cost of living

The state is known for its exorbitant prices when it comes to housing aspects and living accommodations.

The demand for housing in some of the desirable locations could cost you a bomb in the state and has manifested in some of the highest home and rental prices in the country. 

The major cities here offer a number of attractive options for your stay here and you will be spoilt for choice. But the pricing range is a matter of much distress if you plan to start staying here and hence only if you have a well-paying job and secure employment you should decide upon making a move here.

Inefficient health care

Washington ranks much lower than the other states when the question of health care comes in.

Most of the other states in the United States will offer you better medical services and health care facilities.

Many people get attracted to the state for the career aspects but the young healthy aspirants fall out on considering the medical grounds that they might have to encounter once they land up in the state.

Higher crime rates

Gun violence has made its impact felt in the major parts of the state of Washington over the past many years. There are times when the rates of this crime show a staggering rise, but the state is working hard to eradicate these heinous activities.

Moreover, property crimes are also not uncommon here though the rates have gone down; there has been a steep increase in the violent crimes of the region. Illegal prostitution, numerous rapes, and many other hate crimes have been reported in the area.

Extreme traffic

Like any other large state in the world, Washington also is quite infamous for its morbid traffic conditions. The region attracts a lot of population due to the number of job opportunities it provides to its people.

Hence, with the emergence of such human explosions, it is a natural affair that the place would be scattered with an insurmountable amount of unmanageable traffic. The complicated road systems along with its many overpasses with the combined force of the massive human statistics in all the major cities create lots of traffic and delays.

Weird laws

There seems to be certain very strange about some laws in the state. Some of the most outlandish ones that can find here include forbidding the residents from buying meat on Sundays, you can’t paint polka dots on the national flag to name a few among the others!

The native land to more than 7 million inhabitants, there are many reasons why this Pacific Northwest state is one of the most popular in the country. The incredible wilderness, the beautiful modern cities, and a terrific diversity of topography and humans add to the charm of the state.

Washington can boast of having some of the best tech-based companies in the world and at the same time having a really good agricultural base.  The booming economy along with the standard quality is making the state a very popular choice for living and it becomes prudent to ponder on all the features wisely.

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