26+ Pros And Cons Of Living In West Virginia (Explained)

West Virginia is quite a fascinating place and is located along the eastern coastline of the United States. The majority of the area is under forest coverage of the Appalachian Mountains and hence the state is also popularly known as the “Mountain State”.

The entire expanse of the state is covered with lush greeneries with a number of mountains, hills, and trees rendering a breathtaking appearance to the region. West Virginia is known for a number of things from the low cost of living to the most beautiful topographies and many more reasons to attract your attention.

Benefits of Living in West VirginiaDrawbacks of living in West Virginia
Relatively low cost of livingJob market
Outdoor funHigh rates of crime
Cities are not humongousUnfriendly neighborhood
A perfect blend of all weathersHeroin addiction

Advantages of living in West Virginia

Relatively low cost of living

The state offers its residents a very minimalistic cost structure when it comes to living standards. Properties can be obtained at low prices and the average home value is currently less than $100,000. It is quite cheaper than the other states of the United States. Moreover, renting is also relatively affordable.

Charleston is considered the most expensive place of the state but if you move towards Morgantown or Beckley, chances are the rent rates might slash down to less than half. If you have a good-paying job and good access to money, getting accommodation will be definitely easy.

Outdoor fun

The place is a haven for adventure seekers and is one of the best places when autumn arrives. The extensive forest-covered areas turn into a cacophony of bright colors and make your experience a long cherishing one.

Several types of outdoor recreations can be indulged here and the varied mountainous trails and the undulating hills create a very interesting aspect for the fun lovers.

West Virginia Has A Low Cost Of Living

Cities are not humungous

If you are not a very big fan of the big cities and dislike the hassles of them, you can find yourself settled in the cocoon of nature in the quiet and peaceful state of West Virginia.

Living here has all the advantages of enjoying a city life without having the demerits of the distances or the noise that one encounters in the other places. In short distances, you shall be ever to traverse the length and breadth of the cities. 

Perfect blend of all weathers

The place experienced all the weather conditions and mostly the mid-continental climatic scenarios are predominant here. The mountains act as a safeguard and help in keeping the temperatures under check in the summers.

The place is far less than humid and is very much bearable than those of the southern places of the country. The winters can be much on the colder side along with the appearance of snow which can be quite problematic, but one gets to enjoy all the seasons without fail each year.

West Virginia Has A Perfect Blend Of All Weathers

Disadvantages of living in West Virginia

Job market

The state was centered on its mining industries and has grown based on it. But he recent trends bear testimony to the fact that the United States along with the rest of the world has been gradually shifting away from the usage of coal energy, and hence the job scenario in West Virginia is anything but hopeful.

The mining sector which has been a source of livelihood for so many years is on the downfall and has been a great source of concern for the natives there.  The current unemployment rate is much higher than the rest of the country. 

High crime rates

Violent criminal activities are a part of the daily lives of the state of West Virginia. Lack of job opportunities has led to some very acute conditions of poverty and poor education which has led to the eruption of crime and violence in the state in recent years.

  There are several cities in the state which provide a good option to settle down with your family, but choosing the right neighborhood is a matter of utmost importance.  Grafton might not be the best place for good education but it certainly is one of the safest cities in the state.

Unfriendly neighborhood

The people here are not very popular for their friendliness. You might also encounter some significant cultural differences in West Virginia as compared to the northern or other parts of the state.

Acceptance becomes a matter of great concern if you do not belong to a particular place.  Even if you have lived there for many years or have raised your family there, they will never fully accept you as a part of the community.

The Job Market In West Virginia Is Not Reliable

Heroin addiction

The region of West Virginia is known to be struggling with unemployment for quite some time now.  The common problem for the people of any place which is suffering the impacts of poverty and deprivation is that of drug addiction and abuse.

Mostly the low-income families where there is a scarcity of proper education and earnings, heroin addiction has appeared to be one of the biggest curses.

As the economy is far below the others in the country, you shall find yourself having to face some very grave societal issues and many of the people make it to the bare margins of the qualifying levels in the United States.

West Virginia is a nature lover’s paradise and if you have a well-paying job and want to enjoy the bliss of the retired life, look no further. The state has got a lot of potentials if you look in the right places. There is now a uniform inflow of money in the economy and the prospects look bright for new employment or starting new business ventures.

From its beautiful nature and the absence of crowd to its unbelievable low living costs, the state of West Virginia is indeed a sight to behold and a wonderful place to call it your home!

West Virginia Is Not A Very Friendly Neighborhood To Live In

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