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12+ Pros and Cons of Living in Yukon

Yukon is the smallest and least populated Canada territory, with a population of over 35,874 people.

Whitehorse is known as Yukon’s capital and the only singular city of this territory, which is also the largest city among all three Canadian regions. With such a small amount of human settlement, let’s see what this Canadian territory has to provide us with.

If you are giving a thought to shifting to Yukon due to any reason, then you must read this article. It will help you get an answer.

Benefits of Living in YukonThe Drawbacks of Living in Yukon
Availability of healthcare facilitiesCold winters
Least polluted territoryJobs are only available in the mining sector
The abundance of natural resourcesLimited transportation option
Favorable weather conditions

Advantages of Living in Yukon

  • Peaceful scenic beauty: 

Yukon has one of the most beautiful sceneries in Northern Canada, filled with beautiful glacier-fed lakes, flowing rivers, tall mountains, vast dense forests, etc.

It has one of Canada’s highest mountain points that is Mount Logan, which is 19,551 ft. With favorable weather conditions, you can opt for many outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, hunting, fishing, skiing, and many more. 

  • Government-funded education systems: 

All the citizens and the permanent residents of Canada have government-funded education up to secondary school, which means that the kids’ schooling charges are completely free. As Yukon is a part of Canada, equal access is granted to them.

However, Yukon consists of one tertiary institution called the Yukon College, which is located in Whitehorse and is considered a member of the University of the Arctic. 

Also, in December 2019, the Yukon Legislature passed a bill in which the Yukon College was given the permission to turn into a university so that people living in the territory will be able to get higher-level education.  

  • Friendly and helpful population : 

The people of Yukon are considered to be immensely grateful and humble. As the territory’s population is relatively low and the land area is sufficient to interact with most of the people.

The people of this territory are quite used to having foreigners in the place, as the population was relatively low since the starting with a diverse culture, only 25% of the people living in the area of indigenous descent.

Therefore, they follow and respect every culture and welcome all. 

  • Entertaining Events with an Outstanding Standard of Life: 

The quality of life in the territory is absolutely safe and secure, with minimal interference of people in others’ lives and absolutely no rush.

They respect all the cultures here and have cultural rounds and festivities all year long. There are light mountain bike festivals, Yukon river trail marathon, Yukon Quest International Sled Dog Race, which is also considered the fastest and toughest ultra race in the world.

Other than these events, there are art galleries, cultural centers, etc. for entertainment. 

  • Limited jurisdiction: 

Yukon’s government has a limited jurisdiction, which tends to solve any case very quickly and efficiently than the other provincial counterparts in Canada’s confederation.

Yukon has its own elected representatives in both the houses of Canada’s Federal Parliament and also has its own democratically-elected parliament. There are a total of 18 representatives in the legislative assembly. 

  • A Major destination for new immigrants: 

Yukon’s population is relatively small, but it is a major destination for new immigrants, specifically during the Klondike gold rush, where immigrants enter the province for economic opportunities, specifically in the mining sector.

Just like the rest of Canada, Yukon also contributes as one of the immigrant territories. 

Mainly people reside in the capital city. Because of the declining population, the native people have started specific programs to grab immigrants’ attention. Provincial Nomination Program is one of them which helps the immigrants to settle in the province in a fast process. 

Disadvantages of Living in Yukon

  • High standard of living: 

The territory generally has a high cost of living and usually higher than in Southern Canadian communities. The housing rents are usually higher along with other basic essentials.

New-comer will surely need to adjust to these hiked prices for basic amenities. Bachelor apartments can go up to $755, whereas only a one-bedroom house can cost up to $950. 

  • Less social contact: 

The number of people residing in the territory is relatively low. There are excellent outdoor activities one can do, but people here are a little bit socially withdrawn.

They don’t tend to interfere in other people’s matters but are always helpful and friendly. But, at certain times, you will find yourself completely isolated, which can be disturbing at times. 


If compared to the other Canadian territories, Yukon has a minimum number of disadvantages, which is beneficial for settlement foreigners.

There are undoubtedly several useful things which one can enjoy and experience. With just a little change, you will adapt to the surroundings. 

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