21+ Pros and Cons of Living In Yukon (Explained)

Yukon is the westernmost province of Canada. It is the smallest in size and has the second-lowest population among all other Canadian provinces. Yukon is characterized by rough mountainous terrain and a lot of wildlife.

Yukon is the smallest and least populated Canadian territory, with over 35,874 people.

A sparse population helps the wildlife be unperturbed. With pristine lakes fed by large glaciers and imparting different colors makes this province is rather picturesque. 

However, moving to any state requires knowledge beyond its natural scenic features. Let us look at the drawbacks and benefits that one can expect when moving to the province of Yukon. 

Whitehorse is known as Yukon’s capital and the only singular city of this territory, which is also the largest city among all three Canadian regions. With such a small amount of human settlement, let’s see what this Canadian territory has to provide us with.

If you are giving thought to shifting to Yukon due to any reason, then you must read this article. It will help you get an answer.

Benefits of Living in YukonDrawbacks of Living in Yukon
Friendly LocalsDelivery Problems
HealthcareExpensive Housing
SportsHigh Standards of Living 
Festivals and EventsStorms
Low Crime Rates

Advantages of Living in Yukon:

Friendly Locals.

The people of Yukon are mostly friendly. There is not a large number of people that inhabit the province. Therefore people know each other well. The communities are tightly knit. They do welcome people with open arms.

As the population is low, any new addition is gladly welcomed. People here stand by each other in times of need. If you make some friends, you would always find them by you.

Peaceful scenic beauty: 

Yukon has one of the most beautiful sceneries in Northern Canada, filled with beautiful glacier-fed lakes, flowing rivers, tall mountains, vast dense forests, etc.

It has one of Canada’s highest mountain points that is Mount Logan, which is 19,551 ft. With favorable weather conditions, you can opt for many outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, hunting, fishing, skiing, etc. 


Healthcare is an important aspect of living in any city. Yukon has a decent healthcare facility to cater to its residents. It has specialists that visit once a week for check-ups. Yukon also encourages its residents to lead healthy life. There are running tracks for residents to keep their health in good shape. 


When families relocate, certain facilities need to be present. Education is one such important factor. Especially for families with children, educational facilities are very important. A huge advantage of Yukon is the education they provide.

It’s heavily subsidized by the government and therefore is easily affordable to the residents. There are no private institutions functional in the province. 


People of Yukon are rather interested in sports. They are a bunch that indulges in sports at every possible opportunity. Winter sports are in particular famous around the province. Skiing, fishing, and snowmobiling are a few of the favorite sports the people here indulge in. 

So if you’re planning to move here, there is a lot of sports to help you unwind and keep you entertained. Apart from winter sports, other sports like football is also played during the summers. 

Festivals and Events.

Yukon observes festivals and events all year round. Yukon River Trail Marathon and the 24 Hours of light mountain bike festival are two of the most popular summer events. There is Adäka, a cultural festival that goes on for days together.

There are winter events as well. Events like Yukon Quest International Sled Dog Race and the brutal Yukon Arctic Ultra occur during the winters. 


The transport system in Yukon is rather well-established compared to other provinces. There is a proper bus system that operates efficiently all across the cities.

There are 3 airlines that operate across 3 major cities of Canada and across Europe. Considering the sparse population, the transportation facilities are rather efficient.

The efficiency is especially striking compared to cities that are far more densely populated but still lack a proper public transport system.  

Low Crime Rates.

This province is sparsely populated and people across the vicinity, usually know each other. Any outsider can easily be identified by locals.

The tightly-knit community helps keep the crime rates low. The quality of life is pretty good across the province, hence crimes tend to be lower in number. The province is mostly peaceful and safe with low crime rates. 

Government-funded education systems: 

All the citizens and permanent residents of Canada have government-funded education up to secondary school, which means that the kids’ schooling charges are completely free. As Yukon is a part of Canada, equal access is granted to them.

However, Yukon consists of one tertiary institution called the Yukon College, which is located in Whitehorse and is considered a member of the University of the Arctic. 

Also, in December 2019, the Yukon Legislature passed a bill in which Yukon College was given permission to turn into a university so that people living in the territory will be able to get higher-level education.  

advantages of government aided education institutes

Friendly and helpful population : 

The people of Yukon are considered to be immensely grateful and humble. As the territory’s population is relatively low and the land area is sufficient to interact with most of the people.

The people of this territory are quite used to having foreigners in the place, as the population was relatively low since starting with a diverse culture, only 25% of the people living in the area of indigenous descent.

Therefore, they follow and respect every culture and welcome all. 

Entertaining Events with an Outstanding Standard of Life: 

The quality of life in the territory is safe and secure, with minimal interference of people in others’ lives and absolutely no rush.

They respect all the cultures here and have cultural rounds and festivities all year long. There are light mountain bike festivals, the Yukon river trail marathon, and Yukon Quest International Sled Dog Race, which is also considered the fastest and toughest ultra race in the world.

Other than these events, there are art galleries, cultural centers, etc. for entertainment. 

Limited jurisdiction: 

Yukon’s government has a limited jurisdiction, which tends to solve any case very quickly and efficiently than the other provincial counterparts in Canada’s confederation.

Yukon has its own elected representatives in both the houses of Canada’s Federal Parliament and also has its own democratically-elected parliament. There are a total of 18 representatives in the legislative assembly. 

A Major destination for new immigrants: 

Yukon’s population is relatively small, but it is a major destination for new immigrants, specifically during the Klondike gold rush, where immigrants enter the province for economic opportunities, specifically in the mining sector.

Just like the rest of Canada, Yukon also contributes as one of the immigrant territories. 

Mainly people reside in the capital city. Because of the declining population, the native people have started specific programs to grab immigrants’ attention. Provincial Nomination Program is one of them which helps the immigrants to settle in the province in a fast process. 

advantages living in yukon

Disadvantages of Living in Yukon:

Delivery Problems.

Online shopping is a way of life in the world. Most of us find it far more convenient and it is cheaper as well. However, you may order items at your leisure, but the delivery of the item is far from speedy. The delivery network is not particularly well facilitated. It often takes longer for your ordered articles to arrive. 

Expensive Housing.

Buying or renting houses can be a costly affair in Yukon. The inflation is due to the general low demand for houses as the province is sparsely populated. Housing is one of the major investments that one would need to make.

So it is important to consider the prices of houses before you actually move into the province. Property in the cities is especially expensive. It is also important not to compromise with the neighborhood as unsafe neighborhoods tend to have lower housing prices.  


One of the chief challenges of living in Yukon is the climate. The winters are particularly hostile. Temperatures are as low as -40°C have been recorded on multiple occasions during the winter months.

Going out this winter mandatorily requires a snowsuit. The extremely harsh winters is one of the reasons for the scarcity in population. The summers have a pleasant maximum of 34°C. 

High Standards of Living.

The province of Yukon is sparsely populated and housing prices are not the only prices that remain inflated. A lower number of people means a lower requirement of supplies. As the supply is low, the prices tend to soar. So much so that the overall standard of living here is regarded as high and therefore, items are expensive.

pollution level in yukon

High standard of living: 

The territory generally has a high cost of living and is usually higher than in Southern Canadian communities. The housing rents are usually higher along with other basic essentials.

New-comer will surely need to adjust to these hiked prices for basic amenities. Bachelor apartments can go up to $755, whereas only a one-bedroom house can cost up to $950. 

Less social contact: 

The number of people residing in the territory is relatively low. There are excellent outdoor activities one can do, but people here are a little bit socially withdrawn.

They don’t tend to interfere in other people’s matters but are always helpful and friendly. But, at certain times, you will find yourself completely isolated, which can be disturbing at times. 


An unusual problem of vicious storms during the summer plagues the province of Yukon. Summer storms are normal and often fierce. They disrupt lives even in the summers. 

Yukon is a wonderful place to live in. Full of fun activities, sports, and pristine landscapes to keep you entertained, fit and amazed. However, a substantial paying job is important due to the high standards of living and high rent that one has to pay.

Educational setup is rather astute and for families, this may be an ideal perk for the future of their children. If you can survive the cold and have proper employment, Yukon is the place for you to be.

disadvantages living in yukon

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