25+ Pros and Cons of Long Term Ketogenic Diet (Explained)

The concept of a long term ketogenic dietary plan has become extremely popular in the ongoing 21st century. This is because people are becoming more and more health conscious with every passing day.

Therefore, getting rid of unnecessary body weight has become one of the primary concerns in the present times. For achieving the same, consumers are indulging into such dietary plans which involves a reduced intake of carbohydrates so as to ensure that the metabolic rate of the body increases for better weight loss results.

Ensures reduction of appetiteIncreased heart rhythm problems
Helps in reducing the abdominal cavityHarms the ability to exercise
Helps in reducing the abdominal cavityAffects people with gallbladder problems
Gets rid of triglyceridesLead to essential vitamin deficiencies
Beneficial for diabetic patients

Advantages of Long Term Ketogenic Diet:

• Ensures reduction of appetite:

Constant cravings and hunger attacks are literally one of the most major and damaging side-effects of dieting. It is exactly because of this reason that most of the people are seen to give up on such strict dietary patterns.

However, the long term keto diet which focuses on the complete elimination of carbohydrates can eventually help one to get rid of such frequent hunger attacks. It results in an automatic reduction of the individual’s appetite.

A number of medical reports have suggested the fact that by cutting out on all forms of carbohydrates, one can eventually aim towards eating more amount of protein as well as fat which results in lesser amount of calories intake.

Helps in reducing the abdominal cavity:

The individuals who are seen to follow a keto diet for a significant amount of time have experienced a greater amount of fat loss in their bodies. This has eventually resulted from the abdominal cavity which is created from consuming less or absolutely no amount of carbohydrates.

Therefore, the low-carb dietary supplements have been extremely effective in eliminating the damaging abdominal fat which might be present in one’s bodies and can be the reason behind the extra amount of weight.

Gets rid of triglycerides:

The low-carb dietary products have been extremely effective in reducing the level of the blood triglycerides which are basically a kind of fat molecules. The presence of such fat molecular components in the body can definitely result in various heart diseases.

Therefore, it is the long term keto diet which has been shown by a large number of medical reports as one of the most highly recommended ways for getting rid of the triglycerides that can be present in the human body in excess amounts.

By eliminating carbohydrates from the daily meal pattern, it can definitely result in a drastic reduction of the triglycerides present in the bloodstream.

Beneficial for diabetic patients:

The elimination of carbohydrates forms one of the most important basis of the long term keto dietary plan. It is by doing so that an individual can aim towards reducing the blood sugar as well as the insulin level to a great extent.

Therefore, the diabetic patients can benefit the most out of such dietary patterns. This can also help in the treatment of the type 2 diabetes.

Various studies have thrown light upon the fact that elimination of carbohydrates can definitely help in building an insulin resistance within the body which can therefore be extremely helpful for the diabetic patients.

Disadvantages of Long Term Ketogenic Diet

Increased heart rhythm problems:

One of the major drawbacks of following a keto diet for a long period of time is the fact that it often results in a number of cardiac problems. The most common problem which individuals following a keto diet suffer from is a sudden increase in the heart rhythm.

This has resulted mainly due to the complete elimination of carbohydrates from one’s regular eating habits. A large number of medical reports have highlighted the fact that the low-carb diets have increased the number of cases pertaining to atrial fibrillation (AFib).

Harms the ability to exercise:

An individual who has been strictly following the keto diet plan for quite sometime now have often experienced an incapability to exercise on a regular basis. The keto diet which mainly involves switching from one of the major energy sources of the body, that is carbohydrates to fat consumption have certainly acted as a drawback for many.

The degree upto which one suffers from the same completely depends on how much active the individual is. With an inadequacy in the amount of carbohydrates, the body is seen to lack the required amount of energy to do certain exercises. The struggle to maintain a proper amount of energy becomes a major problem.

Affects people with gallbladder problems:

The keto diet is certainly not a safe option for the people suffering from gallbladder problems. It has been proven by medical experts that people with such health issues should not consume excessive amount of fat for a long time period.

It is exactly because of this reason that they should not indulge in such keto diets which focuses only on the consumption of fat instead of carbohydrates. People suffering from various gallbladder problems can undergo different digestive disorders if they are seen to follow such dietary patterns on a daily basis.

Lead to essential vitamin deficiencies:

The long term keto dietary patterns can result in certain vitamin deficiencies in the bodies which can cause serious problems later on. While consuming heavy quantities of fat and by eliminating other minerals and nutrients, the individual can be seen suffering from a number of health issues at one point of time. Vitamin deficiencies can take a serious toll on one’s healthcare in the most impactful manner.


Nowadays the concept of maintaining a good figure and getting rid of excess body fat has become extremely common all over the world. It is because of this reason that the keto diet plan is something that most of the people are seen to follow and are replacing with their regular eating habits.

This has resulted in a number of positive case scenarios wherein people have been successful in losing their weight. However, such dietary patterns have also created negative impacts upon one’s health over a particular period of time.

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