23+ Pros And Cons Of Low Carb Diet (Explained)

Body fat is one of the reasons of many diseases. These diseases break down people’s immunity and make them susceptible to many other deadly diseases. To avoid this, people try to lose weight through many drastic methods that might harm them even further. 

There are several ways to lose weight and there are several systems of diet available that might help one to lose weight. While a losing weight through dieting is hard in itself, there are dieting methods that are extremely hard to follow. One of the most effective dieting methods for losing weight is low carb diet.

Benefits of low carb dietDrawbacks of low carb diet
Reduces appetiteRaises cholesterol
Less calorie intakeMore susceptible to heart disease
Rapid initial weight lossHighly restrictive diet
Serves as motivationDifficult to maintain
Loss of abdominal fatExpensive food
Lowers blood triglyceridesNot good for kidney problems
Good for people with diabetesNot accessible to everyone
Lowers blood pressure level


  • Reduces appetite:

Eating is an important part of our life, especially for the ones who love food and considers food as comforting in the times of crisis. Eating excess is one of main reasons why people gain weight and fail to lose weight. Often, we fail to follow a certain diet after a few days because of the random food cravings.

If these random food cravings and pangs of hunger had not existed, it would have been much easier to follow diets. Low carb diets help this case as after following the diet for a few days, people tend to experience a noted reduction in appetite.

  • Less calories intake:

The main motive of any diet is to reduce the overall calorie intake of the person. Lesser the calorie intake, lesser is the weight gain. Low carb diets encourage the complete erasure of carbohydrate from the diet and relies only on protein and fat as food. Because protein and fat are more filling than carbohydrates, people tend to less amount of food and thus, takes in lesser amount of calorie.

  • Rapid initial weight loss:

A lot of people plan to loss weight to fit into that perfect dress for their friend’s wedding or any other event. It is natural of humans to expect weight loss as soon as they start dieting. Low carb diet cuts off the main source of calorie in the daily diet of a human. Because of this, body tries to gain energy by burning the excess fat. This leads to rapid weight loss in the initial months of the diet.

Does Low-Carb diet lead to rapid initial weight loss
  • Serves as motivation:

People tend to give up on things if they do not see a consequence of the effort that they are putting in. If it takes a lot of time for something to show results, people tend to lose motivation to continue further. This is also of the main difficulties that people face while following diets. But this should not be a problem with low carb diet as people experience rapid weight loss as soon as they start with the diet.

  • Loss of abdominal fat:

Abdominal fat is one of the most harmful fats in the body. It is also hard to burn abdominal fat. In case of low carb diet, it has been seen that abdominal fat is one of the firsts to burn. This not only contributes to overall loss of body weight but also makes the body healthier.

  • Lowers body triglycerides:

There are fat molecules that flow through our bloodstream. They are called triglycerides. They increase the risk of getting a heart disease. It has been seen that low-fat diets make the triglyceride level of the body go up whereas low carb diet decreases it.

  • Good for people with diabetes:

All food with carbohydrate has sugar in them in some form. Cutting off carbs thus, lowers the blood sugar level and insulin.  Thus, it is beneficial for people with diabetes.

is low-carb diet good for diabetes patients
  • Lowers blood pressure level:

People with higher blood pressure level are more susceptible to serious diseases involving heart and kidney. Cutting off carb from diet also reduces blood pressure level which makes people healthy and helps them live a better life.


  • Raises cholesterol:

Low carb diet results in either cutting off all sources of carbohydrate or taking in very little carbohydrate. This mean one has to completely rely on protein and fat. Some sources of fat can raise the cholesterol level of the body, which is harmful.

  • More susceptible to heart disease:

A rise in cholesterol level in the body makes a person more susceptible to all kinds of heart disease. Thus, to completely rely on fat sources, some of which can raise cholesterol level, is risky.

Does low-carb diet increase the risk of heart diseases
  • Highly restrictive diet:

The regular meal of a person contains a considerable amount of carbohydrate which needs to be mostly cut off if they plan to follow a low carb diet. Thus, it is a highly restrictive diet.

is low-carb diet restricting
  • Difficult to follow:

Low carb diet is extremely difficult to as it is highly restrictive in nature. It cuts off almost everything that a regular person has for meal on a regular day. The person has to depend on completely new forms of staple food.

  • Expensive food:

If you are opting for a low carb diet, you can expect your grocery bills to have a whooping rise. Proteins and fats cost much more than carbohydrates. It can be said that low carb diet is expensive.

  • Not good for kidney problems:

Low carb diet is out of bounds for people with kidney problems. Protein is harmful for people with kidney problems and thus a diet dependent on protein and fat is not good for them.

  • Not accessible to everyone:

As low carb diet is highly expensive and hard to follow, it can be considered inaccessible to people who do not have enough resource to back them up.

A low carb diet is highly effective, given one actually follows it and has enough resource to back up the expense.

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